My Art journal studio

Time for a little tour of my mad art lab!




I am having some time off before my next online class starts on Monday, hanging out with my little nephews and niece… Cute attack!!!

I’m working on my class as well… It’s going to be fun and drawing PACKED. I really want to set my students creative engines BURNING!!! You can still join in- see the workshop page for details.

Have a lovely weekend,

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  1. says

    Absolutely incredible workspace! Just looking at all of your well-organized supplies is inspiring! I think I have a new happy place to visualize :)

  2. Marcie says

    Hi Jane!! I’m taking 21 Secrets!! Have to tell you – between you gorgeous ocean and your studio and trips to Paris – I’m retired but young!! :) – you need an assistant? lol LOVE YOU!!!

  3. says

    What a glorious and colorful studio! I love it! I notice that some of your markers are stored sideways. I once heard that certain ones should be stored that way but I was never clear on it. Do you know if some markers are definitely supposed to be stored sideways and which ones?
    Have a great day!

  4. says

    Your art journaling studio is lovely!! I have always felt blessed to have a studio but it’s nothing like yours! Probably because I do too many things. I need about 4 studios!!! Good luck with the new class…your work is glorious, as always!! xoxo

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