Making Faces in Sydney

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My mum used to tell me to “be careful making faces, because if the wind changes, you will get stuck like that.”

This was an actual concrete fear of mine… I believed her for a looooong time.
But if the wind changed while I was making these faces, I wouldn’t mind being stuck like this:


This is some of the super-cool artwork I helped my Perth mini-workshop students with. I had sold out classes over 5 days – it was a whirl of paint, pencils, colour and fun! We used my stencils, so even the newest newbie could create joyfully.

I head off to Brisbane for the big Scrapbook Show – my classes there sold out instantly, but I am onstage each day and will be drawing and painting at my stand when I am not trying my darndest to get everyone on the planet waking up the creative giant that lies within each of us.

Then it’s off to Sydney for the Craft and Quilt Show. I have just put the booking space up for that here:

I hope you come along and say hi!


Jane/ Danger


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  • Shelly

    Sold out? Good for you. Maybe I can stop by some other time. I’m on a different continent! 🙂 I’m gonna go check out those stencils now!

  • Bronny

    Hi Jane, love the stencils!!! And your students have done an awesome job using them… LOVE them all!!!

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