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This is a collaborative workshop.  Join my friends Tam Laporte, Christy Tomlinson, Jo Sharpe and a cavalcade of fab artists in  The theme of this class, along with portraiture, is self-love. Musings on how to connect with and love each aspect of your self will be included with your face tutorials.

Each artist will focus on creating a different character including the Nymph, Mystic, Child, Girly Girl, Goddess, Artist, Dreamer, Stranger, & Watcher. These concepts will be explained in more detail in the class, but essentially, each face will represent a part of your self that you might want to get to know better and each lesson will be an opportunity to learn how to create a face that expresses that aspect of your inner life.

The theme of this class, along with portraiture, is self-love. Musings on how to connect with and love each aspect of your self will be included with your face tutorials, but if you’re just here for the art, that’s totally fine, too!

radiantbigbanner-600There are nine teachers in Radiant: Faces
Jane Davenport, Tamara Laporte, Christy Tomlinson, Kylie Fowler, Jamie Dougherty, Dina Wakely, Julie Gibbons, Joanne Sharpe and Effy Wilde.

Each teacher will create  in their own style in a lesson that is designed not only to teach you how to paint that character but also to connect with that aspect of your own inner life in a self-loving way.

My theme is The Nymph!

Expect mysterious  and shy forest creatures as we make the invisible, visible.
( you know how I love to draw my Girlimals…)

I haven’t filmed my class yet, so I don’t have artwork to show you… but  maybe it will be something like this little sneak peek:

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I have a place for this wonderful experience to give away!
All you need to do is leave a comment on why you love to draw faces.

Join today and Good Luck!


p.s. If you win , and you have already signed up you get a refund.


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  • saskia

    This class looks great and so fun! Lovely teachers… I already did classes of some of them, and it’s Always great to learn new techniques and to get fresh inspiration! Faces are so unique, they can tell a lot of emotions also. For me, it’s not easy to draw or paint faces… still learning! 🙂 So this class sounds like a lovely oportunity to me!
    Thanks for the chance and now… fingers crossed!

    Smiles from Belgium, Saskia 🙂

  • Danielle Vincelli

    Drawing faces always scared me to death. I could never make a person look like a real looking one. In the past year I have worked and tried to conquer this fear. It’s working. Thank you Ms Danger. So grateful for your teachings! Enjoy your trip to Paris! 🙂

  • Carolyn Demaree

    I hope to find the inner me …life activities have masked the ‘who’ of who I am..and hope these artist can help me explore ..

  • Sherri Fults

    When I first started learning to draw, the thing I started with was faces. And that was almost 3 years ago. My first faces were disasters! But, thanks to you, Jane, I learned to draw a face that can make me feel. Sometimes my faces make me happy, sometimes melodramatic, sometimes introspective, but always, they make me “feel”! That’s why I “Love” drawing faces.

  • Cindy Hogan

    I love drawing faces because it’s like meeting a friend. Sometimes they seem familiar, like I knew them in a different life. And other times it’s like meeting someone new, whom I have to get to know and learn about their little quirks, habits, moods and their ways. Ultimately, I find them all endearing and they are precious to me.

  • Kim Rogers McKinstry

    I love to draw faces because of all the emotion that you can create from the slightest change of any element.

  • Patricia Esparza

    I love drawing faces, you never now what surprise you will see,
    thank you for the opportunity

  • Kirsten Mead

    Oh my goodness I cannot wait to take this class! I love seeing improvement in my faces & think this class is exactly right for me!

  • bridget joss

    I love creating faces ,i love the push -pull of getting the expression to come out . I am always delighted to see my girls come to life .Thank you for this chance to win a spot in Radiant Faces Workshop .

  • April Lopez

    I’ve loved to do faces since I did my first one in pastels in 10th grade. I’m well over 50 now but the love continues. So many expressions to do. But I’m so out of practice. I would love to take this course. I’m a SAHM and I care for my terminally ill elderly dad so online classes are the only way I can do things. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Janelle Marks

    I love to imagine stories and then draw the girls that belong in them. I feel connected to something outside myself when I draw a face. I would love to take a class from all of you and practice drawing faces even more.

  • Katie Thomas

    I am an elementary principal so clearly I love people! Always have….Big people and little people. I had no idea that I had artistic talent until a little over a year ago. I just wanted to have it SO bad! So… I decided to try… and I got a huge surprise. It’s amazing to draw or paint anything for a friend, parent, or a student. I love seeing their faces light up. I certainly never imagined I could successfully draw/paint a face… until I did. Drawing faces is just makes me smile!

    • Katie Thomas

      Delete the is in that last sentence. Yikes! 🙂

  • Loz Mckew

    I love the thought of creating faces that will connect to my soul…..its always a journey of discovery within yourself when you go with the flow of your own muse….thanks for the opportunity to win this class…

  • Angela Weber

    I never thought I could draw faces. That was something “real” artists could do. I thought that if you didn’t have a natural talent for it and couldn’t instantly draw faces at a young age that you were never going to be an artist. I’ve been working with stained glass for over ten years, but recently moved and I am without a glass studio now and I don’t know when I’ll be able to build one. Right before I moved I started seeing art journal pages and became obsessed with them. My husband (knowing that I still needed to be creative) bought me a spot on Life Book. The very first lesson I had to not only draw, but paint a face. And to my surprise I was able to do it. Like a “real” artist. I am now in love with drawing and painting faces and I would love to learn even more about them by winning a spot on this course.

  • Toni

    I couldn’t even draw a stick figure let alone a face until my sister introduced me to Jane it was like a new world had opened up for me . A workshop at the nest was so much fun the inner critic was still there but I was oh so brave , a new world has started for me, but to learn how to draw so many looks and feelings into my girls oh what joy would that be

  • Colleen Blake

    I love to sketch, paint, create as a way of leaving a bit of me to my children, grandchildren and as of TODAY, GREATgrandchild. They will be able to see how I saw the world..as a beautiful happy place that I experienced . I never met any of my grandparents – they had all passed before I was born and I often wonder what made them smile..what they read…what they dreamed. ..I hope my legacy of my art will answer those questions for all who will follow me..

  • Anna

    I would love to learn from these artists to bring my own faces to life more! I’m a bit stuck and simply want to do better. Whimsical Faces was an absolute delight!

  • Carroll Davies

    I love drawing and painting faces and always have! They help me express everything I may be feeling or wondering about or working on… They are our windows which we look out of as well as look into. I am amazed at faces, such complicated landscape, showing so much of emotion and moods and thoughts…And so much beauty!

  • Lorri

    What a wonderful line up of teachers! As I love drawing girls it would be fabulous to be a part of this workshop and learn from the wonderful cast. My fingers are crossed, along with my toes teehee – thanks for the opportunity to win a place – very generous 🙂

  • Teresa beg

    I love to see the different characters that emerge with each new girl.

  • Jennifer Ropers

    What a lovely line up of teachers, I never thought I could draw much less do faces until I took Jane’s classes and I marvel at how far I have come in the past year! I think drawing faces makes me feel like a “real” artist and it is so much fun to watch each person emerge!

