Stamp on my Heart why don't you?

Stamp your feet. Stamp your Arms. Stamp everything.

Um excuse me… I have my own rubber stamps happening.
This little chicky above is ‘Jane Girl’. She’s my good luck charm and my logo.

For my students of the ‘Supplies Me’ workshop  – you may recognise this drawing girl…!
She appeared in Acrylics week.

I’ve been drawing silhouettes since childhood.
The slightest flick of ink change everything.

These are the first three designs, there are more on the way.
These are quite ‘Out There’ for stamps…
Em from Stamping Bella wanted an alternative to cutesie and ‘vintage’.

Please go an order them immediately from the wonderful Stamping Bella!

( If you are in Oz, I will have them in my store very soon!)



Leave me a comment to win a set!

I’ll announce it next week!

Link to purchase :

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  • Kass hall

    Janey! I love these! Especially the first one, am definitely imagining what I can do with her! Big congrats honey xx

  • Susan Goodell

    Congratulations on your own stamp line. Your drawings are perfect for stamps. I especially love the girl with the bird. I know they will be a big success.

  • Belinda Lindhardt

    Congratulations Jane, these are soooo cute and i am sure would look fantastic stamped allover everything!

    Best of luck with it!

  • Pamela J

    These stamps are wonderful. ! I love them.

  • Carol Cramer

    These are perfect! I would love to win some!

  • Julie Behm

    I love them all, but especially the little birdie told me one. Just seeing these is inspiring me to go draw. 🙂 Congrats, they’re beautiful and I’m dying for more!

  • wendy walsh

    Jaaaaaane……Do you know how much I love these stamps?…… the moon and back!!!…….I neeeeeeed them to add to my stamp collection! Ha ha….on a more serious note….Love them…..Its as simple as that! Tinsel….If your choosing a winner…PICK ME ;))

  • karen

    omg jane these are stunning! awesome!! I love and adore them!!!!

  • Cia

    Jane, these are perfection! So nice to see something really different and magical. Love them!

  • Angela Cooper

    Congratulations Jane!!! The stamps are so cute! Love all of them 🙂

  • Tracey

    These stamps are wonderful!! They are a fresh new look and I am sure they will go like ‘hotcakes’ so to speak 🙂

  • andrea woodyatt

    jane! how cool, i was just wondering today when you were going to have a stamp line. didn’t have to wonder long. 🙂 congratulations, i love them!

  • Melanie jefferson

    Omg Jane how exciting those stamps are to die for!!!!!!

  • Kate Palmer

    Oh oh – looks like the budget might need to stretch just a bit further – love the lady with bird :O)

  • Jeanne-Marie Webb

    I am so excited with this new supply of yours… I have been on the look out for rubber stamps here in South Africa! I have been considering making my own. But certainly nothing as exciting as this! So excited for you!

  • Catherine Constance

    Brilliant idea…love them!

  • Diana

    Congratulations. They are so cute. Love them all !!!

  • Chrystie Hile

    Stamperlisciously Wonderful Jane! Congratulations, I love theme all too.

  • Chrystie Hile

    ooops them not theme

  • Jenni McKeon

    Beautiful stamps Jane. I love your Jane Girl. I was in your shop on Monday and your husband sold me a journal and then said, “You’d better have this, Jane always puts one of these on the front,” and gave me a white sticker of Jane Girl. I think she will look beautiful on just about anything and with stamps, she’ll be in colour, beautiful colour! Congratulations Jane.

  • jenlynnie

    i was squealing with glee when i saw that stamping bella had stamps designed by you. i can’t wait to get them inked up and added to my projects.

  • Sherrie Jazan

    OMG!! Jane Girl is SO adorable! ‘Not cutsie and not vintage’… ooooooohh Jane, you’re setting a new standard!
    How fitting you should be leading the way!
    Love To You…

  • Tracey Lowe

    Oooh aaah Yummmm , I really like those stamps! I can see heaps of doodling on them. The background in different water colour paints and then using a micron pen, doodle some great patterns, especially on her dress. Or stamp the girl in all black and use a white gel pen and doodle her dress – mmm, yes! A must have!

  • Judith

    Congratulations! I love stamping and have heaps but these really stand out as unique. Like you said it is great to have something not “cutsie or vintage” and I can see all sorts of “pictures” in my imagination with these already.

  • Mirjam

    Hi Jane! Goodmorning from Holland! I’ve been following you for some time now and have made New Year’s resolutions to start artjournaling, but….I need something to start me off! Maybe these stamps will do the trick. Your blog and site are an inspiration and your enthousiasm is fantastic! Thanks!

