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The Blog Hop has been Stencasional!

And now it’s my turn to WOW you…

I can draw. I love drawing! But even a  confident ‘drawer’ can find fun in stencils. Especially in the journaling process. It makes everything so much quicker, and causes sparks for new ideas:

stencils-petite-sea-janedavenportI was in Bali, quietly journaling to the tune of the waves, birds singing and a bit of ‘Crowded House’ playing in the background… hence the text, and the admiral appeared… It meant a lot to me as I was creating it. (Master of my own destiny and so forth).


Here is a step by step walk through on how I created my Coy girlstencils-petite-sbs1-janedavenport

Bali-Journal-13-JanedavenportAnd a littel close up of the details – I left plenty of room in the stencils for you to add your own flourishes and style.


As an aside, here is the original artwork that I drew her from:

Original face I used for the 'Coy' stencil from Jane Girls Petite.

Original face I used for the ‘Coy’ stencil from Jane Girls Petite.


Here is the ‘Upturned’ face in one of my journal pages. The text says “there’s no remedy for memory” – it’s from a Lana Del Rey song. I am LOVIng her music and lyrics at the moment.


This is the original journal page where I developed the stencil artwork from:


I can’t show you the originals for the other stencils yet, because they are being used in magazines, and I need to keep them secret until they are published.



And now it’s my student’s turn to wow you!

stencil-coarl-lee1  117

Coral-lee, Created at The Nest, Whimsical Weekend Workshop

When I created these stencils it was specifically to assist creative confidence. It delights me to the moon and back to see these stencils that I designed ‘in action’ and delivering the exact benefits I hoped they would.

stencil-cathy-land  119

Cathy Land, Created at The Nest, Whimsical Weekend Workshop

stencils -bali  120

Anita Tillman – Escape Artist Retreat – Bali

I purposely DESIGNED them to be open enough that each artist could take them in their own direction, but structured enough so that they give a helpful platform from which to start.

stencils -bali  121

Helen Tarr Platania – Bali Escape Artist Retreat

This new set has some more complex views.
I endeavored to get as much ’emotion’ in to each one as I could in the simplest way possible.

Artwork from the Bali Escape Artist Retreat

Artwork from the Bali Escape Artist Retreat

I have been sharing a lot of artwork on my Facebook page too.

Make sure you’tag’ my name when you create something with my stencils and share it on facebook,
so I can Share it with everyone too. It’s inspirational!

I wanted to publicly and lavishly thank each of my participating Guest Artists on the Blog Hop.

Each one of them are incredibly busy with their art, their businesses,
their workshops, families and lives in general
and I so appreciate the time to join in, create some art and share it and the process with us all.

I encourage you to go and look at each of these Blogs if you haven’t already!

Artistcellar (
Jill K. Berry (
Dawn DeVries Sokol  (
Joanne Sharpe (
Connie Hozvicka (
Effy Wild  (
Tamara Laporte (
Dion Dior (
Courtney Brook (
Kate Palmer (

Lisa and Mike Cousineau have created a remarkable company around Lisa’s love of Mixed Media.
Artistcellar is a wonderful resource for yummy supplies in the USA,
and their stencils are seriously AWESOME both in terms of quality and design.

Thank you Lisa for organising all the details of this Blog Hop.
Without you it just wouldn’t have happened and we all would have missed out
on the INCREDIBLE artwork we saw created – and continue to see!

You can get the stencils here:

or in the USA  here:

…………..New Stencils banner

To win a set:

Tell me what elements of your face drawing
you want to improve the most.

Please note:While I have sincere empathy for personal circumstances of illness and hardship,
they will not be part of the decision making process.

I want to know about your creative spirit.
I want to know you as an Artist. I want to see your light!

Tell me what elements of your face drawing
you want to improve the most.



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Showing 56 comments
  • Debbie Wachel

    Wow!! Thank you so much Jane! I am so excited since I rarely win anything. I will put them to good use! Thank you!

  • nanda boukes

    Just discovered your wondrful work and have your course(s) on my wishlist.
    I would love to start drawing faces, as that is one of my fears 😉
    LOVE the idea of the stencils to become more confident in drawing faces !

  • Kerry Wallis

    I am currently doing one of your courses which I love. Just enjoy watching your videos to see the process of how your faces come about. Looking through all my drawings I seem to be doing the same look over and over so I am struggling with creating different faces or looks and would just love your stencils to give me a helping hand in the right direction.

