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The Whimsical Face with Jane Davenport Download in HD

Download now SD:
The Whimsical Face with Jane Davenport Video Download

Pre-order the DVD:
The Whimsical Face with Jane Davenport (preorder)

These links will take you to the Interweave Store.
Please direct all enquries for ‘The Whimsical Face by Jane Davenport’ to Interweave.
( They have great customer service!).

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  • Sandi

    Says above the prices are 14.95, 16.95, and 19.95 but the website shows 29.99, 34.99, and 39.99 to me ?

  • Saranne

    Loving this DVD! Can’t wit to play!

  • Julie Kellner

    Hi Jane,
    I just ordered my Whimsical Face download and watched it and I have to say it was so awesome. It really was like being with you in the classroom, you fabulous personality totally shone. I do have a question though, is it correct that I have to keep going to the interweave site to view my video? I expected that I could download it to my computer to view whenever I wished rather than having to go on the internet all the time (i just used 3gb doing that….which was unexpected), and I know that I am going to want to watch it regularly. I also cannot wait to receive my stencils that I ordered from the Darling Harbour Craft Fair – they just look so delicious and I cannot wait to start creating. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and your favourite tools – which certainly takes a lot of the guess work away – if you use it I am sure that I will be thrilled with any product you suggest.

    Take care,
    Julie K

    • Jane Davenport

      Hi Julie, It’s best to contact Interweave directly for assistance with the download – they have great customer service!

    • Julie Kellner

      Thank you so much Jane, I have worked it out – should have read the FAQ page before posting….so a little embarrassed about that. Anyway, the great new is I can now watch it whenever I wish which is wonderful.
      Thanks so much for your quick reply, have a great week.
      Julie K

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