Dye-ing of love

I am just starting a new journal… it’s a cute little thing I got on Etsy from Paperfetish Designs. It’s handbound, with watercolour paper inner, and a canvas cover lined with [...]

My life right now:

In standing under a huge umbrella in a field keeping an eye on some naughty cows. They were just in my garden- again! They are running wild and having a grand adventure… I'm trying to [...]

The Whimsical Face Group

My video workshop with Interweave and Cloth Paper Scissors is going to number 1 on a rocket! I just set up a Facebook group so that you can share your artwork from the video ‘ The Whimsical [...]

The Whimsical Face links

 Jane Girl Stencil details are here!    The Whimsical Face with Jane Davenport Download in HD Download now SD: The Whimsical Face with Jane Davenport Video Download Pre-order the DVD: The [...]


I feel like I am swimming back to the surface after 8 INTENSE weeks of video producing and lesson creation for Mermaid Circus. Diving deep with the most wonderful, fantastic, super-awesome [...]

Making Faces in Sydney

My mum used to tell me to “be careful making faces, because if the wind changes, you will get stuck like that.” This was an actual concrete fear of mine… I believed her for a [...]