  • Suzanne

    What a great creative collaborative! This class sounds like a blast. Let’s see why I love drawing faces… Rather than just looking deeply at plant and animals, my former favorite things to paint, I really started looking deeply at other people. I think it has taught my heart to have more kindness and compassion for others.

  • Joanna C. Kelley

    This looks like a terrific class and the only thing that could possibly make it more fun would be winning it!!! Woo-hoo! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Heidi Brincken

    I love to draw faces because they are happy most of the time. It gives me such happiness each time I draw one. It’s like each face has a new story and is a new friend that I can’t wait to see again. I love trying new ways of drawing my faces and combining things I’ve learned. I am still finding my own style, but I just love learning new techniques and styles from others willing to share. I would love it if I won a spot in this wonderful opportunity. Thank you to all the fabulous artists who are making this possible.

  • Ursula

    Faces are so much fun to draw! All the emotion! I used to think that I do not like drawing faces – and that I am no good at it – but once I started to explore it … SO FUN!
    Thanks for a chance to win!


  • Katie McD

    I love drawing faces because it works with whatever mood I’m in – expressive faces, detailed faces, using all different kinds of supplies. I love that it is a process that allows for improvement and ongoing learning. This looks like an amazing class, and thanks for the chance to win!

  • Amy Talley

    I love drawing faces!!! I have always loved faces….but was never satisfied with the result….they looked wonkie to me, but not the good kind of wonkie from an experienced artist. Anyway, taking Jane’s classes have totally opened up a confidence in me…. And Im a lil more forgiving g of my art and happier with the end result. Im kinda in a new place with my art…I’m having more fun with it. Nobody has to like it but me and i am finding so much joy in the process of creating 🙂

  • Jenny Karp

    I love to draw faces because I can express my emotions and dreams through the characters. I am exploring this new side of creativity and it is totally out of my comfort zone. This class would be an amazing way to learn so many new techniques. I am trying to paint and sell my art to save money to build a little art studio in my backyard. This class will help me take my skills to the next level. Xoxo jenny

  • Annie Hamby

    I love drawing faces. I enjoy watching them come to life and seeing pieces of whatever is on my mind coming through onto them…..or even whomever is on my mind coming through onto them. It’s always a fun and exciting thing to see the personality of the faces I draw when I am done with them. I still need lot of practice in the painting of faces however to really get them where I want them to be. I did graphite for years and have only recently begun playing with paints and so I have a LOT to learn in that area, especially about painting faces.

  • Lori W

    I love challenging myself with drawing faces…they always surprise me! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Janet

    Drawing faces has allowed me to see people in another way. I have found that looking and trying to draw a face helps me to see past the outside skin but look into amazing eyes or lips that tell a story only they know. We really aren’t all that different, I mean don’t we use lines to adjust where we place eyes, nose and mouths? We are so much more, and drawing faces brings a love for mankind and appreciating individual differences that stand out. I’ve followed you for a long time and have worked hard in mastering what I see you do, plus other artists. Thank you for the opportunity of maybe being selected to receive this class.

  • Vicki Robinson

    I’m trying very hard to develop my own style of faces – they really personalize art journal faces and it would be terrific to have so many points of view in one class! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!!

  • Judith Witkin

    I never thought I could draw at all , let alone a real face. Well, I don’t know know about real faces but the faces I draw are real to me. I have a whole journal book of delightful faces thanks to Jane. I would love to have an opportunity to take this amazing class. What a dream come true!!!!

  • Rosalind Green

    I love drawing faces after learning the process from you and other teachers. Drawing faces assists me in not only bringing emotion to my art but to also express MYSELF! I have been amazed at what I can do and am still learning to stay with the process and just have fun creating! I love your short class pdfs Jane, thanks for all you do! Being a part of this class would bring out more of my awesomeness 🙂
    Fingers crossed in South Carolina 🙂

  • Shirley

    I’m just learning how to draw faces and so far so good, but I want to learn more and develops my own style. This class would be a great opportunity to learn from the best!

  • Shelby Gibbs

    Oh Jane… They make me feel alive… It’s the only time that my thoughts are crystal clear there is no clutter of the day, I don’t care about the dishes, or the wants of my family or my life tugging at me. It’s when I can think and it’s MY thoughts, God speaks to me here, He feeds into my identity, who He says I am. I am Beautiful, I am a Dreamer, I am Valued, I am FREE! I get this when I draw faces, and I always finish the eyes last it’s like the icing on the cake and she jumps out at me and says SUPRISE I am here and I love you, she is thankful that I brought her to life and I always giggle when we meet…
    Drawing faces is life, it’s healing, it’s love and it’s IDENTITY!

  • Carmen Lucero

    Wow, what an exciting event – a place where one can find the inner self and make art at the same time. I’ve been interested in drawing faces since I saw your first video. I love trying to draw emotions and make the girls looks whimsical, that way no one knows who the subject is. Thanks for the awesome chance at the giveaway. Enjoy your time in China!

  • Angela Conley

    Love drawing faces!!!

  • Sylvia Valstar-van Houten

    This is such happy news! It will be a blast to learn from this lovely group of talented teachers. I love to draw faces because each face triggers my imagination, feeds my creative confidence and portraits an emotion. Each face is an inspiration to create another one, they keep my creative flow going. I would love to join this class to learn and be inspired by all you amazing ladies!

  • Trena in Naperville

    I’m in!! Love the style of all these beautiful artists! I love to draw faces because faces are unique wonderful, expressions of individuals. Thank you for the chance to win!!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  • Jennifer McKenzie

    Pick me! I love drawing faces because the subconscious becomes reality – I work my way through questions, musings, and issues through art. I heart your classes Jane!


  • chasity

    What a wonderful collaboration of women artists!!
    This class is going to be The Bomb!

    I like drawing faces because I’m never quite sure what emotions are going to come through for each girl. What a fun surprise that it is. 🙂

  • Heather Goldsmith

    I think I love to draw faces because it really does add something far more personal to a page, an identity. I can put something of myself, my emotion or just something I’m projecting about myself into the faces. They always surprise me by being of their own personality, it kind of peaks out in the mouth or the eyes, each time I draw a new face. Now I’ll go and read what everyone else wrote. Love the workshop idea, too. 😉

  • leslie

    I have been taking face drawing and painting classes for several years now, from you, Tam, Joanne (for lettering mostly) and others. It is my most favorite thing to do

  • Glory Mooberry

    Always wanted to draw faces, but never had the confidence to until I joined the Mermaids, then purchased your face video Jane. Thanks for giving me what I needed.

  • Jeanne Elliott

    I adore doing faces! it just feels ‘personal’– like you are expressing your inner self. I am so looking forward to his wonderful sounding workshop. I am sure it will be fab!

  • Beth F.

    I used to hate drawing faces! Then I took Supplies Me and a couple of Tam’s classes, now I enjoy the process. I think it’s fun to see that little face emerge as I draw… a nice little surprise.

  • Chrissy

    I love drawing faces because it is fun to see what personalities emerge from the paper!

  • Gina Sismilich

    One of the most interesting of God’s “sculptures” is the human face. I love the colors, shadows, shapes and contours. I love the challenge of adding emotion to faces. I like painting them, drawing and creating them with collage. I guess that says it all!

