Wow, 2012 is upon us! It’s time for me to start preparing for my trip to Seattle in a few weeks. I have managed to put it out of my mind to a large extent. That’s been a neccessity so I don’t become overheated with excitement about the whole thing really.

I go to the Play retreat first…and will see some of the awesome buddies I made at the Portugal workshop earlier this year. Again, I am trying not to think about the actual Play retreat too much, because seriously, every cell in my fingers starts buzzing and I can’t type.

And then I am staying for a week with Teesha and Tracey in Seattle. The Moores are two of my favourite people ever. Again…. can’t think about it too much…. won’t be able to sleep. But what I will allow myself to think about - a lot – is my workshop at the Artfest Annex.

And I want you there!

Feb 3rd to 5th, 2012

The Artfest Annex, Seattle, Washington
Details and to book: click here

I have planned three days of glorious creativity. I am charging up my teaching superpowers big time for this adventure. . I want everyone to have a good time of course and there will be much laughter and fun, but I want RESULTS, Dagnabit! We will be exploring my Draw Happy philosophy in depth and I want to get your creative courage roaring! I’ll be demonstrating my secret shortcuts for making beautiful faces, expressive drawings and sweet moments. My mission is to get my students to  stop avoiding  drawing and ween them off relying soley on stamps, collage and pretty papers. I love stamps and scrapbooking stuff as much as the next person, but I feel they should be a support character, not the leading light in your artwork.

You won’t need to avoid drawing anymore because you will have quit saying I can’t draw forever. We will rewrite history and you can become the ‘kid who could draw‘. My aim is to get you up to being able to draw whatever you want in your journal. Or at least have a go. The creative freedom this offers is heavenly! Am I repeating what I said in the video? Probably. I am feeling a bit giddy. I just booked my flights and it’s all real….Its happening…


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5 Responses to Preparing for Teesha Moore’s Artfest Annex

  1. [...] her.. observing her ways.. sharing the love of art supplies.. we are really kindred spirits .  Jane is hosting an event at Teesha Moore’s art annex.. if you are around that area or feel like taking an amazing class and traveling.. I would [...]

  2. I’m getting the sense you may just explode with excitement! Oh I wish I could go and meet you :-) Sounds like a fabulous time!!! Can’t wait for all the stories and pictures :-D

  3. Mariel says:

    Well, ‘rats & mice & other rodents’ . . . no time off for the wicked or the weary. I am SO glad Teesha shared your website last fall. I’ve already learned so much watching you draw and have gotten very brave dashing off heads of my own. Now . . . gotta practice putting them on bodies!!! You are so delightful on~line. Hope you return to Seattle and give us more notice (so I can save my pesos & beg for time off). Can’t wait to hear all about it. Mariel in Spokane

  4. Ratay says:

    So sorry I will miss it and you. It will be grand.

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