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It’s here! It’s here! My DvD with Cloth Paper Scissors!

Click the image to go pre-order a disc or download it right away.

If you get it and love it, would you be a friend/ love/ awesome person and write a review on the site for me? Heck, if you have done any of my classes and loved them, leave a review on the Interweave website to encourage others to give it a go and get drawing!

The world would be a better place if more peeps connected to that inner-child in them that loved drawing! Anything each of us can do to bring that joy in others is time well spent.

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  • Malinda

    I downloaded my copy yesterday and have already created several BEAUTIFUL girls!!! Jane, you look SMASHING in the vid and your wonderful style and humor and just everything about it is wonderful! I can’t recommend this video highly enough!! You are wonderful!

  • Miriam Kaye

    Have downloaded my copy today, can’t wait!

  • Kay(Texfolkart)

    What a wonderful video!!!!!

  • Leilani Pierson

    i love this! already bot n downloaded first day i saw it! 🙂 thankyou so much!!

  • I’ve been a fan for awhile and was so excited to get this class download. I drew a face that looks like a face! I wish I coukd show you–I’m so proud! Lol

    You are a lovely teacher with such a wonderful teaching style. Saving my pennies to take more of your classes.

    Thanks for being wonderful!

  • Gez

    Hi Jane, just wanted to leave a message & say a very BIG Thank YOU! I absolutely loved watching & listening to you. This is the BEST art class I have watched. Thank you for giving me the confidence to ‘have a go’ and for sharing your skills.. I am seeing my art supplies in a whole new light! I doodled along while watching you and still can’t believe there on my page was someone staring back at me! I am super excited to find your blog, and can never thank you enough for how you have made me feel about drawing & painting. I will be sure to link back on my blog when I post some pictures. Love the idea of taking photos along the way & was brave enough to share a couple on Instagram! Many, many thanks for everything, huggs Gez

  • Fay

    Downloaded your video on Intervweave Jane, and just wanted to let you and others who visit know how fantastic it is! And what great value to!

    I learnt so much and all while enjoying spending time with you. Thank you so much!

  • Carolina Ellis

    Hi Jane, just wanted to let you know that the “preview” on the Interweave site is not working. I am trying to look at it on my iPad, I am fairly tech savvy, and I can hear your lovely voice, but the viewing box is all black. I have never had this problem before with Interweave, nor did I have it at all in all the wonderful weeks of the Mermaid Circus. Thought you might want the heads up on this glitch so that you can straighten this out together with Interweave. Good luck .

    • Jane Davenport

      I noticed, that and thought it was just me!, i’ll let Interweave know.

  • Cindy

    I just downloaded the video, who wants to wait for new creative inspiration?! I love it. Jane you are so fun to watch and your instruction is inspiring. Thank you for doing this video 🙂

  • Kay (Texfolkart)

    Loved your video! Great inspiration….went on to two more classes and waiting for the link to supplies me….so nice that in the wee hours of the morning, Jane comes and draws with me whenever I call her….my magic drawing genie!!

  • Christine

    Downloaded and watched your video over the weekend….it’s wonderful…

  • Kat Lakie

    I’m currently doing Express Yourself as part of the Artini Mixed Media club and I’m loving it and can’t wait to do all the other classes on offer, you are such a lovely teacher, so easy to listen to and learn from and I just had to have this latest offering and of course couldn’t wait for a DvD to arrive in the mail, so I downloaded it………fantastic and so good to have on hand for whenever I need to refresh what you have taught me. Big hugs and lots of love. Kat

  • DonnaL

    I have pre-ordered the DVD but am unsure when it will be released, couldn’t find anything with a date. I know this is going to be tool I go back to again and again and it will reinforce all that practice and lessons from Supplies Me and I Heart Drawing – which were totally awesome. I have so much more confidence in my ability to draw and sketch now — THANK YOU JANE!

  • RM Larsson

    Jene you is just pure inspiration. I am sitting here looking at this movie and I just cant help myself but I am going straight to the art journal and painting heaven : ) review is made for your amazing movie!


  • Charlotte

    Hi Jane,

    I downloaded your video today and it is wonderful; you are wonderful. Whenever I have stumbled across your work, I have loved it, so I was surprised when I got an email from Interweave saying that there was a video with you teaching. I had to get it. I am so impressed! Really loved watching it all the way through. And, I have to say you look absolutely stunning!Hair, makeup, outfit…..perfection!

    You are wonderful in front of the camera and so nice to listen to. The Pamela Anderson lips reference made me laugh out loud. It is so true!

    It must be fun to know you,


  • Laurie Hunt

    Got it. Downloaded it — no time to wait for a DVD! Watched it! Loved it! You’re the best! Why don’t I sign up for Supplies me? I’ve gone several times but can never remember what to do to get your special alumni deal from 21 secrets and Life Book classes so I go off and do something else and then I forget about it until like now. And I am reminded that you are a supply junkie. I am a supply junkie. You have to have everything. I have to have everything. Yesterday I found these new (to me at least) Japanese color pencils. So pretty. In these fancy books. I wanted them. BUT, I showed restraint and I am glad I did. I went out to google reviews and who shows up — Jane the Junkie! You didn’t love them. You liked Prismacolors and all “P” color pencils. These were “I” color pencils. Pretty but not as good. Why don’t I take Supplies Me?

  • sweetwatergal

    I just finished watching and loved every second of it!! Even if I didn’t love drawing I would love to just WATCH YOU draw!! Your enthusiasm is intoxicating!!

  • Chris Goodall

    Congratulations Jane! I just read my email from Interweave. Very exciting.

    • Tracey Thompson

      Was so excited after I purchased the download that I just had to watch… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! This video has soooo much info!! & as usual you left me wanting more. Now I only have one question??? Do you have an agent??? 🙂

    • Jane Davenport

      Hollywood next eh?! Lol!

  • Laurie Hunt

    Congratulations Jane on having this DVD finished and ready for download. I have a frowny face right now because Paypal is not coming up as an option for some reason and I don’t have my credit card memorized. It is middle of the night here and if I go get my card I will wake hubby and the kids (our two cavalier king charles spaniels) when I get up out of bed. Dang. Maybe I’ll go back and give it another try. Can’t wait to have it and watch it and be inspired by it and learn from it and I am guessing I might even laugh a bit during it! Can’t Wailt!

  • Tracey Thompson

    Just purchased the download!!!! You are such a wonderful & INSPIRATIONAL teacher. Thanks for all the FAB workshops and info. Keep up the great work!!

  • Margaret

    Jane’s classes are great. They give you confidence to give it a go and the improvement is incredible well it was for me. I am debating whether to buy the DVD as I have done all of Jane’s classes, but it is tempting to have something I own.

  • Peggy Wilkinson

    I will be ordering this Jane! Love your teaching!!!

  • Janene

    Yep I will be getting it too!!! Thanks Jane 🙂

  • Peggy Steele

    I can’t wait to get this. Jane, you are awesome!

  • Brittney Townsend

    OMG OMG OMG! I will totally be getting this!

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