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The NEW ‘Jane Girls Petite Series face stencils

When I created my first set of stencils, it was in direct response to what I thought would help
my online students. What I have discovered through my teaching is that when people start drawing
we tend to err towards wanting to be perfect straight away.
Even though we know its unrealistic, the expectation is there!
The stencils were intended as a safety net, to get people through that initial phase
were ‘perfectionitis’ runs rampant, and through to the next phase of art,
where we sink into our own creativity.

And they worked! I witnessed this first hand  when I incorporated my stencils into
a series of 25 live classes held across Australia.
I worked with over 200 students at Art and Craft shows
and I could really see just how powerfully confidence-building they were.

So in this next series I wanted to add some more complex faces and poses.


I also had requests for some smaller faces, so the new set furnishes those wishes too.


It is my hope that my stencils keep helping improve drawing skills and improving
as creative confidence flourishes!





Featured Artists: Anita Tillman, Diana Rast, Amanda Herring, Helen Platania



Lisa Cousineau:


“So, I had a chance to play with the stencils a bit and I have to say… it’s like working magic.
Take a piece of plastic with some holes cut out and smudge some charcoal or ink through them and VIOLA! A face magically appears.”

Lisa Cousineau, Founder of Artist Cellarzenhead2


The original Jane Girls Series!


I created this video so you can see one possible use for the stencils.
Press play:
Here is the finished artwork:

They are also featured in ‘The Whimsical Face DVD with Cloth Paper Scissors

(click here for details)


Pretty Serviettes are here: click



Jane Girl Series: 6 x 6″

Put simply: Artist Cellar make really cool stencils. Lisa and Michael Cousineau make high quality, reusable and very clever, versatile designs. So being invited into the Artist Cellar family as been a real thrill!

Lisa and Michael gave me an open brief when theinvited me to design my 4 stencils that went something like this: “we love you, we love your art, create what you want!”. But translating my detailed, colourful, volumistic work into a stencil took a bit of mind twisting, concentrated effort. I made my own prototypes and played and created with them relentlessly before submitting my designs.

And I don’t mind telling you that I’m crazy in love with them!

I have three online Schools and have taught thousands to draw and defy their own creative gravity. At the same time as I was thinking about what my stencil designs would comprise, I was helping my students work through some facial proportion lessons. And I could see a need for some teaching aids that could help decipher the landmarks of the face and really bring that learning along.

The Jane Girl Face set is perfect for that. In particular, three-quarter turned faces and profiles cause a bit of angst for people not confident with drawing them. I have a stencil dedicated to each of those scenarios.

But my stencils are also superb for straight out creative experimentation and fun! With a stencil you get to ‘Audition’ your ideas before you commit… It all helps keep that sense of play with your artwork. I believe the longer I can stay ‘unattached’ to my artwork in its formative stages, the more life it will have because I am free to take risks, try things without fear of ’ruining’ anything. So I use my stencil set to get ideas generating quickly, adding complexity and layers.


The face shapes have my trademark ‘whimsically real’ proportions, but they are entirely customizable. They allow the users own artistic style to shine on through and act as idea prompts. The eyes stencil is designed so it can be used to just place a ‘window to the soul’ randomly in an artwork, or can be flipped to form a pair of eyes and start a face



I use stencils in art Journaling a lot.

My art Journal is a field book of my life.
Sometimes I want to catch ideas, memories and notions as quickly as
possible and get them down on paper and move on.

I’ve been using my stencil set to speed that process along.
Rather than constructing a face from scratch, a pre-formed base allows me to
get what’s on my mind flowing without judgement.

Now, what I have been creating with my stencils?

In my in-person workshops I have been including lots of lovely collage.

And the collage is popping up in my work – especially in hair… such a wonderful place to add some whimsy…

And these two are from a face drawing demonstration I did in Melbourne.
Using the new Distress Stain colours in their hair – Peacock feathers and Picked Raspberry – yum!

I have a whole hand-made journal featuring the same stencil. And I love all the different faces appearing!

The turned face stencil is a favourite. You would think a stencil would cramp creativity, but they get me thinking out of the box. I can move quicker with ideas.

The eye set is wonderful ( If I do say so myself, lol!). Here is a work in progress.

The closed eye stencil inspired this down turned face… As soon as I finish this blog post, I am going to get straight back to this one!

and here is the profile and one of the eye stencils…

This is a detail from another work in progress.
I sprayed some Dylusions ( the NEW Calypso Teal – heaven!!) on a gesso base.
I love the way it pools and puddles like a watercolour…


Where to purchase:

Southern Hemisphere:

Northern Hemisphere: artistcellar,com

{ Excellent Mixed Media and Art Supply stores stock them.}