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I contribute regularly to a few favoured charities and one of them is Rainforest Rescue. Amongst their projects they purchase land designated for development in the Daintree Rainforest and preserve it. I just got news today that they have managed to purchase another lot!


 I started supporting Rainforest Rescue because the land they are protecting is home to the cassowary: a large flightless bird that has a horn  – and any creature remotely unicorn-like needs to be loved and protected!  My money is also used in other preservation projects such as orangutan habitat in Sumatra and The Big Scrub, which is not far from me.  I feel really great when I get this good news!

You can check out Rainforest Rescue here

And this is a little vid about the strange rainbow-unicorn-birds, the Cassowary



Yes, strange Unicorn rainbow bird, I am here for you! Wear your colours proudly as you strut around in your rainforest. Raise your adorable striped chicks. Do your magical germinating poops ( watch the vid to know what I mean!).

Yes, there is more to be done, but I just wanted to celebrate a small win for Cassowaries and tree Kangaroos ( which like in the Daintree too! Australia is home to very wonderous creatures…)


Also! More good news!

Interweave is having a Special offer at the moment.

3 for $40 Mixed Media DVD Sale at Interweave  




( images of Daintree Forest and Cassowary are uncredited and from the Rainforest Rescue Site.)

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  • marcia

    Thanks for letting me know about the Dvd sale. I had my eye on your dvd and now I just have to buy it!

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