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I’m going through a mad stencil crush right now…. It’s been VERY BAD since Bali. I’m blaming Louise, one of my talented Escape Artists… she produced a thick and juicy stash of 6 x 6 stencils one morning, and I knew the second I saw them that a new collective spirit was being born in my heart.

I am a collector of many things. It started as a kid with plastic animals, then on to stamps, Erasers, barbie ( not the shrimp kind, the doll kind)… and more recent ones are Washi tape, printed paper serviettes, coloured pencils, markers…. and now stencils.

But, I maintain that I am NOT a hoarder ( having seen ‘Hoarders’ on TV for the first time last night, I definitely never want to be classified as that! ). No, I use my stuff, and it looks very organised and beautiful and there are no random cat-turd-strewn surfaces anywhere in my house.

Ok, that out of the way….what was I talking about? oh yeah – stencils!!! (And by the way, because you have stuck with me through ramblings, there is a PAY OFF at the end of all this… a very niiiiiiice one… so stay tuned.)

Stencils kind of go hand in hand with another hot obsession of mine – spray inks. I just can’t get enough of them. And they are perfect to use with stencils! A great way to start a page.

Here is a strange journal I made from a huge piece of printers paper…the kind magazine covers are printed on. After ripping up the larger pages, I had leftover smaller bits, so I included them in the journal. There are flaps and flippy bits all over. Let’s call it the Flip Journal. There. It’s named now. The page sides are all uneven. It’s been a fun project.

For this page I sketched out ideas and then blocked them out with some sticky contact. The went spray-crazy with the stencils – Fun, fun! Layers of colour and different stencils with each colour.

…and here is that same little babushka figure – she’s bobbing up all over the place for me at the moment. See how the stencils just add a bit of texture without taking over? They are an element, not the focus. they give me ideas and inspiration.

Then comes the texture paste! I use Liquitex Light Molding paste… in this image it is over the new Distress Stain colours which are HEAVEN by the way ( see them here. This is Ripe Persimon and Picked berries)

The stencils I have been playing around with are from the NEW set by Jill K Berry from Artist Cellar – and oh-so-useful!

This is the first in Artist Cellars Designer series:

You need a set too, right?

Well I can make that dream come true!

I have the magic stencil wand and can wave it in your direction…. is giving away one set of Jill’s stencils to one lucky person.

All YOU have to do is Join my Newsletter list ( see the sidebar) and leave a comment here with your contact email, and tell me  why you love stencils! Tell a stencil trick or two that you love – the most creative response gets the set ( and its fabbo!).

I’m the last stop on a Blog Hop to celebrate the stencils  – it’s well worth jumping around to see what everyone did with the stencils!

11/30 Jill Berry

12/03 Sketchbook Challenge Guest post

12/04 Seth Apter

12/05 Diana Trout

12/06 Traci Bunkers

12/07 Tracy Verdugo

12/08 Anne Gaal

12/09 Effy Wild

12/10 Dawn DeVries Sokol

12/11 Aimee Myers Dolich

12/12 Sue Bleiweiss

12/13 Pam Carriker

So join, comment and cross your fingers! I’ll draw the winner on Sunday.


Go check out the Artist Cellar stencils here: click

My favourite sets are the Water series, Cathedral series and Map Series:

{ Yes, that is London and Paris there… very cool!}. This reminds me I need to go order the Coral Series

Micheal and Lisa are the team behind Artist Cellar, and Lisa is one of ‘us’  – so she understands how rough mixed media can be on stencils, and Michel translates those concerns into fantastic quality stencils that can withstand rubbing, scrubbing, pouncing, pasting, spraying, cleaning!

Anyway, go have a peep, enter the giveaway and dream of stencils my dears!




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  • Kelly Hutchens

    well…. i have to admit… i’m a stenciller from WAAAAy back… my first COMPLETED quilt was actually a stencilled one.. very BORING, but a start… have collected stencils ever since… just now getting the bug to start USING them. So i have now completed my first ever “blog hop” and have LOVED getting introduced to all of you and your styles, and ART 🙂 YUUUUMMMM…. the textures… WAAAY cool!! My first gut reaction to seeing these stencils on Jill’s blog was to burn out velvet with with them and then overdye. I appreciate your “showcase” of other artist cellar stencils (somehow I didn’t check out stencils when i stopped by their website ??!!??) I randomly picked up a couple intriguing stencils when i stopped by the “big box” craft store in town to get “something totally else” right before i tripped over Jill’s blog introducing the stencils…there are no coincidences. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Patricia Fowler

    Using stencils in mixed media is fun. A favorite is when the background is done with watercolors over gesso. After everything is dry lay your stencil down over your work and with a damp baby-wipe lift out some of the watercolor.

