The Paint Pen Art Lesson is here … and 30% code!

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My latest Art lesson is all about color blocking and Paint pens.  Click the image above to go straight to it!

Art lessons 2014 Vol. 6: Paint Pens

My latest Art lesson is here! Click the image above to go straight to it!

For more info on Paint Pens you can look here for Australia: {click here}

or here: {click image}



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click here: Art lessons 2014 Vol. 6: Paint Pens

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Showing 13 comments
  • Viv Gregory

    I am a complete beginner. Have the face DVD, what would you all recommend for the next course. I love them all, but so inept. I need some advice as to how to move forward.

  • Judy Skowron

    I love all your work so much. I have 3 of the lessons ,the video and am taking the class Supplies Me. your classes are so much fun. I want to take the class I heart

  • Gema

    A very interesting lesson Jane. I ordered some montana pens from you last time and I have to tell that I love them. Now I need to order a few more colours, specially a couple of the jumbo ones. Color Blocking with paint pens? count me in. Can’t wait t experiment with colours and see what comes out. I love painting flowers (specially using watercolours) so this lesson was a really lovely surprise for me. Thank you for all the hard work and the positive vibe you always send us in every lesson, course… you do.

  • Lauren W.

    Jane you have introduced me to so many cool supplies! Paint pens are on my list to acquire this year.

  • Kim

    It won’t take the jd30 code. It says it’s invalid. bummer.

  • Janet O'Connor

    Hi Jane, so happy to see another lesson. These are delightful and inspiring. I have the complete set , so far. They make seeing your ideas affordable to watch any time .
    I agree with Kate Lakie, you are a Wonder Woman!!!

  • Edie

    Can you check the code please? It’s May 30 and it says the code won’t work until 8/1 – I am needing some instant gratification!

    • Jane Davenport

      i’ll check on that!

    • Cathy

      Code isn’t working for me either.

  • Judi

    Love your work! I look forward to your lessons each month.

  • alice

    yay!!!!! thanks for another lesson 😀

  • Kat Lakie

    I’m loving these little lessons, I have the whole set………..

    Thanks Ms Danger, Wonder Woman.

  • Janelle Cookson

    Love your work Jane, thank you for sharing ❤️

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