  • Vickie McCabe

    I have learned some basics about eye, nose and mouth placement. My biggest challenge is drawing the lips. I try to use my daughter’s various facial expressions to draw a “surprised” eye, or a “laughing” eye. But, when I try to draw her “pouty” mouth, I get stuck. Using stencils as a starting point would definitely help! Thank you!

  • Kate Burroughs

    I would like to learn how to get the proportions right on the face. It always seems like something is not right about my faces. Thanks!
    Aloha, Kate

  • Kristin Langlais

    I most want to improve drawing eyes that match!! I always draw one I like then I can’t ever get the other one to look as good! Thank you for this chance 🙂

  • Theletterism

    Noses! Noses are the trickiest things for me to draw and often the place where I get frustrated and go do something else.

  • Annette G

    Have just discovered your blog and am in awe of the art you are creating using faces. Faces are so difficult……… probs…..with faces now where do I start….practically everything…….so every bit of help is appreciated.

  • Christy K

    Hi Jane! I have just recently begun to try my hand at drawing faces! Such fun! I still need a TON of practice, but I’m getting there….I think! Lol I struggle with face shape, noses, and expressions. Your stencils look like they would be great fun to create with. Thanks for the chance to win them 🙂


  • Lynda O'R

    I find the most difficult thing about drawing faces is the proportions, oh…and noses….and mouths!! Stencils will help, thanks for the opportunity to win your yummy stencils.

  • Joyce

    Noses….I can never get noses to look in proportion to the eyes and mouth and they usually end up looking dory and causing me lots of frustration. So much of the time I leave my face blank so I really need help in this area. I think your stencils may help me out. What a great idea!!

  • Heather Chevreau

    HI Jane!
    I just discovered you when i bought your whimsical faces class- I really love it and have been watching it over and over. I love working on the eyes so I think most of my troubles are with the nose and mouth. The mouth always looks a little off to me. I am intrigued by your face stencils because I never would have thought to do that. Take care and thank you for all the inspiration!

  • Rene

    Hi Jane! Im just new to your workshops…..I really love to try drawing new things but struggle with the proportions of the face!! Even when I spend a lot of time on my doodles etc they just look muddier and muddier! As a teacher of 11 yr olds I spend a lot of time telling my kids that they can draw and to take risks but secretly I feel a bit the same!!! So, my answer to your question is the proportions of the face!!

  • Jo Wholohan

    I think these stencils are going to be fantastic jane, lovely starting point for creative journal play xxx

  • Carmen Lucero

    Jane I absolutely love your new stencils; I’ve been playing around and learning how to make faces for two years and I know your stencils will help me so much! I’m working on getting better at 3/4 faces and side views. I tend to make the mouth too much to either side. Thanks for the chance to win a set!


    Carmen L

  • Micki

    Hi Jane, love love love your work (purchased your DVD and love it). Love your stencils and love how one can “built” from there. I find that I tend to have a problem with the nose. That’s what I really have focus on and consciously slow down. Love your new stencils!!!!

  • Debbie Wachel

    There are two elements I would like to change the most with my face drawing. The first is the eyes, because they are the gateway to the soul and are so key to the mood of the drawing. I have very much improved my eyes through your classes, but when I look at the drawings posted on Facebook, I see eyes that are so much more “real”. They are so vivid and full of life. I keep practicing and look at all different types of art to see how effective eyes are rendered. For me it is all about the emotion – not how perfect/realistic the eyes are. I want to capture that “essence.” It is hard to put in words.

    The second element I most want to change is how I do expressions (which of course is very much related to the eyes). I love to create joyful and happy expressions. Partly because I am a person who loves to smile and laugh. When I look in the mirror and see all my wrinkles I don’t think “wow – you’re getting old girl!” (OK, some days I may – LOL). I think of how the majority of those wrinkles are laugh lines: lines that I wear with pride! The other part is that at this time in my life I am surrounded by a lot of sadness – the key to deal with this is to keep creating joy and hope it is contagious to all of those around you. I love to make people smile!! “Express Yourself” certainly help me A LOT with my expresses, but my smiles tend to still look cartoony. So I am working to evolve those smiles and laughs. The great thing is, that when I draw smiles – I smile – so practice comes VERY easily!

    I would use your stencils so I can focus on the eyes and mouth. It seems your stencils are flexible to use for different expressions. I currently still spend too much time trying to get eye placement even and when I do anything other than straight on faces, I find my lips just don’t go in the correct places.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my goals with you!

    • Jane Davenport

      Hi Debbie, you are our winner for the stencils! Congratulations!

  • Charisse

    Most definitely noses on 3/4 views !

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