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” Jane’s teaching style is so relaxed and comfortable that the whole experience just made me feel good.”
—Jeannine Stein, Editorial Director, Cloth Paper Scissors.

Jane-Davenport-Beautiful-Faces-smallMy wish for you, is for your creativity to be roaring with confidence. My online art workshops are so popular because I love making that happen! Feeling inspired and inspiring others simply makes me happy.

Want to feel happy, inspired & creative?

Get arty!  I believe that when you are in touch with your creative self, you not only make better decisions, you enjoy life with more confidence and can uplift those around you  too.

I say, start with drawing.

I believe not only that everyone can draw, but that they are meant to be drawing. Drawing is the cradle for all the visual arts, helps us to understand the world and untangle emotion. Drawing  communicates ideas that are too complex for words. Most importantly of all though, it’s fun! All you need do is risk making a few mistakes as you learn.

You can’t wish your way into being an artist, you need to act.

If you are willing to TRUST the mess and fold yourself into the creative learning PROCESS, you will be joyfully surprised at just how easily and joyfully art fits into your life.

That’s because it is meant to be there.


If you are reading this, you have all you need to begin.
Just look at the flow chart I created below to help you select the right starting point!
PageLines- Jane-Davenport-Logo-80pix.png
P.S If drawing intimidates you, start with ‘Draw Happy’.
If you already like drawing & want to learn more about using your materials with confidence,
‘Supplies Me’ is my Foundation class and most peeps ideal starting point.
All my workshops include drawing faces.

Seas the Day! Dive into watercolour with mermaids and Jane as your FINstructor. Want to know what art materials I love and recommend? My Art Supplies store is tightly curated and only includes items that I vouch for & use myself. It's an artist's resource!
Each video lesson in my classes features a new skill that is designed to build your creative confidence. As you move through the course from beginning to end, your skills and confidence will grow and you will feel comfortable with the progression. My tutorials are created with high quality video and step by step instructions.
'Draw Happy' is a mini Workshop specially created for people who say “I can’t draw”. If you have ever felt as if your creative wings were clipped, this workshop helps you grow them back ! It is perfect to get you back to the fun of drawing you had as a child. {Price in USD}
Supplies Me shows you just how awesome your art supplies really are. Lots of drawing skills and mixed media goodness abound, from the basics of drawing a whimsical face and figure drawing, but this workshop is really about giving yourself the creative freedom to play and trust the mess! This class will is the best value art supply you will ever get. {Price in USD}
workshop squarebeautiful faces
'Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces' is an inspiring, mixed media workshop based on Jane Davenport's new #1 Best Seller book. Learn to create enchanting, fashion illustration–style portraits, smooth skin tones, shading, highlighting and so much more! {Price in USD}
'Express Yourself' is an in-depth online Drawing Workshop that shares exactly how to get expression and feeling into your artwork. We will be exploring a whole range of human emotion and how to successfully convey that into your mixed media faces. {Price in USD}
Learn to draw the female figure with ease and confidence! My Super Power is teaching you to draw beautiful faces, but my secret weapon is showing you just how easy it is to render a female figure from realistic, to fashion and whimsical. This class is all about drawing figures with ease and confidence. {Price in USD}
Joynal is about the magic of drawing as we take the invisible and make it visible. Draw the storybook heroines, fairies, mermaids and unicorns that live in your dreams. This online class will take your creative skills forward in great bounding leaps and into the realms of fairyland. There is real magic at work in this class… {Price in USD}
Jane loves to mix her favourite things together to create something new! In 'Wonderland' she takes the Alice universe and swishes it up with lashings of watercolour and lessons and techniques! Ready to tumble down the rabbit-hole with her? {Price in USD}
Joanne Sharpe shows an easy path to falling in love with your own lettering and just how much it can uplift and enhance the meaning of your artwork. Jane Davenport shares her love of watercolour and ink and how she uses it to create beautiful, expressive art work and art journal pages in a loose and seemingly care-free way to create sumptuous and truly unique artwork! 4 weeks of Lessons. {Price in USD}
Turn “I don’t know what to draw” into ” I need a bigger journal!”. Drawing is a great tool for untangling and expressing every emotion from the heaviest burden to floaing-way-above-cloud-nine. In this workshop we make a Frolicaholic Journal. We say goodbye to perfectionism and abandon self-criticism about our creativity. {Price in USD}
The Whimsical Face DVD with Cloth Paper Scissors I walk you through several of my whimsical faces and share lots of lovely supplies and drawing secrets. If you are 'new' to my site, or have never done an art workshop and are curious about Mixed Media - this is a perfect first step. {Price in USD}
Art Lessons : Supplies Stash Series with Cloth Paper Scissors In each digital Art Lesson package, there is a video and a step by step lesson on techniques I use with some of my favourite art supplies. They are designed to be a short and sweet inspirational jolt. Think of them as little jewels for your art tiara! {Price in USD}

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