  • Vicki Pearson

    I love drawing faces. Faces are the billboards of our emotions. Right now I cannot translate what I’m seeing to paper but I would love to learn!

  • Saskia van Boom

    I used to draw faces quite like your sneak peek as a teenager but I seem to have lost that talent. I would love to win a place on this class so I can find it again. I love the versatility of all the styles in ghis class.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Colleayn Klaibourne

    It would be so fun to win this to learn different styles, play with emotion, and have fun drawing faces! I love drawing faces because it really feels like the art is coming alive. It is like birthing an art lady, faery, nymph, mermaid…

  • Tara Raymo

    I have always enjoyed drawing faces. I seem to have issues with portraying emotions in them unless I am going by a photograph. I would love to win this class to be able to learn the different techniques from all the teachers.

  • Eileen

    I’d love to win!

  • Linda on the Prairie

    This would be the perfect birthday present (03-Jul), one I would cherish! I’ve had the opportunity to learn in person from Dina and Joanne, so this would be the icing on my cake.

  • Amanda Pearl

    I like to draw faces because I feel like it’s one of the best ways to express an emotion. You can say a lot with the tilt of an eyebrow or a life of a lip.

  • Jennifer

    What a great and generous gift! I love drawing faces because it creates a confidence boost in myself when I see a “character” emerge right before my eyes. I’ve always wanted to draw faces and got my first lesson through Mermaid Circus. It was so exciting to see AND say that I can draw a face for the first time in my life! Amongst other classes including Whimsical Faces, I am gaining more and more confidence and this new class will definitely be one added to my wish list/ to do list! 🙂

  • Susan Schultheis

    wowsie!! What a fantabulastic workshop. My fave artists all together. Christy Tomlinson is the artist who started my obsession in the first place. Good luck to everyone, but especially ME, cause I LOVE ME!!

  • Nicole Foshee

    I love to draw faces because I feel as if I’m creating a real person whom I can make look however I want!

  • Elna

    What a fantastic workshop this promises to be! Thanks for the opportunity to enter 🙂 I love drawing faces because I find it very therapeutic and rewarding to draw my girls.Especially the eyes, I love eyes 🙂 When I draw my girls it puts me in a lovely calm and creative state, where I can have fun creating as well as release some of the stresses of daily life.

  • Carol

    I love to draw faces because it’s fun!!! Not a very scientific answer but it is just fun!

  • Bonnie Smith

    i love to draw faces because it makes the heart sing:)

  • Roxanne

    I love drawing my own fashion style and would love to learn how to draw the face with more emotion, playfully, etc. I love drawing faces because it can really make the mood/theme/emotion of a whole piece!

  • Vicky Tucci

    Hi Jane! What a wonderful opportunity. I’ve loved drawing face as far back as I can remember. I remember as a little girl making faces in the mirror to try to figure out how to capture the expressions on paper. I would also draw little sketches of characters from books I would read to get a better idea of how I imagined them to look. Now the faces I draw feel as if they are aspects of myself. I hope to take your class. Thank you for your inspiration and joyful being that you are.

  • Lina

    I love to draw faces since it keeps me exploring emotions, how they turn up in huge face, how they feel and how they look. What a little little detail can turn an expression around completely and how an expression can be perceived so differently by two different people. I have learnt to draw faces during a time when I’ve found myself a lot better, and this also builds on my love for it. I do it simply because I love out do it! Or maybe I should say cause I heart it 😉

  • Julie Stenning

    I love drawing faces but don’ t know why. l don’t take photos of faces, but I do like to draw and paint them. I still want to acquire the skills to draw a true likeness of somebody Practice, practice, practice.

  • Nancy

    Faces are very difficult for me and I’d love to learn more about how to draw them with more ease.
    Sounds like a really fun class.

  • Laurel Bunns

    Drawing faces is the best way to spend an hour or two. No 2 are ever alike! It blows me away to think the eyes and nose and mouth all go in the same place, the face is about the same shape and they all look different. I need more skill like emotion and shading, but wow! It is so fun!

  • nayana iliffe

    What a fabulous line up of artists in one little group all with a different approach to drawing faces. Why do I love drawing faces…I think its because they say everything about the character you are creating. They express emotion and feeling and with a slight flick of your pencil your little character can go from happy to mischievous. Good luck everyone!

  • Wendy Juhl

    It’s been my dream since I was a little girl to be able to draw and paint. I gave up trying until about 3 years ago when I started painting abstracts. It wasn’t until I took Art, Heart & Healing with Tam that I realized that it wasn’t that I couldn’t draw, it was that I wasn’t understanding how drawing is usually taught. I guess my brain doesn’t work that way. Tam made it really accessible for me. Since then, I’ve been portrait obsessed. I’ve wanted to create my own faery artwork for years and now I can. I’m still a beginner when it comes to portraits (and I’ve only had a chance to experiment with front-facing portraits), but I can’t stop drawing/painting them. It seems that I get better at it with each one I do. I draw faces because I’ve always wanted to express myself visually and it’s almost like there’s a story written on every face I paint. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. Wendy

  • jenlynnie

    what a grand idea to get all of you together!! can’t wait for the class to start!!

  • Pam Thorburn

    I’ve started drawing faces after joining LifeBook, and it’s such fun trying to develop expression in those faces. So far all of mine look kind of hard and intense! I enjoy drawing faces to try to explore emotions and feelings, so that’s why I would love to win this class!

  • Denise Huntington

    This sounds exciting! I’m just getting started on drawing faces and I’m practicing, practicing based on the Whimsical Faces video I purchased. I’d love to learn how to do all sorts of girl’s faces in different styles. Sounds fun!!

  • joy matthews

    what an inspirational group you have pulled together…very exciting

  • Lauren W.

    I like to draw/paint faces because I’m not big on writing a lot of text in my journals. I prefer letting the facial expressions in my drawings tell my story. Your “Express Yourself” class has really helped and I’d love to try out the other instructor’s styles in this course as well.

  • Alison Beatty

    Ever since I joined Supplies Me I have become fascinated with drawing faces. I considered myself a complete beginner upon embarking on the course, and immediately I was hooked! With Jane’s gentle guidance and enthusiastic support I made rapid progress. Every time I draw a face I can see my skills and creativity evolving! I feel so excited to be creating these wonderful faces with their own quirks and little personalities shining out of the page. Now I find myself studying faces, taking note of how the light falls across the features when I’m watching movies, reading magazines, walking down the street. A whole world of beauty has been revealed to me – a reward in itself (but a free Radiant: Faces class would be a bonus)!

  • leavon

    I like drawing faces because they help me express my feelings even when I’m not sure of them myself. It’s like have a window to my soul.

