Radiant Faces workshop and Give-away

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This is a collaborative workshop.  Join my friends Tam Laporte, Christy Tomlinson, Jo Sharpe and a cavalcade of fab artists in  The theme of this class, along with portraiture, is self-love. Musings on how to connect with and love each aspect of your self will be included with your face tutorials.

Each artist will focus on creating a different character including the Nymph, Mystic, Child, Girly Girl, Goddess, Artist, Dreamer, Stranger, & Watcher. These concepts will be explained in more detail in the class, but essentially, each face will represent a part of your self that you might want to get to know better and each lesson will be an opportunity to learn how to create a face that expresses that aspect of your inner life.

The theme of this class, along with portraiture, is self-love. Musings on how to connect with and love each aspect of your self will be included with your face tutorials, but if you’re just here for the art, that’s totally fine, too!

radiantbigbanner-600There are nine teachers in Radiant: Faces
Jane Davenport, Tamara Laporte, Christy Tomlinson, Kylie Fowler, Jamie Dougherty, Dina Wakely, Julie Gibbons, Joanne Sharpe and Effy Wilde.

Each teacher will create  in their own style in a lesson that is designed not only to teach you how to paint that character but also to connect with that aspect of your own inner life in a self-loving way.

My theme is The Nymph!

Expect mysterious  and shy forest creatures as we make the invisible, visible.
( you know how I love to draw my Girlimals…)

I haven’t filmed my class yet, so I don’t have artwork to show you… but  maybe it will be something like this little sneak peek:

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I have a place for this wonderful experience to give away!
All you need to do is leave a comment on why you love to draw faces.

Join today and Good Luck!


p.s. If you win , and you have already signed up you get a refund.


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  1. Johnetta says

    Hi Jane,
    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’ve learned so much from your methods. I’m continuously working towards drawing faces. I LOVE to DRAW faces with all my heart. FACES are the world as eyes are the window to the soul. FACES express life, love, passion and the pursuit of happiness. FACES are a contagious manifestation of your magnetic energy. When you look at a FACE that spreads joy you feel happy, bright and able to conquer the world. FACES are life!!! I long to be able to transfer life onto paper and other materials using a variety of mediums and styles. I’d love to more DRAW FACES that breathe. I love to DRAW FACES. I love to draw happy, I’d love to draw them in the most peculiar places and with lots of love in their spaces.

  2. Lee McGrath says

    drawing faces is so exciting, I love how a new girl appears before me and comes alive! They all have their own personalities and tell their own story… I have only been drawing faces for just over a year now and as I develop as an artist my faces are telling great stories!!!! LOL! sorry for babbling xox

  3. Teri Helmboldt says

    I love TRYING to draw faces because I am an instant gratification kind of girl and I want to be an artist/blogger/writer immediately. Drawing faces are a challenge to me and makes me realize practice and dedication are the only way to succeed.

  4. says

    I have loved drawing faces for a little while now. Mostly because I never thought I could do it well enough and that mine always looked very primitive. I am learning more, and just having fun creating the faces that are apearing on the page for me.

  5. Judy Skowron says

    I have love faces forever. I have always drawn eyes., noses and lips but never put them together. Since taking Jane’ class Fabulous Faces and Supplies Me . I can’t quit painting faces. I feel so blessed to be able to finally put it all together and get back to my art and have so much fun . Your teaching is excellent and clear . It would be a dream fulfilled to be in the class. Thanks

  6. Jenny Squawk says

    I started drawing faces to help my little girls with their own drawings. They would watch me. We started to draw more detailed faces. I found Jane’s whimsical faces and we are now all addicted. I draw for myself now. My daughters love to look through all my journals over an over again.

  7. Janet Cole says

    I’ve always been drawn to faces as an expression of art, though my interest has always been makeup application on the human face. This will be my first plunge into faces as an art form on paper. I’m so excited and I do so hope to win a spot! I love many of these artist already, I know it will be a wonderful time of getting to better know ourselves and our abilities. Good luck everyone!

  8. Laura says

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity! I’ve watched video classes and other media instructions from several of these wonderful artists. To have them all together in a unified class effort sounds fascinating, but guarantees a wide variety of style and inspiration. I would be so thrilled to win a space in this class!!!!

  9. Denny says

    I love to drae faces because I can create a range of expressions with nust a line or two or a dot or two. The eyes. The mouth. The eyebrows. My faces are pretty “rustic” so I always look for chances to imprive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Jen Riley says

    Getting better at drawing faces is one of my goals! That is why I have been taking Jane’s classes. I love them!! Jane, you are so good at making me feel comfortable with drawing something I felt was daunting! Thanks! I hope to continue classes to get better. It’s so much fun.

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