Studios Magazine

Did I tell you I have a feature story in Tickle the Imagination Magazine? And yes, all the mag is a cute as the cover! Click here for a digital version AND, my last studio was featured in [...]

(My life right now)

I’m back from the USA for a day, and then off to be guest artist at the Craft & Quilt fair in NZ! ( I’m totally doing the Hobbit tour!) Details are here: [...]

'tis the silly season…

Some silly season, tom foolery from Tinsel, Moo and Me!   Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Winner and happy Sunday.

Aaaaah Sunday. How I love you. (I’m swimming in my pool and seeing if my iPhone five can handle me dictating this blog. Sci-fi say good. {I’ll try that again Sciphone say good. Hmmm [...]

Stencil Giveaway and Blog Hop

I’m going through a mad stencil crush right now…. It’s been VERY BAD since Bali. I’m blaming Louise, one of my talented Escape Artists… she produced a thick and [...]

Arty Party in Melbourne

I am teaching at the NEW Melbourne Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo in Melbourne March 1 to 3. My class is called ‘Arty Party’! 2 hours of mixed media mayhem! Be super quick ‘cos [...]

Wonderful Weekend

The First weekend at The Nest was so much Fun. I had a lovely time fussing around and getting everything all pretty for my guests. Things didn’t stay tidy for very long! Especially when I [...]

Life Book Winner

I love announcing winners! It’s fun! almost as much as I love drawing mermaids… well maybe not that much! but it’s high on the list….soooooo ….without further [...]

Instagram: (My life right now)

Little red Valentine… My new friend…You are older than me, but you work perfectly. I do wish you had an exclamation mark though…

Instagram: (My life right now)

My warehouse Studio is featured in Studios Magazine! Just got a copy! Such a great mag

Life Book GiveAway!

My Life Book lesson has just gone ‘Live’… it was fun putting it together. Making art is always fun I guess, but preparing a class for 1000 plus students is cool. Some of my [...]

Was it a Dream?

What is it with holidays seeming like they were soooooo long ago, from the minute you get home?  It’s only been a month since I last felt the warm bali breeze on my skin, but its seems like [...]

Last workshop for the year!

Well, the second Artomology WWW (Whimsical Weekend Workshop!) was full within hours of announcing it. So I have added one last session for the year: 8th and 9th of December. And work has just [...]

Instagram: (My life right now)

Just finishing up at the Brisbane Craft Show. And a big Thank you to all who came to visit. I did so much artwork over the last 5 days… Lots and lots of fun!

I think I melted into my Art Journal

I wouldn’t be the first person to say they need a holiday to get over their holiday, right? But my holiday wasn’t stressful and spent rushing from landmark to cathedral to monument [...]