  • DebbieJ

    I don’t draw a lot of faces, but I’ve loved all the ones I have done so far. I should take up the habit of drawing a little each day. I would love to win a seat in your upcoming workshop. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Coral

    When I was in high school, so excited to be doing art as a subject, I was made to use another students artwork as the base for a project because my art was so ‘bad’ that it was considered unusable. And while I loved being creative despite this, I always knew I wasn’t any good at it. After high school I discovered rubber stamps which let me be creative without having to be good at drawing. And now after doing classes with you, I’m drawing on my own. Beautiful faces, arched necks, flowing limbs and even nature inspired wings. I’m still on a steep learning curve and discovering lots of practice leads to big improvements. #practicepractice. But the training wheels are slowly coming off as I find the courage to go exploring on my own. Along the way, it’s allowed me to let go of the pressures of my day job and cope with the day to day troubles we all soldier on with. I’ve reached out to strangers and made beautiful friendships. All from learning to draw faces and the confidence it has given me. xo

  • Debra Almanza

    For years I was afraid to create my own art. I used stamps and other peoples images to create. Since I found mixed media and in particular your workshops I have found away around my fear and have begun drawing faces! My first attempts were “scary” but now I find I am doodling and drawing them every where! Thank you for opening that door for me!

  • Patricia Ingram-Johnson

    The workshop sounds like a whole lot of inspired girly fun, and a lovely way to look at different dimensions of yourself.

  • Jane

    Hi Jane
    I would love to Win your class! I did a class with you in Sydney last year at the craft show and was inspired after seeing your journals.
    I started an altered book journal recently as theraphy for my depression but I’m really bad at drawing faces. I would love to be able to draw faces with expressions to put on paper what I can’t describe in words. Thank you, what I learnt so far from doing your basic online class and meeting you, have started me in this wonderful creative journal. It is a little bit of happy, everytime I pick up my journal to draw 🙂 love Jane xo

  • Sonya Barnett

    Love to win the class on drawing faces, love getting into the rhythm of colouring …enjoyed whimsical faces class!

  • Jo Z

    I would love to win a spot in the class. Faces are great to draw because each one is unique and tells the story of a life. I especially love older faces because there is so much there to explore.

    Thanks for the shot at the class.

  • Petra

    Dear Jane, i love to draw faces because Doing that i learn so much about myself. THE connect me with myself and are a mirror of my soul. Love to win a spot on this course! It would be so exciting! In the meanwhile I’ll hope you enjoy your trips your doing now around the world. Wish you so much pleasure! Much love xxx (3 times the do in Holland)

  • Lisa

    It is not just a face but the eyes and the expression I love. I find myself focused on this when I am practicing. It fascinates me how we all have such different eyes and therefore different expressions. When I am talking to someone I have great eye contact as I love to see how their eyes respond in conversation. I think it freaks some people out. But I am a student and with such diverse possibilities I must soak it up. I once thought I would not be able to draw what I see and I know I have a long way to go…I then met Jane and my journey began. Thanks for that. XL

  • wildbird@heart

    Hello Jane!
    I would be absolutely overjoyed to win a place in this workshop. I love the concept of learning to draw faces by a variety of artists and styles and the opportunity to learn how to develop my own style of drawing faces. Growing in self- love is an on-going journey for me and I have s long way to go. Growing through the knowledge of accepting different aspects of myself is something that I would like to work through.
    I have enjoyed doodling faces all my life, especially the eyes. Drawn faces can take on so much personality and a life of their own. Every drawing is unique like each real person. Thankyou for a chance to win a place.

  • Julie Burger

    Hi Jane! Just about everything about art is new to me since I took the first Mermaid Circus workshop last year. That is when you taught me to draw my first face and even though I can’t seem to get enough of drawing them, very often, they look quiet similar to each other. I would love to win this spot learning from such awe inspiring artists. Thank’s for the opportunity! XO Julie

  • Cindy Gimbrone

    I love to draw faces now because of YOU, Jane! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for your wonderful online classes, spirit and encouragement of those of us who never thought they could draw and never took pleasure in it. Now I love to draw and enjoy it! If I don’t win, I still have won because of you! Gratefully yours, Cindy 🙂

  • Judi Pennington

    I love to draw faces because it is fun to try to give each one a personality. Faces are a challenge to draw and I always have more to learn, so I never get bored.

  • Pam Hayes

    I’d love to win a place! I doodled faces years ago all over my books when I was at school much to the annoyance of my teachers but I haven’t drawn anything but squiggles since I became a “grown up” & sort of froze up creatively. I have dug out my colouring stash (Oh boy, do I love Inktense pencils) and have happily been creating little faces. I love doing the lips and build it up from there. All my little creations are like Mini mes that are finally breaking free.

  • Jennifer Pol

    I find that faces can be frustrating to draw, but when you finally get the face right it is incredibly rewarding. I love that moment when you know you captured the feeling you were aiming for…

  • Carolyn Ezard Forster

    Yay … another class to learn & grow my skills. I’d better get my boots on & finish the 2 courses I’m currently enrolled i n… *happy dance*

  • Ani Wallis

    Face or portrait – love to draw them! Tis the challenge for me and the awesome moment when I get it ”just right!’ Tis ‘just magic!’
    Must admit though I am busy teaching art to primary school children and do not make enough time to do my own drawings as much as I would like to! But am spreading the love of drawing around – has become a contagious disease at our school!
    Love your videos and downloads – ‘me’ time! – thank you!

  • Shana Creech

    I love to draw faces because I am able to see a new aspect of myself in each face. Drawing faces helps me to express my joy and pain and see my artistic progress. I love having a way to free my mind. Drawing faces reminds me of power and beauty of life.

  • Rita Hatcher

    Jane, just got your whimsical faces ebook. Love, love, love it!
    It would be a blessing come true to do this class with and you and the other amazing ladies! I am a face addict, lol. Started drawing faces a year ago at 52. I can spend hours watching you all draw on you tube. I wish I could afford to take all of your classes. I would truly be blessed if I won. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Fiona Pyle

    They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I believe the face is the door to the whole being. I love to draw faces. It’s like giving life to a new person. Thanks for the chance.

  • courtney vandenham

    Faces!!!!’m I am obsessed. I keep replaying the Whimsical Faces, clas and am in the Frolicaholics. I am so excited that there is more to come. I am so grateful to find access to all of these artists and the workpiece they create. I a,m inspired.

  • Eunice

    For me, it’s the eyes that are the best part of the face. Perhaps it’s why I am so drawn to your work and this class! They truly are the windows to the soul.

  • Aimee

    I am caprivated by eyes and am still learning to add faces around the eyes. I think drawjng faces is such an intimate act, likely you’re really getting to know a person (imagined or real). I would love to do this workshop with you and the other artists! Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  • Mandy

    I *love* to draw faces, because you just never know who is going to turn up on your paper! It’s always an adventure 🙂

  • Tammy Babe

    I would be ever so blessed to win. I’m just now knowing that I am an artist and would ♥ the experience to learn from exceptipreonal artists as yourselves. Always blessed

  • Skulleigh

    I love drawing faces because it’s amazing to me that I can! It’s still a little unreal to me that I move my pen and a person comes out that actually looks like a person 🙂

  • Rhonda Mullard

    I love the way faces from my imagination come to life on canvas. Their eyes introduce you to their personality ♡♥♡

  • Goog

    I struggled really hard to just draw a basic , simple (ugly) face . It took HOURS over MONTHS before I could draw one that I didn’t immediately want to toss in the trash . I love learning how to add color, how to make expressions, how to give them personality. I don’t really have a “why” to it, drawing faces just makes me happy.

