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I’m going through a mad stencil crush right now…. It’s been VERY BAD since Bali. I’m blaming Louise, one of my talented Escape Artists… she produced a thick and juicy stash of 6 x 6 stencils one morning, and I knew the second I saw them that a new collective spirit was being born in my heart.

I am a collector of many things. It started as a kid with plastic animals, then on to stamps, Erasers, barbie ( not the shrimp kind, the doll kind)… and more recent ones are Washi tape, printed paper serviettes, coloured pencils, markers…. and now stencils.

But, I maintain that I am NOT a hoarder ( having seen ‘Hoarders’ on TV for the first time last night, I definitely never want to be classified as that! ). No, I use my stuff, and it looks very organised and beautiful and there are no random cat-turd-strewn surfaces anywhere in my house.

Ok, that out of the way….what was I talking about? oh yeah – stencils!!! (And by the way, because you have stuck with me through ramblings, there is a PAY OFF at the end of all this… a very niiiiiiice one… so stay tuned.)

Stencils kind of go hand in hand with another hot obsession of mine – spray inks. I just can’t get enough of them. And they are perfect to use with stencils! A great way to start a page.

Here is a strange journal I made from a huge piece of printers paper…the kind magazine covers are printed on. After ripping up the larger pages, I had leftover smaller bits, so I included them in the journal. There are flaps and flippy bits all over. Let’s call it the Flip Journal. There. It’s named now. The page sides are all uneven. It’s been a fun project.

For this page I sketched out ideas and then blocked them out with some sticky contact. The went spray-crazy with the stencils – Fun, fun! Layers of colour and different stencils with each colour.

…and here is that same little babushka figure – she’s bobbing up all over the place for me at the moment. See how the stencils just add a bit of texture without taking over? They are an element, not the focus. they give me ideas and inspiration.

Then comes the texture paste! I use Liquitex Light Molding paste… in this image it is over the new Distress Stain colours which are HEAVEN by the way ( see them here. This is Ripe Persimon and Picked berries)

The stencils I have been playing around with are from the NEW set by Jill K Berry from Artist Cellar – and oh-so-useful!

This is the first in Artist Cellars Designer series:

You need a set too, right?

Well I can make that dream come true!

I have the magic stencil wand and can wave it in your direction…. is giving away one set of Jill’s stencils to one lucky person.

All YOU have to do is Join my Newsletter list ( see the sidebar) and leave a comment here with your contact email, and tell me  why you love stencils! Tell a stencil trick or two that you love – the most creative response gets the set ( and its fabbo!).

I’m the last stop on a Blog Hop to celebrate the stencils  – it’s well worth jumping around to see what everyone did with the stencils!

11/30 Jill Berry

12/03 Sketchbook Challenge Guest post

12/04 Seth Apter

12/05 Diana Trout

12/06 Traci Bunkers

12/07 Tracy Verdugo

12/08 Anne Gaal

12/09 Effy Wild

12/10 Dawn DeVries Sokol

12/11 Aimee Myers Dolich

12/12 Sue Bleiweiss

12/13 Pam Carriker

So join, comment and cross your fingers! I’ll draw the winner on Sunday.


Go check out the Artist Cellar stencils here: click

My favourite sets are the Water series, Cathedral series and Map Series:

{ Yes, that is London and Paris there… very cool!}. This reminds me I need to go order the Coral Series

Micheal and Lisa are the team behind Artist Cellar, and Lisa is one of ‘us’  – so she understands how rough mixed media can be on stencils, and Michel translates those concerns into fantastic quality stencils that can withstand rubbing, scrubbing, pouncing, pasting, spraying, cleaning!

Anyway, go have a peep, enter the giveaway and dream of stencils my dears!




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  • leovinci

    Dear Jane,

    saw your video at the right side.
    You are CRAZY – ….
    Love your humour and your talent.

    You made me laugh
    and this is one of the best things in life.

    happiness, joy, love and health

    All the best for you

  • Debbie

    Love….LOve….LOVe…..LOVE Stencils………..Do I really need to same more !!!!

  • Marge B. Fulton

    Thanks for your stencil demo info and pics! I love spray inks too! I use diluted Liquitex acrylic inks and spray away. Then I flip the stencil over and rub it on the opposite page. Damp tea bags make a subtle colorant over a stencil too. Also I use my Pan Pastels. My new crazy art supply is a double set of Sprayza Blow Pens. I found these in a cast off bin at a junk store. I love them since they don’t saturate the paper too much through a stencil and use them a lot on envies!

