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My video workshop with Interweave and Cloth Paper Scissors is going to number 1 on a rocket! I just set up a Facebook group so that you can share your artwork from the video ‘ The Whimsical Face’.

Join it here:

I am a little in awe that I get to share what I love with you as my job and that it is appreciated in such an immediate way. A big thank you to all who keep me blossoming. I promise to continue to do the same for you whenever I can!

Jane / Danger

p.s. please direct and technical, download or purchase inquiries to Interweave- they gave great customer service , and I don’t have the answers you may need.

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  • Jone

    I have watched my video several times. What I wish I could have is diagrams of the various steps. I keep stopping the video or restarting it to get to the part of the face I’m working on. Is there some way that a small pamphlet
    could be made and sold either through your site or Interweave? Or PDF files available through your site or Interweave? Thanks Jone

  • Libby

    Just finished watching Whimsical Faces – loved it – I learned soooo much – you make drawing the faces seem doable for those of us who always felt we could not draw — but long to create beautiful faces on paper – you are a joy to watch – cant wait to start drawing along with you on the next viewing. Thanks for the inspiration

  • marielwright2012dx

    Dear Jane, I love the DVD! Thank you so much. You are a fantastic teacher and I look forward to drawing with you. Blessings.

  • Lucie Hale

    Jane, I just finished the video and LOVED it. I’m almost done with my first girl, so will take a photo and upload to your FB page when I am done. One quick question: I bought the download from CPS, but can’t seem to download it to my laptop. Is it only available by clicking on the link they sent me? If so, how many times can I watch it. I’ve already clicked it 3 times because I didn’t realize how long it was and had to stop 2 times for other pressing matters at home.

    • Jane Davenport

      Hi Lucie, I’m happy you are enjoying the DVD! if you direct your questions to Interweave, they can help you with Technical stuff.

  • stitchingalways

    Bought your Dvd (Download) and love it. Have been trying out your ideas. Thanks for all the info. Oh and Ive joined you on Facebook

  • Brittney T.

    I love your video! you are so charming miss jane 🙂

  • Jane Davenport

    Hi maaret – one of the links is for ipad/mac compatible download… have another look at my last post.

  • Maaret

    Do you know if it’s iPad compatible? Have emailed cloth paper scissors twice but had no response:(. I hope it is!! 🙂

  • mejewel54

    I really enjoyed it!! I have not tried to make my own whimsical face yet but I will!!!

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