  • Gina Bottom

    Woah you don’t know how much I would love to win a seat in this class. If I don’t win I will work extra jobs to earn enough to take this class. I love faces!

  • Gabriela

    I love to draw faces because it always shows a piece of yourself, or how you usually see yourself. Also I love to make new characters and see what color hair they will have and how to change their facial expressions. And of course because it’s so much fun!!!!

  • Suzanne Schroder

    Middle aged, premenapausal and feeling out of control a lot of the time! I know I’m not alone in these feelings, sharing some self love would be a great and timely adventure, especially when it’s done in an arty fashion. Love drawing, love faces of all kinds and would love to encourage and be encouraged in this course!

  • linda w

    I started drawing faces while taking your supplies me class. They are my favorite to draw because they always turn out different and always seem to have something to say about where I am emotionally at that moment. I would love to win–thanks for the chance!

  • Marina

    I’ve drawn faces all my life. Now I want to love the faces I draw as much as I love your work and maybe find a little self love along the way.

  • Jennifer

    What a lineup of amazing artistas to learn from! I have only recently drawn a face that I was happy enough with the allow it to remain in my journal. I think this class would be a great first step to filling a journal with amazing portraits!

  • Diana Dell

    Oh how I love your art! I just want to improve and learn.

  • Vicky T

    I just love drawing faces because you never know what expression you are going to end up with – most often you realise that the expression is a reflection of your feelings and state of mind at the time.

  • Carol Sweetapple

    This workshop is a must. All my favorite artists together in one workshop – too good to believe. Can’t wIt.

  • Wendy

    When I am drawing a face, I get lost in it…nothing else matters 🙂

  • debi m

    faces are interesting, they all have the same basic components but can look so different, there is the challenge of making sure they do not all look the same but the awareness that the slight sameness is your style and the joy of creating something that has so much life. LOVE the group of teachers involved, the best of the best.

  • Faith

    Jane, what an inspiration you are. Your love of art, your supplies, and passion for sharing shines through in every face! From meeting you at an Art Exhibition in Melbourne several years ago, my goal is to draw like ‘ Jane Davenport’, ( well that’s all the hubby, kids, family and friends hear!!!) your work is inspirational, I would love the opportunity to further my love of drawing.

  • Zoe Wood

    Being able to draw a radiant face is the most incredible tool in your repertoire…one face can be produced a million different ways for a totally different result. I would love to have this tool in my toolbox!!!!

  • DebiHawk

    I drew my first face after joining Life Book 2013. Oh she was so lopsided! I got better after ‘The Whimsical Face’. I loooove to draw faces because I can bring what I’m feeling out and ‘give it to the page’ (so to speak). On the page I can be whatever I want to be, including a nymph.

  • Jeannine

    I would love to win this workshop and find my inner “face” and just draw and create

  • Anne O'Connor

    The face is the most expressive object to draw. My goal is to create older women’s faces as beautiful and authentic.

  • Polly Johnson

    I love finding out who kives in my pencils; drawing faces is the way to do that. I would love to win this incredible workshop.

  • Kathrin

    I love to draw faces, because I want to catch the expression and express emotion. It would be so great to do this workshop to get better and try out new techniques.

  • Blythe Hoyle

    I love drawing faces because they’re so challenging for me to do, and I feel more confidence after someone has emerged onto the page. In your Frolicaholic class I’m learning to let go of “perfectionitis” bit by bit, and would love to keep practicing! Thank you, Jane, for sending your light into the world!

  • Emma Sturgeon

    wow! what a cool idea for a workshop! seems very exciting! i like to draw faces because they reflect who you are as an artist, and you never know who might appear! it is just so much fun to make art that looks back at you.

  • Colleen Garland

    Wow.. this looks amazing!! I love to draw faces because each one teaches me something new about myself and the world.

  • ruth brightman

    I’M not so great at doing faces and would love to learn more

  • Sue Pompetti

    I am very new to drawing faces and am so eager to learn more! I have always had an affinity for “mixed media” girls 🙂

  • Vicky Phelps

    I honestly would like to say that trying to draw faces is very frustrating for me but hope I can say one day, I love drawing faces!. Until then it is practice, practice, practice

  • Pam B

    I love the challenge in drawing a face. I’m not very good at it, hope to get better, but everyone has a personality, just like people.

  • MIranda

    I am sitting in a Hurricane trying to win this spot! Never thought I could draw a face and was too afraid to try until these magical online classes….. I hope to get better & better , or just OK…lol
    I really love it! xoxox

  • Becky Sasala

    I’m *horrible* at drawing faces. When I first saw this class I nearly drooled in anticipation. /sigh Maybe a forest nymph will spirit a seat in my direction! 🙂

  • Delisa

    This workshop looks amazing. I love drawing faces because it allows me to see people and other beings in away that I might not get to otherwise.

  • Betty S.

    Jane you have the perfect theme! I love to draw faces as I am constantly surprised by what shows up. You can’t really plan a face (at least I can’t!). Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Jessica Lane

    I love to draw different styles of faces, different emotions, expressions. It is challenging for me.

  • Isabelle

    Oh Jane, I would love to win!!!! Portraits are my new obsession, I just love to see who shows up, it’s a gift and a surprise everytime! I find that it is a way for me to access some feelings that I may not be aware of. Oh, I do hope I win!!!! Thank you so much!

  • Eliza

    I love drawing faces because bringing out what’s underneath them is such an amazing thing to attempt.

  • Hope

    I love to draw faces because each one is a reflection of my true self

  • Suzanne Wigginton

    I love to draw faces, because I didn’t think I could. I wasn’t artsy as a child and grew up believing art-ing just wasn’t for me. Through art journaling, I have slowly opened up to the idea of drawing people, and while my skills are still rudimentary at best, I’ve been SUPER excited by what I’ve been able to accomplish by watching and following wonderful artists like you. I’m looking forward to this course!

  • lorrie Jonas

    wow! I have my fingers and toes crossed…sounds like a lot of fun!!

  • Debbie

    I draw faces because it is the easiest way I know to get them out of my head. Now that I’ve had a couple of courses, getting them out of my head and onto paper is much easier and much more satisfying. 🙂

  • Rachel Evans-White

    I love drawing faces because its so challenging but I can see the progress as I’m learning, and every new face is a brand new character I’ve created, and is unique

  • glenda Wagner

    Wow! A chance to win a spot in your class! Why do I love to do faces?? Faces are the first
    place I always look when meeting new people – or just watching strangers – their soul and their life come through the face. Jane – your face just glows! Perhaps I can discover a bit about myself when I watch faces come to life on a blank canvas…I would love, love, love, a chance to find out!

  • Jenna Alexander

    I love drawing faces…I don’t normally draw, but decided to learn to draw doing faces. I started learning from Christie Tomlinson, moved up to Tamar Laporte, and now I’m learning from effy. Faces so embody where I’m at in my life right now. Expressive. But I’m still learning. And I still don’t draw…except faces!