    Would love to win these stencils!

  • Gill

    Stencils and spray are one of my favourite techniques too!
    I would love to play with these fabulous stencils!

  • Diana Caho

    I love how everyone has different techniques and projects are created with these stencils. Love your work. Would also love to win this set of stencils. TY

  • Brittany Ness

    I’ve really only used cheapy stencils that I bought on sale. I like to cut them up different ways, such as length or width-wise and rearrage them and over lap them all willy-nilly in different places. These stencils would be neat to win though. Such pretty designs that I coulndn’t cut them up!! Fingers crossed!!!
    <3 Britt

  • Jo Wholohan

    yep you are an enabler jane and i love it :)) had the pleasure of playing with these stencils recently at janes, just gorgeous…. i dont have many stencils and would love more xx

  • Suzanne Schroder

    Well I don’t have many stencils and I have little experience at using them, but just reading this has inspired me to take the ones I have outside and take some photos throught them, then print the photos to use in some collages. Could make for some interesting effects!

  • Kat Lakie

    I’ve just subscribed to your blog… last! and I’ve just received my newest stencil of tree skeletons……6×6 I can’t wait to use them. I don’t have any wonderful tips like so many here, as I’m quite new to mixed media (only a year) but I love stencils and need to have all the new collections from Artist Cellar and can’t wait to see what yours are like……..wonderful I’m sure xxx

  • Mary C. Nasser

    Just joined your Newsletter list! 🙂
    Would love to win Jill’s new stencils…I love everything maps!
    And I love stencils because there are so very many ways to incorporate them into art.

    Thanks for the inspiration and giveaway, Jane!
    paintmary (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Kim

    I’m kinda new to mixed media, so I (gasp) have no stencils or tips to share. Yet. I love these, they are so much what I was hoping to find (but didn’t) in my local craft store. I’ll be ordering these for sure, and I can already see how it could become addictive 🙂 Great ideas from the other comments!

  • Colleayn Klaibourne

    Hi Jane, I would love to win stencils. I LOVE them. I even bought a stencil burner and plastic to make my own. I love what you did with yours.
    I was playing around with one of my stencils and created the best outcome. I did a painting with Twinkling H2O’s in Olive Vine and Wine and Roses. The next day, I put a stencil on top then put on Golden Gel Medium. The watercolor bled into the Gel and brought the gold in the Olive vine to the surface and it glistens even more in the raised area so the glistening part looks like it is floating. It is just beautiful.
    Another one, I used a stencil on black paper and used the Twinkling H2O’s so it looks really iridescent. Here is an example.
    I can only imagine what I would do if I was the winner!

    p.s. I am a bit addicted to the Hoarders show. At first I could hardly watch it, then I couldn’t help but watch it. Well, at least you know if you have gone over the edge if you find poop on your things and think it is wonderful and too good to let go of. 🙂

  • Kimee Doherty

    These stencils are fantastic. I see a lot of possibilities & this blog hop has really inspired me. I’m new to stencils, but I have seen YouTube videos, so my favorite tip would be the reverse stencil tip. Paint the surface with color, then lay the stencil on the color & with a baby wipe, or damp cloth, rub the color away from the open area of the stencil. It creates the reverse effect.

  • Michelle Remy

    As always, splendidilyumptious work! I just adore all the jewel-tone colors! The best new stencil trick I’ve read about (courtesy of artist Jacqueline Newbold) is to use a Mr Clean magic eraser cleaning product through the stencil over dried watercolor to “erase” in highlights. I also love to stencil and then slightly offset the stencil and stencil again to get a shadow-effect. Thank you for the opportunity to win a set of these fabulous stencils!

  • Christy Brink

    Jane: I’d LOVE a chance to win these LOVELY stencils. I like to use the glimmer mists as a final layer when using stencils in my art journal. I also like to cut out shapes (circles, squares, body shapes, etc.) out of cardstock to use as a stencil within a stencil. Truthfully, I have yet to explore many other ways of using stencils, I feel there are endless possibilities. Thank you!