  • Milena

    Hi Jane! Your’s stamps are amazing like your’s Suppliese me and I love drawing classes 🙂

  • Miranda Schmitz

    Wooohw, these are sooo CUTE!!!
    I hope they are gonna be available in the Netherlands soon…
    Great job!!!

  • Deb Jones

    Your lovely ladies would look gorgeous stamped on napkins for afternoon tea with the girls. I find stamps great for practising colouring. Like an instant do over.

  • Helen Ross

    Hi Jane, these stamps are absolutely beautiful and I can just imagine them on cards or phone covers or all sorts of things.

  • Clare

    Fabulous stamps cant wait!

  • Laurie

    LUV them all:)

  • Ali

    Me too! I think they are fabulous!!!

  • Lúthien

    Oh Jane! I love them!

  • Annlouise

    Oh my, these stamps are so lovely!!!

  • Cynthia

    These stamps are so fabulous, I can’t decide which one I like best. Hope you will have them with you when you teach in Seattle in 2 weeks!!

  • Kelly

    Oh my goodness, these are wonderful– Congratulations! Thank you for the chance to win these lovelies!

  • Monique Thibodeau

    Beautiful!! Love Love them they are so wonderfully sweet and feel good stamps. I would be stamping everywhere.He Hee

  • Lynda

    Wonderful, Jane! I’m so happy for you! Such a talent.

  • Carolyn Dube

    These are wonderful! They have so much potential in an art journal!!!! Really really really love the silhouettes!!!!!

  • NatashaMay

    Congrats on your new stamp line, Jane! 🙂 They look gorgeous!

  • Sherri

    I posted this same comment on Facebook because it is so true! I have recently thinking about how I would love to have a book of your drawings. So now I guess I will just get your stamps! I can have your artwork blend with mine. How appropriate since you’ve been the one to teach me to draw!

  • Debbie

    Congratulations Jane. I saw the stamps on the Stamping Bella website yesterday. I can’t wait to get them and start using them. Great job. I am excited to see the next ones that come out.

  • Mieko Wilson

    Hey Danger : ) Luv Luv Luv <3 the stamps ! Can't wait 2 c them in ur online store !!!!! x

  • Jami

    These are FABULOUS!! I love that they are silhouettes.

  • isabelle Messier

    OMG, your stamps are so delicate , feminine, like wish…
    just want all 3!

  • Vicky

    I’m so in loooove with these!!! Clap clap! 🙂

  • Jamie

    Wahooooooo Jane!!! These are Fabulous!!! Congrats my friend, you are a ROCKSTAR!!!!

  • Nancy Melbourn

    Wow love those stamps! What I could do with them as I sit curled up by the fire creating in the -39 degrees temperatures that we are having here in Canada! Wish you were here?

  • Ligia Avila

    woooo hoooooooooo!!!! finally Jane Girl stamp is here, all of them are just beautiful, that is my favorite and Little Birdie, thanks Jane

  • lura brown

    these are just fantastic, so fun, so different, so creative, i would just love to keep my winning streak going with you and these i would keep all for me, me, me. thanks for your generosity and the opportunity for a chance to win these great stamsp! hugs!!!

  • Jennifer

    Love the new stamp line – how exciting!!!

    Thanks for entering me into the contest, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  • susan venditti

    Jane , your girls are as wonderful as you are.I am soooo lucky to be taking your e courses’ I have been in luv with your signature dream girl from the get go. Cant wait to make her a part of my life. Glad you are sharing her. Congrads you are awesome

  • Tracy

    These are simply adorable. love them. Nicely done.

  • Sharon Andrews

    I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE these stamps as theyre so different to whats out there. Congrats on the stamp line & LOVE your Lifebook Goddess, Way to go & cant wait to see the next lot of stamps to come

  • Caryn Payne

    Yummo stamps, would love to win a set.

  • Kerri-Ann

    Have only recently discovered you – and am so inspired! Love the new stamps – gorgeous!!!

  • Bridie Williams

    These make me wish I were a stamper….. just beautiful

  • Pam Tucker

    Jane, I LOVE these stamps just as much I love your classes! Congrats! They are gorgeous! 🙂

  • Beverley Teske

    Just love your stamps, where can I get them from???

  • Jane Davenport

    Click on any of the images or links inthe post Beverley

  • Kathryn

    Wow, these stamps are gorgeous! Congratulations on having your own line. Can’t wait to see what other lovely creations you design.

  • Anne Cahill

    Jane, Congratulations, I love your new stamps. I am sure they will be a wonderful seller. I hope to see many more new designs.

  • Patricia Armbrust

    Being a devout rubber stamper, I am so excited about your new stamps. I can just imagine them on my cards. Very nice.

  • Debbie

    I love these Jane and congratulations!

  • Angel P

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful art in this format with us!