  • terryk

    Unfortunately, I do NOT like drawing faces….well I guess I don’t like the faces I draw. I get so frustrated when the eyeballs look scary or the lips look like Botox gone wrong. I am sure the wonderful artists in this class could help! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Elizabeth B

    I love seeing the face emerge from the page. It’s like you start with nothing and by the end there’s someone staring back at you. With feelings even! I see it as a mystical process that happens. It’s not just skill. It’s something (art!) combined with that that makes it into a “person.”

  • Kelly Givan

    I am still learning to draw, and I have only done two faces so far, thanks to Effy Wild’s Book of Days vol. 2 class. I have so much to learn. I would love to win this class. I’ve started saving my pennies now to sign up if I don’t. 🙂

  • Lorena Ruffini

    As my inner critic keeps telling me “Fear has many Faces”……. I so badly want to to master faces! Love all the inspiring teachers and different styles that are on offer with this course. xx

  • Janelle Smego

    I love trying to capture different expressions. I feel so accomplished when I can get the shading right and looking how I want.

  • Petra

    I would very much like to know how to draw faces……. It a dream!

  • Toni

    As a feminist, I have a real prejudice against any and all female figures that have been rendered faceless. (stamps, stencils, girls, etc.–you know!) If you want to start with those (and I sometimes do), by all means use them. But give them a face! I love to draw faces because by doing so, I give my “girls” a voice, a personality, a soul!

  • Nancy Johnsto

    I love to do faces! I get better with practice, but I get a real kick out of seeing who is
    in there waiting for me.

  • Dawn Zichko

    I love to draw faces on interesting backgrounds ~ especially eyes!

  • joanne summy

    I have drawn some faces but would love to learn different styles thanks for the opportunity to win

  • Charlotte

    I love drawing faces …I feel as though when they’re finally revealed they’ve been peeking back at me for a while, and have only just been discovered. And I never know who or what they are until they’ve arrived. But I would definitely enjoy knowing better how to bring them forward – with intention and love and allowing – ALL at the same time 🙂

  • I love to draw faces because it’s like meeting a new friend for the first time! Xoxo

  • Marnie Blum

    Drawing people and faces used to completely freak me out but now I find joy in discovering all the unique and different ways there are to draw and paint faces. I still haven’t found my signature face and I think with class would really help me find it!

  • Jennifer Russell

    I love drawing faces because I always learn something new about myself from who ever appears on the page.

  • Cristiana

    I love to draw faces because you can discover the character during the process and a lot of surprises can happen!

  • Marleen Vicary

    I love the way you draw faces and would welcome to learn your tips and process .

  • Becky

    I love to draw faces because they help me to express in my art what I cannot express in life.

  • jan

    I love drawing faces ….because I am invariably surprised by the result and what the image has to say to me..to the world.

  • Julia

    Just starting to draw faces for the first time since 5th grade when someone discouraged me and I put away the sketch book. So grateful to be finding my way back to a childhood joy and passion, but with a much more experienced perspective. 🙂 I LOVE the idea of drawing faces because it is a way to express and connect and heal. <3 When facing a really tough time and a lot of grief, art girl faces helped me through in a way, because I could connect with a melancholy type of joy that I often saw expressed there and strength that was captured in the girls by many of you. 🙂 These girls have also helped me to comfort the wounded little girl hat was still inside. Planning to draw some of my own now! Thanks for the chance to get in free (I've spent too much on art supplies lately!). Hope to take the class one way or another. Best wishes to you. 🙂

  • Sandra Schmidt

    I love to draw and paint faces because I never know until I’m finished what new “being” is going to be looking back at me from the paper! It’s exciting!!!

  • Angelika

    I am fascinated by faces but terrified to draw them lest the result isn’t what I aimed for. Perhaps drawing different aspects might remedy that. Thanks for this terrific giveaway!

  • Wendy

    Doodling faces is all I can seem to do & they all have flowers for hair! My talent (?) is well hidden, much as I try, but the longing to achieve the beautiful, fun, quirky faces, that I just wish I could draw, is trying to emerge from my fingers & find the light of day, with my pens and pencils. I would LOVE to be able to do this class!

  • Debbie

    I love drawing and painting faces because and it’s so rewarding to find out who the person is when you’re done. There is always so much more to learn. This workshop sounds amazing with all the instructors involved. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

  • beverlee

    I just started drawing faces with your DVD, Jane (thank you!). I always thought I couldn’t draw faces, and her I am, drawing all the time and having the time of my life! I want to keep drawing faces and explore different characters and expressions, and this class looks like a barrel of fun!

  • Gloria Lynn Walker

    Faces are your first encounter with a person. They are a sneak preview of what’s to come. By drawing faces you can create a new realm and let what’s in your soul shine through for all to see. Whether a face portrays a gentleness or a festiveness, I believe faces are glimpses into who people really are. From the first time we pick up a pencil as a child; happy faces are our first drawings. Faces have always been my favorite thing to draw!

  • Petra Stein

    Painting faces saved me and my soul.. after being verry sik i coult not work and that did make me rwaloy sad.. but art and mostley paint faces saved my soul! ☺

  • Kay

    I love drawing faces as they all are a little different. I need to learn how to do features a little better. Thank you.

  • Dana Tanasa

    I love to draw faces, especially when I overcome the fear of drawing them and surrender to the final surprise 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Kelli Rootes

    I used to draw faces all the time as a kid and loved portraits of famous people. This class would help me get back into this and learn new techniques from all the amazing teachers. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Amy O'Toole

    I love drawing faces to capture emotions! I would love to win a spot in this course to learn fromso many fabulous instructors! Thanks for the entry 🙂

  • Kay pierce

    Sure want to join y’all on ont 1st…..of course I love drawing faces thanks to all your classes….hope I win!

  • Joyce

    I looooove to draw faces – why? i can’t really say, maybe because its creative, relaxing and rewarding – this e-course looks awesome

  • Anita Tillman

    oh my how I looooove to draw faces… I always love the fear at the start which ends up as an ‘Oh my goodness – did I do THAT’!! …. every face is an opportunity to use new supplies and learn something new about a curve or dimple… it’s great! In what other activity can you loose yourself AND find yourself!!! This class sounds wonderful by the way!!! xoxoxxo

  • Susan Roberts

    I’m so excited about this adventure. I love faces because so much can be conveyed with them especially the eyes. I’ not very good yet so this class is exactly what I need. To win a spot would be divine. I did your class on Whimsical Faces and enjoyed it very much !!
    See you in class!!

  • Susan Smith

    I am just learning to draw faces and it would be amazing to learn from this group of artists.

  • JO Z

    I just love the whimsy and sense of adventure with drawing faces and girls. The thought of being transported to another time or place is just magical. So much expression and feeling can be passed on through a single look. xx

  • Kia

    I love drawing faces because each time you do you get a different personality. No two faces are ever alike. And you can see the soul shine out from each one in a different way.

  • Ronda Felts

    I would LOVE to win the opportunity to take this class because I can’t draw a face to save my soul! I look at a the drawings posted on Facebook and then I look at mine and realize that while everyone is different, mine truly need help!

  • Mari M

    My faces always seem a bit flat. Would love to take this class and learn from these amazing teachers.