  • Cary Scholes

    My new favorite trick is to use the glass bead gel and plop it on the stencils. Pick up the stencil and let it dry. You can either paint it after it is dry, or color the beads with acrylics before you stencil with them. (you can do the same thing with modeling paste – gives an AWESOME 3-d effect) I also love to use dylusions sprays with stencils, love love love to simply use acrylics and sponge over the stencil. I just really love stencils. They are so fun to use and so versatile! Thanks, Jane, for this opportunity!

  • Miranda

    Oh, I would love to stencil in the “New Year! I love them & I love your work so much! 🙂

  • Katie McD

    I love stencils because I love that you can spray through them, and then use the reverse image as well! I also love using them on canvas in my more abstract work and incorporate them and push them back into the background as an element of interest. Thanks for the chance to win, and looking forward to seeing your stencil designs.

  • Donna L

    I am also madly addicted to stencils and use them on every project I do. I like to layer them together and create new designs that way, they are great with molding paste (as you have already discovered). Can’t wait to see your designs

  • Lynda

    I love stencils too! Very versatile. I have a few thick Delta ones that they don’t make anymore. I usually pounce paint (the old school way) then press scrap paper on top to take off the excess. I also enjoy using found objects for stencils. The kitchen section in Target has given me quite a few.

  • Geri McLeod

    Hi Jane, Something i like stencils for is stencil resist on paint. Use a wonderful colour like tangerine then put a darker colour on top and before it dries…. sooo like very quickly…. put a stencil on and using a baby wipe – wipe out the paint. And you get this amazing effect.
    Just a thought.
    Most of time I just use them with paint, ink etc. Sometimes I draw in them with pencils and doodles. Or use masking fluid. Sometimes I just draw bits from them and then use this as a starting idea to keep drawing freehand. like make a border and then colour it in with pencils and paint and then draw from there. Lovely to see what you do with stencils. Love that modelling paste.

  • Grace

    mmm I do so love stencils, spray inks, washi tapes, pens, stamps…. I also am a collector and not hoarder of course although I do have way too big a collection LOL. I love stencils so much I even cut my own with a knife or make them with a cool Traci Bautista trick – hot glue. Super creative way to make your own designs!

    I love how you used these stencils to create both a little and a lot of texture in the background. I often use stencils to make backgrounds and my own pattern papers. I also use them for dry embossing with a machine. Or rub a crayon or pencils over paper with a stencil underneath – that reminds me of things we used to do at school. Love how art has let me be a kid again!

    I bought the great ArtistCellar map stencils a few months ago and one of my favorite pieces was made by painting through the stencil onto a piece of paper that had been sprayed inked, then crumpled. The stenciled image made an old-world batik-like effect, which I really loved. There is a picture on my blog if you’re interested.

    Thanks for the chance to win these!

  • nayana iliffe

    so…I only have one stencil…stars, and I love it. I keep thinking that maybe I can sneak a few more in but it may have to wait until after Christmas. I am new to mixed media and stencils and I cant believe what a fabulous world of supplies there is out there. I dont have any fabulous tips but I read with great interest all of the ones so far…fingers crossed!

  • Donna Gubbay

    Hi Jane I always get a bit stuck for my backgrounds. You have given me the answer…stencils!! I simply must try them! I love the water series!
    Donna xx

  • Lucy Chen

    I think they’d be lovely as the under layer for a painting. I can imagine putting down a layer of modeling paste with these stencils. Great for creating texture!

  • Prerna Poojara

    Jane, love the stencils. I don’t get these here. The ones that we have are usually for fabric so there would be one large motif. So i usually innovate. Use a part from the big stencil and repeat or cut them out on my own. would love a set of my own. Keeping fingers crossed.

  • Margaret burgess

    I am a collector too books turtles magnets and all forms or art materials it is great to know I am in good company and would love to add more stencils to stash

  • lisa crofts

    I love stencils. I cant get enough of them. They are great with sprays and texture paste etc.

  • Leisa

    I LOVE what youve done with the stencils. Of course. I love everything you do… I am only starting out with stencils myself so havent done too much yet. Loving learning it all over the blog hop. And OMG you have stencils of your own coming out? I cant wait to see what they are! Very excited!

  • Kat

    It’s not hoarding if you use it, honest. Otherwise, I’m in a LOT of trouble lol!

    I just got my first Artist Cellar stencils today, and wow! I’m anxiously waiting for my pages to dry (weird weather here today, which usually makes my gesso go hinky if I use the hair dryer) so I can keep playing. Sadly, they didn’t have Jill’s ones (though I seriously need to get a set of them! Fantastic designing, Jill!)

    You’re doing some stencils through AC? Seriously?!? I’ll be keeping my eye out for them- can’t wait to see what you’ve designed!