    Can’t wait to get my art on with these beauties!

  • Jan

    oh yeah baby!! Here’s to wishing & hoping – Cheers!

  • Miriam

    Congratulations Jane, your stamps are so beautiful, can’t wait to get a set! I’ve so admired your Jane Girl through out your classes – so you sweetie 🙂 have a great week!


  • Suzanne Schroder

    Congratulations on the cutest stamps Jane, love them all!

  • Guada

    Olala they are fantastic!!!
    Love you Jane and my best wishes for this new stamps♥

  • Robyn Wood

    Jane, your new stamps are gorgeous! Perfect for so many uses. I can’t wait to get my inky hands on them so please do let us know when they are in your shop.

  • Amy Smith

    Congrats! Lovely stamps!

  • Trish

    B is for Beetle
    B is for Butterfly
    B is for Birdy
    B is for Beautiful…….which these stamps definitely are

  • Monica Magness

    amazingly beautiful stamps.. great fun & I know these will inspire many to A*R*T ON! Congrats on the stamp line Jane~ XoXo 🙂

  • Darci Powers

    oooooh, they’re gorgeous! And so out of the box. I am so glad you turned them into stamps. Please make more! Thank you & congratulations!

  • Janet O'Connor

    Hi Jane, what a terrific set of stamps you have designed! Your work continues to amaze me. I love watching your demos too. xoxox Janet

  • Betty Ann

    Your stamps are sweet!

  • LadyNight

    So pretty stamps! They look lovely 🙂

  • Lynda E

    Wow Jane! Your stamps are beautiful! Congrats to you 🙂

  • Awesome stamps! Congrats on the new stamp line!! Just watched the video you made with Tam Laporte and wanted to come visit this site and ‘check it out’! Thanks for the awesome interview. And these stamps are awesome too! I luv stamps!

  • Helen F

    These stamps are just gorgeous Jane. It’s great to see your work branching out into other areas. As a stamper I love to see images which are different.

  • Heather Williams

    OOoo, lovely…what adorable & whimsical, girly stamps; & different, in the best sort of way! Thank you so much for the generous & grand opportunity! Many gorgeous blessings ~H♥~

  • Kaz H

    Congratulations Jane, the stamps look great, especially the “little birdie” because I can color her in. LOL.
    Enjoyed your chat with Tam, I’m so much like you, I love all my art supplies! Happy travelling! PS can’t wait for Joynal…

  • Diana

    Oh dear!!! You made them into STAMPS!!!! So generous of you to share them! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I love your workshops too! Made my own peerless watercolors too! =)

  • Deborah Packwood

    These are so wonderful and generous of you to share them! I love your work and have my fingers crossed!

  • Kelly Aubert

    Those stamps are adorable! Congrats!!

  • Kiki Halbert

    These stamps are fabulous! Congrats and thanks for the chance to win!

  • Louise Nicdao

    Love your stamps Jane! I will definitely order one (probably more than one!) when you have them in your shop.

  • rosemary

    Love your stamps. They look real, and I’m sure they could fly freee. Congratulations.

  • Kylie Pepyat-Fowler

    Lovely stamps Jane. Congratulations. =D

  • Kristin

    Love those stamps. Especially the one with the bird because I’ve owned birds for 20 years.

  • Karen

    Wow! I love them 🙂

    I so enjoyed your interview with Tam (Willowing) – you made me smile!


  • SLucy

    I love your work congrats

  • Heidi

    Love the stamps, I love silhouettes. See you in class in seattle on friday, so excited.

  • Shelley

    These are SO PRETTY!!! I want to try them out in my art journal. I’m going to go make some pretty backgrounds right now, in hopeful anticipation. : )

  • Natalie Spence

    Ow ow hope I’m not to late to enter. Hope you are having a fantabulous time away, one day I’m going to visit Teesha Moore well its on my bucket list. Think Adelaide to Byron bay may be a little more realistic to tick meeting you off my list. Dreams do come true. xxxx

  • Debi Minter

    Oh Jane! These stamps of your designs are WONDERFUL! I do recognize the designs from class. I hope I win a set… I would be in heaven playing with them! xo

  • Mascha Morys

    All three stamps are too cute, but I like the best the woman with a air-kiss.

    Liebe Grüße

  • Angela

    Well done Jane! Just saw the Matisse exhibition in Brisbane today – between you and Matisse I have become even more inspired to get stuck into my art journal. I learnt today that I can get by with just my art journal and black marker.

  • ANg

    You my dear are one happening chick! Well done

  • Mirjam

    Did you do this draw, Jane, or did I miss the announcement? 🙂

    • Jane Davenport

      I just got the stamps so I’ll do it next!!!