  • Tracy Bayley

    Hi Jane, I would LOVE to win this class!!!!! OM goodness! My 6 yo daughter and I are watching your ‘whimsical faces’ video on CraftDaily at the moment and we are loving it – everything you are doing is making sense to us and I cannot wait to pick up that pencil (definately prismacolor) and start practicing – maybe my faces wont look so strange :)! How cool would it be to take this class whereby we can learn more about faces and practice this self-love (instead of self-loathe)???

  • Cathy Sylvester

    I love drawing faces because they seem to come alive on the page. I never thought I could do it, and then I found out I can and with more practice I get better. I would love to be in the class and learn more.

  • victoria mcroy

    Faces- all types= beautiful each in their own way!

  • Bec Owen

    I love to draw faces as it helps get feelings out on the page that can’t necessarily be expressed with words plus it helps me recognise beauty in things that may not at first seem beautiful to society in general and connect with a deeper part of myself 🙂
    Enjoy your day!

  • Krystyna Moore

    ***Thank you***
    I have always been an avid people watcher and would love to be able to capture what I see-the wonderment, joy, serenity, confusion, all the expressions that make up this glorious mix of humanity.
    ~I would value an opportunity to be able to learn from all these teachers not only how to paint their characters though then be able to go deep within myself & connect to that particular aspect~ true art therapy~

  • Aly Sepeda

    I’m not very good at drawing faces, so I really would love to take this class to learn more. I’ve always been fascinated by people who can draw faces. It’s a skill I would love to learn, practice, and conquer as much as I would like to find my own style.

  • Danielle

    I love to draw faces because what sometimes starts out as a planned drawing often ends up being a journey of discovery. Little characters develop on paper and canvas with their own personalities and spring to life.. Drawing faces makes me happy, because with a flourish of a paintbrush or pencil something almost magical comes into fruition.

  • Deb Beschler

    Hi there!! I’ve just recently begun to draw faces — in the past my figures have been featureless, but over time I found that I wanted my figures to express emotion. So I’ve been practicing, but I’m still missing some elements such as movement and the emotion/passion that I’ve been looking to bring to my drawings. Thank you so much for an opportunity to do just that!!! Loves!!

  • Kristin Langlais

    I love to draw faces because I feel that it is the “soul” to the figure. You can learn so much about a person by the look in their eyes and the expression on their face, being able to properly show that in artwork is amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in this amazing workshop!
    Kristin Langlais

  • Jacki Young

    Of all the exquisite things in the world to look at and be in awe of, human faces are what captivate me the most. And when I can create one with my own hands that reproduces even just a touch of that exquisiteness, it’s really rewarding to me. That’s why I’m in love with drawing faces.

  • Cynthia Taylor

    I love to draw faces now because it is still a big challenge for me. I am still learning my style and ways to draw. 🙂 thanks for the chance to win a spot in this lovely class

  • Tracey Hewitt

    Why do I love to draw faces? Good question, but I do! Maybe it’s because for such a long time I believed I couldn’t, then discovered (with your help!) that in fact I can! Maybe it’s the meditative quality of the time spent bringing a face to life – soothing and calming. Maybe it just feels like play and that feels good. I think it’s a little bit of all those things at once.

  • Mel McCormick

    I love to see the emotion and feelings in drawing faces it brings out
    what is inside me to the outside world and the eyes are the soul

  • Prerna

    I love the way one can express feelings through drawing faces. I started 2 years back and I am hooked. Thank you for the lovely opportunity.

  • Catherine

    I think faces are so beautiful and expressive. I have only just begun to learn to draw them, and would love the chance to learn more from these amazing artists and hopefully improve my own drawing! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • Jamesa Cramer

    I loved watching you in your video painting the mermaid, sitting at some fun beach cafe. I love how it is oh so interesting how a you draw a face and this special little character comes alive. Have always wanted to learn more ways to give faces more personallity. Love the whimsical. what a wonderful oppurtunity to learn from several artists.

  • Becky Jackenheimer

    I love drawing faces for the practice right now mostly. I know I can be much better than I am and would love the opportunity to take this class and learn even more. Thank you 🙂

  • Tammie

    hello Jane,
    i hope you are having a wonderful time as you travel.
    I love your lavender splash for comments and your blog header is gorgeous.

    ah faces…. one of the main things i love about drawing them is that I never know who will show up on my page. It is like meeting a being from another realm, so fun!

    this sounds like an amazing class, full of awesome teachers and wonderful themes.
    thank you for the beautiful give away.

  • Heather block

    I love drawing faces as they push my creativity and always look totally different than I originally expect them too.

  • Helen lolGrossman

    I love that you one can express emotions through drawing faces. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  • Suzanne

    I love to people watch, their ever changing expressions intrigue me. It’s fun recalling them and attempting to draw them.

  • Suzanne B

    I love drawing faces as they are intriguing and a challenge. I have overcome the notion that I’d never be able to do it and am thirsty for more learning in the quest to find my own style.

  • Laurey

    I love exploring and creating beauty in faces. <3

  • Daisy

    I love drawing faces. I love the fact that with each new portrait is different. Love the challenge that connection to my divine creativity that pushes my imagination. ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Kelli T

    I love drawing faces because it is an expression of how I am feeling. Instead of saying I feel sad, I draw a sad girl. Or sometimes I draw a strong confident girl if I feel like that is what I need. Faces are so personal.

  • Joyce

    I like trying to draw faces but, I am not really good at it. I seem to keep trying. Your class sounds like so much fun. I would really like to get good at doing faces and bodies and other things. Instead of just doodling. Joyce

  • Jane Korntved

    Hi Jane,
    Your working & playing trip sounds wonderful! I hope you enjoy yourself & find lots of joy & fun with friends & family.
    In one week, I’ll be 62. In my mid 30’s, a wonderfully creative college girlfriend drew me a beautiful maiden, mother, & crone. These 3 goddesses filled me with such joy & creative desire to pursue something within me I honestly didn’t know I had. Those 3 faces sparked a magnificent creative light within me that continues to burn today. Well, this year I made a commitment to myself to”MAKE” the time to learn how to create my own mixed media & textile art. Slowly it’s happening and I am learning how to draw faces & more. I’m taking your Frolicaholics class & having such fun! I’m learning how to draw! Faces!! It’s magic & I’m loving every pencil & pen mark. Thank you so much for helping me pursue my goals of creating art. Your new class, Radiant Faces sounds very exciting & fun. I’m looking forward to taking it. Just wanted to thank you for contributing to my dreams.

  • Heather Warner-Ferguson

    I like trying to draw faces because I love to see what comes out on paper from what my mind is thinking…. not always the same thing, but still amazing and am having fun!

  • Jan

    When I began this mixed media/art journal journey I was going to steer clear of faces. I just didn’t get why you want to…now I am hooked. I love all the creative talent that is in this class and would be truly grateful to be able to learn from them. Thank you.

  • Jane

    I have started a series about a woman called Felicity and her search for love… faces convey so much emotion and I want to capture and show more emotion in my Felicity series 🙂

  • Gema C.