    Other than what’s already been mentioned, the technique I use most is this: whether you gesso your page or not, paint over it in whatever colour you like. Sit the stencil over the painted page, and spritz lightly with water. Leave to soak through the paint for a few moments, then wipe off. Gesso users get a white-ish stencil image (depends on the paint you use), non-gessoers get a different shade of the original paint colour. You can paint a layer of paint over a different colour, too. It’s really basic, but it’s such a great way to start off a page.

    After that initial layer is down, I go to town with the sprays!

    • Jane Davenport

      yes Kat… Collectors – not Hoarders! egads! never! Enjoy your stencils, and good luck!

  • randi k

    Ok, I LOVE stencils–I’ve been making my own for years out of card stock, free hand cutting the designs and using acrylic glazes that I make using acrylic paint–usually Golden–and their acrylic glaze medium. The acrylic paint makes the card stock stronger with each use and beautiful as well. Which can then be collaged into a journal or on a piece. I have never actually bought stencils until I saw these!! I’m a Jill K. Berry fan–have her book–now I have her stencils coming in the mail. Whoo hoo! Also had to buy the Paris and Venice map stencils since we visited those cities in November–and had to try the dylusion spray inks, the silk paints, and that gold wax stuff–I can tell that I am in deep trouble here! But is there anything more delicious than new art supplies–besides dark chocolate?! So thanks Jane for linking to Artists cellar.

    • Jane Davenport

      I just painted Matte medium all over my paper stencil things that I use to toughen them up too – clever aren’t we! ( and thrifty!). Good luck Randi!

  • gini cooper

    I just love these stencils and would love to win them to counter balance a really bad week. My favorite technique is a type of ghosting: spray over a stencil on black substrate, then take another stencil and spounce gesso over it all. The color comes up in a really cool pattern. Another fun trick is to do a rubbing using white crayon and then spray on to through a stencil. You can use a stencil to do the rubbing, rubbing plates, or my new discovery … fondant molds. Spray on!

    • Jane Davenport

      boo to the bad week and crossed fingers for the stencils! Some awesome tips for stencils I’ve not tried so you are in the running for sure!

  • Kat Lakie

    I am so in love with the ‘water’ series, they are my favorites.

    Do you stock them Jane? I would love to win any stencils, I use them a lot with sprays and paint.

  • Jenny

    Oh my gosh Jane… I LOVE stencils in general… I adore these ones… and squeal… now I know your designs are coming out in 2013… I am in stencil heaven… your babushka page is adorable by the way… now I use stencils in my journals… on my mixed medial canvases… and in my card making… but my latest little joy has been playing with my grand daughters and using them when we bake… (we have clean ones just for cooking…lol…) we sprinkle icing sugar through them… and make thick icing sugar to stencil coat our baked biscuits as well… perfect for a little extra Christmas cheer… and yes… tonight… I will be dreaming of stencils…

    Jenny ♥

    • Christine

      Love the water series…as I am new to art journaling I am still exploring techniques…but I love stencils with spray…your use of stencils to create texture is beautiful…
      I am finding there is always something inspiring me to try…loving art journaling!!!

      • Jane Davenport

        Isn’t the water series heaven? I can answer that – yes, it is. Good luck in the comp Christine!

    • Jane Davenport

      That is sooooo cool Jenny – a WONDERFUL idea! Good luck!

    • Jane Davenport

      You won Jenny!!! I sent you an email request for your address – congrats!

  • Julia

    Collecting… ah yes I have just started my journey to stencil and spray land. It is…wondrous, mysterious, and plain fun! I was a very monochrome color palate kinda gal, but since getting my first stencil, then sprays… gotta say creating depth couldn’t be more fun!

    Plus, I love how you play around with colorful backgrounds and then finding shapes or blocking out figures with some skin tones or white. Just brilliant!

    • Jane Davenport

      Yes, the sprays kinda make one happy Julia! Good luck in the comp!

  • Kass Hall

    Are we soul sisters? Are we living on the same plain? Coz my journal has been exclusive,y sprays and stencils for a month or so now and I am OBSESSED too!! I cannot stop – it’s the most inspired I’ve been in YONKS. I need Jill’s stencils and I will check out the others available too….. You are an enabler Jane. This does not bode well for starting law school!!

    • Jane Davenport

      yes, we probably are Kass! and yes I am an enabler. Not even going to apologise. as Popeye says “Iyam wot Iyam”.

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