Peerless Palette – my invention for happy creative travels!

This is a video I made for my friend Maxine!

It shows how to make my awesomely nifty Peerless Palette from the Peerless Watercolour Paints…. oh How I love them!


order them here!


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  • Ratay

    Thanks for the video JAane. Loved hearing your voice again and seeing your work. Hope Bali is great.

  • Diane

    This is a brilliant idea Jane. Love it. I had never heard of Peerless before and now I SO want to have me a set and make a little portable one like you have done. Where do you get them from and how do you remove the extra glue? 😀

    • Jane Davenport

      Hi, click on any of the images above, and you will go to my store.
      I just trimmed the glue away with a scalpel!
      They are fantastic!