  • Darlene K Campbell

    Hi, I like to take a stencil in a simple shape like a flower, star, or such and paint a color (orange) with gouache on 140 lb. watercolor paper. Then paint/dab on some Incredible White Mask Liquid Frisket. (Could use rubber cement too) Add another color of gouache, usually in a lighter color (yellow) this time. Dry it with an airgun. Then use a Stampin Up sanding block or sandpaper to smooth off most of the the frisket. Some residue may be left. It gives it a hint of texture…and smears the color a bit giving it an abstract appearance….almost looks like you painted with melted crayons.

  • Deb

    I am only just starting out in the world of paints, paper, stencils, inks and all things art journaling, so I would love to win a set of these gorgeous stencils to give my start up supplies a nudge.

  • Dear Jane! thank you for this Giveaway 🙂

    I don’t have any stencils and thought that I could not give you any tips and tricks about stencils…. but then I suddenly remembered that I made my own heart stencils this summer and used it when I spray painted a huge Bumble bee on a hey roll (I won the contest hehehe).
    I also made the wings by spray painting blue color over a kitchen blinds 😉
    Here you can see the Bumble bee, I hope you like it 🙂

    I saw you using the stencils in Life Book 2012 and was very excited and would be so happy if I would win your Give away!!!! 😀

    Greetings from Iceland,
    Sigrún Linda

  • kathleen codyrachel

    I love stencils – making prints with gellli plates & over laying with stencils – time disappears doing art

  • Amanda

    I used to call myself a hoarder, but since starting out on my journey of mixed media I realise I am a collector – and proud of it. Those stencils would love to make the journey to the UK and they would have such a loving home…. I made some stencils recently using a punch and some card and had been using them to create backgrounds, by chance when it had got too soft to use I decided to add it to one of the backgrounds, the effects were delicious – even if I say so my self. Blessings for the weekend. Amanda!

  • Tracy

    Ooops. Almost forgot my “trick”. My favorite page that I’ve created so far is with the Artist Cellar stained glass window set. I painted the page with black gesso, then put down the one of the stained glass stencils and sprayed various ink sprays through it and did the same on the facing page. As they dry the ink sprays come up through the black gesso to create a beautiful stained glass effect popping out of a black background. Loved it!

  • Tracy

    Why do I love using stencils so much? They can either help me create rich layers or they can be the focal point, the thing that helps me get started, create a them for a whole page. I love putting medium through them for dimensionality. I mean what is not to love?!

  • Kathleen Bricker

    Don’t have a lot of stencils yet to play with so I really need these!

  • Laurie Hunt

    I love stencils and have for a while. I use them with sprays but I also use them with acrylic paint and my favorite, with bees wax. I give texture to my encaustic paintings. Love this set by Jill, the are the perfect size for texture and mysterious enough to not scream I am an alpha stencil — although I do like and have the alpha screamers and lots of other screamers too. Well that may have been a bit TMI!!!

  • Hobby

    Great blog post, Jane! Love the ideas… I like coloring with a waxy crayon over a background and then doing some water based runny paint over all or in splotches… then sprinkling some iridescents in to see what happens. It’s all good when things dry out.

    Hope you have a great holiday and hope I win some stencils from Santa (or you or one of the other bloggers!) I’ve been a really good artist this year……(✿◠‿◠)❀


  • donna joy

    I like starting with a layer of black gesso or paint-then going over that with other colors-and other stencils. when that is all done i like to “highlight” with some pops of white. another variation is starting out on dark paper w/out the black gesso-or black paint. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Karen Leigh

    ahhh,,,the art of stenciling. Who knew way back when(when people stenciled pineapple borders in their dining room) that it would take on such a significant role in the creative process of multimedia artists everywhere! I don’t have any really interesting tips or tricks to share that no one else has already mentioned I’m afraid. My favorite thing to do with my stencils is to ink/stain/paint/spray through them and them turn them over and print on a scrap piece of paper so that I don’t waste a thing and I create some pretty fab backgrounds to use later.

  • Kathy Christian

    I love what you’ve done with Jill’s inspired stencils. And I too am verrrry fond of the new Distress Stain colours. I do want a set of the stencils…please.

  • Jan

    I love stencils for adding interest to backgrounds. Jill’s set looks like it would add a nice texture. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Laurie O'Neill

    I absolutely love Artist’s Cellar stencils and would love to add these to my collection!

  • Mina

    Yay, a blog hop FEATURING STENCILS!! I love using stencils. And I’d love to win a set of these! You inspired me, I have LOTS and LOTS of different kinds of spray paints in my stash–I should get a few of the bottles out and start experimenting. Thank you for the giveaway! –Mina

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