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I hope you have been following the Blog Hop celebrating my new Stencil set from Artist Cellar!

I’m feeling like a very special girl with my fantastic, arty friends creating such AMAZING artwork.
And all so different! Wow!

Now… I could be super-nice and include a little summary for you, but I want you to treat your eyeballs by going on a little wander and visiting their blogs if you haven’t already. I have the list with links at the bottom of this post.

Now, what I have been creating with my stencils? Well! I’ve been super busy with craft shows and workshops since I got home from my trip to the USA and Mexico. So I have a been bringing forth lovelies aplenty!

In my in-person workshops I have been including lots of lovely collage.

And the collage is popping up in my work – especially in hair… such a wonderful place to add some whimsy…

And these two are from a face drawing demonstration I did in Melbourne.
Using the new Distress Stain colours in their hair – Peacock feathers and Picked Raspberry – yum!

I have a whole hand-made journal featuring the same stencil. And I love all the different faces appearing!

  The turned face stencil is a favourite. You would think a stencil would cramp creativity, but they get me thinking out of the box. I can move quicker with ideas.

The eye set is wonderful ( If I do say so myself, lol!). Here is a work in progress. The closed eye stencil inspired this down turned face… As soon as I finish this blog post, I am going to get straight back to this one!

and here is the profile and one of the eye stencils…

This is a detail from another work in progress.
I sprayed some Dylusions ( the NEW Calypso Teal – heaven!!) on a gesso base.
I love the way it pools and puddles like a watercolour…

and here is some work from my students in all the in-person workshops I have been conducting lately!

 The first is from Annie.

And this is from Karen – two very different takes on the same stencil!

And this next one from Natalie Hennekman in Melbourne – cute right?!

And I gave a set to my to my friend Diana when we were in Mexico, and this is her loveliness:


Now how would you like to get your hands on a set?

All you have to do is :

1. Subscribe to my Blog  by clicking here:

2. Leave a comment below about why you love ( or would love to!)  draw faces.

I’ll get Tinsel to select a winner later this week!


A BIG HUGE thank you to all of you who joined in the Blog Hop.
And warm cuddles to my Bloggers – what a talented, fabuloso bunch!

You can go and have a marvel at their awesomeness here:


Teesha Moore

Jeanette House

Dawn Sokol

Tamara Laporte

Effy Wild

Kass Hall

Mindy Lacefield


To Purchase the stencils:

Northern hemisphere – click here
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  • Sue

    I LOVE these cute whimsical faces. I would love to be able to draw them BUT alas I cant draw to save my life. so the stencils would save the day and allow me to start creating faces on my journal pages

  • Evelyn mamet from Mauritius

    I always feel that I am not good at drawing that I had no artistic capacities until I started scrapbooking and altered art. I was so happy then. Now that i see your stencils I am thrilled to start drawing faces and emotions. The best way to draw emotions and captivate each moment. Thanks to your inspiration.

  • Natalie

    I need to draw faces, especially of my 3 daughters. I need a hand though and I came across your page and found your work. I hope that I can receive the stencils that you are offering. I need all the help I can get.

  • Paige Joyce

    O Jane, I would just love to have a set of these scrumptious stencils to use in teaching my children (we homeschool) to not be afraid to draw and paint faces!! All of our children are artistically talented and I am thinking this coming year we are going to greatly increase our art schedule!! We have to buy all of our books and supplies and to receive this set of stencils free would be a blessing to our family!! 🙂 please o please Tinsel, pick us!!!

  • cindy

    I adore your style, your stencils look fabulous and everyone has done such a beautiful job with them. I would love a chance to make something beautiful with them. Thanks for the opportunity. Hugs

  • Cassandra

    real life is so hard ………. I long to escape into your world

  • Julia

    Beautiful stencils!

  • Brandi

    AMAZING, I love these stencils!!! I have always sucked at faces, I can get the rest down fine, and tend to leave the face to last then ruin it!!! And was coming over here to check out your stencils as well, coincidence 😉

  • Melita

    I adore these stencils! I love faces in art, always have, but can admit to just not having the talent to pull it off myself. Would love a chance to get my hands on these beauties!

  • Monique Green

    Gorgeousness! Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a set of these stencils! I am in love…….

  • Angelique Smith

    I love drawing faces because it can be so fun and therapeutic. With these stencils a lot of the stress of drawing the perfect face would be gone- the possibilities are endless!

  • Nathalie m

    Just started drawing faces and I love how I can transform a face with expression and color

  • Christine

    Thank you for lovely give way I just love you’re work

  • Sarah Mc

    I love drawing faces as it is a great escape and more fun than tv. I get to be creative and fun or fanciful or dreamy just as I please. It fills me with joy to see them come alive.

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