    I really love drawing eyes, discovering what they can tell… that’s one of the reasons I love drawing faces.

  • APG Jamie

    I love drawing faces, it surprises me when I meet them as finished pieces and when I find a home (background) for them to live on. I like ’em with big’ish eyes and wonky necks

    thanks for offering a seat in the workshop & Good luck to y’all all

    APG Jamie

  • I love drawing faces, (even though I really need to learn so much more) because there is this split second where one moment you have a drawing or painting in front of you, and the next, there is another spirit or being staring back at you and then, boom, there are two of you communing with each other. I feel the same way when doing animals. There is suddenly a whisper, and the conversation begins…

  • jennie sanderson

    I love to draw faces because it expresses a lot of emotion and gives a piece feeling.

  • Lindsey Piereder

    I love to draw faces to express emotion. Faces are always full of some emotions that let people
    Feel . I also love the process of drawing and seeing what will evolve on my paper. Sounds like a great art lesson

  • Carol

    Drawing faces is fun, that’s why!!!

  • Ellie Horning

    I’m new to drawing faces. I was afraid at first but decided that I’d jump in with both feet and give it a try. Thanks to great artists like yourself, and others, I’m learning to draw better faces and enjoy the process. Thank you for the chance to win.


    Hello Jane, I love to draw! Exploring faces on a more creative level.

  • Saasha

    This sounds like a fantastically fun course. I’m relative new to drawing and the mixed media art world, but what I have done I love. I love incorporating faces into my work, as they can change the mood of a peice, they also add such depth and character, and of course personality. I have two sets of your girls series stencils which I love to use , but I would also love to be able just draw, to drift away from the structure and certain confinement, and draw souls and faces and beauty with what I can draw of my own, for my own.

  • Martice Smith II

    Hi Jane! I love drawing faces for sooo many reasons to list! I think the highest reason is because the face is so complex yet it can evoke so many simple expressions (like smiling because you’re happy, or a scrunched up face when you’re disgusted…) Faces, to me, are intriguing! I draw them all the time in my fashion illustrations. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  • Margo

    Sounds wonderful.

  • Diana Chang

    I love drawing faces because a character, a personality appears as the face develops. Sometimes the faces reflects my own feelings and fears. Somehow I feel I know myself a little better each time.

  • Lisa Calvert

    I love to draw faces because it helps me to learn more about myself.

  • Carol Loumeau

    I am just finishing Drawing Happy 2 and already I see progress. I want to learn more about drawing faces and this looks like a good choice. Good Luck with the workshop.

  • Melissa Tanner

    I love to draw faces because they are so full of interesting expressions and you can be original in how you draw them, plus it’s fun!!


  • LIz Cave

    I’m loving this class already and it hasn’t even started! Must. Draw. Faces. 😀

  • Terry

    I love to draw faces because it makes my soul sing and dance. I used to draw faces when I was much younger as a way to feel happy and as I got older I stopped. I remember as a child, drawing faces made me feel like I was the creator of a magical being that made me feel so joyous. Now, I want to start again without judgement and to open my creativity to creating and playing again and feeling the pure joy and happiness that it brings. I love the idea of learning and not doing this all by myself in a isolated way. What pure blissful joy! I would LOVE to take this course.

  • Rikelle

    I love to draw faces because it’s fun and it gives me a window to my soul and a way to express what I’m feeling but sometimes unable to say. I really want to take this class . I loved your whimsical face class and have taken classes from most of the other artists. It’s like a fantasy dream team of teachers.

  • Nicole

    I love to draw faces because I only recently discovered that I could! Thanks to the classes I’ve taken from you and some other fabulous artists, I am now having a blast drawing faces (and even some figures)! This class sounds like a great opportunity to keep building up my skills. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot!

  • debbie eaves

    I am in a must learn to draw state because I believe drawing enters into the soul of a person. Drawing is a very personal thing for someone. It’s self expression. I believe I have a lot of pent up feelings that I haven’t found a way to express or release yet. I work with oncology patients and I see so much depth in people that is never expressed, but some how I can feel and I wish to tap into a way to release feelings and expression. I feel emotion quit deeply, but I now need to express it in a quite but personal way. That’s why I want to draw. I have to learn. It’s a must. Also I hope to retire in about 5 years and I want to be at a certain level by then to enjoy life.

  • Viviana

    I feel ecstatic, full of power. Adrenaline. I started drawing/painting faces about a month ago. And I think my life will never be the same. I am now free to follow my dreams. Thank You.

  • When I was 2 it all started. I was drawing little faces in my aunt’s psychology text book. Later in life, I became a psychologist. Although I continued my love affair with drawing faces – I was stuck and very, very frustrated as an artist. Then you “happened” in my life, Jane. And now the artist in me is undergoing a process of re-awakening and liberation. I am starting to draw faces and figures without reference and I cannot even verbalize how freeing this experience is. Thank you for following your dream. It brings so much freedom and joy to the world!

  • Carol DuBois

    I love drawing whimsical faces ever since I first bought my first Bella Pillar card. Then I found Jane Davenport’s faces and fell in love all over again with drawing these beautiful faces.

  • satsanga

    I love drawing faces to express what i am feeling. i would love to learn ways to bridge the gap between what i see in my minds eye as images and faces and expressions i wish to create and paint and being able to give form to in on paper/canvas etc. Thank you..:)

  • Great giveaway with such awesome instructors!!!

  • Stacey L Qandil

    Jane, I am in awe of the freedom in your style and the class offerings you provide. Lately, I’ve been drawn toward learning faces and would love to be able to participate in your class.

  • Jennifer Hodges

    I love to draw faces because I love to draw eyes! I love intriguing, mysterious eyes!

  • Tonia Burgess

    I love to draw faces because they allow for beauty and expression to shine through my art. I believe they create another dimension to an artwork that allows for personality and meaning to develop.

  • Jeni

    I absolutely am obsessed with faces. 9 out of 10 times when I sit down to do a drawing, my first instinct is to draw a face, usually an up-close and personal. Usually it is female in nature. I’m not sure really what it all means, and why I am so naturally drawn, but I find peace, love, and comfort in it.

  • Lisa Crail

    Faces tell a story, they are so expressive. I see faces everywhere – their story needs to be told…to come alive…

  • Rebecca Malinski

    I love drawing faces every night before I go to bed….there is just something about creating new people with different expressions that makes me so happy! Although I am not where I want to be in the drawing process, I am taking one step, one day at a time and am starting to see my style emerge! Thank you Jane!

  • adele

    I love to draw faces because of the utter shock I feel when thanks to teachers like you & Tam etc I actually produce something that looks how I want it to. After giving up on art years ago due to lack of confidence and decent teaching – a whole new world is opening up to me at 42 to express myself. I feel I am still a very basic beginner and would love to do this class with you so I can advance my skills and continue with that beautiful feeling of “I made this!! Wow!” 🙂

  • Kristi

    I love drawing faces because you can show so much emotion through expressions. Faces are a bit of a challenge for me so I would love to participate in this class. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Lin Mujaj

    I have no idea why I love drawing faces but confess I am addicted to them. A friend recently told me I have my own style of art and when I asked her what she meant her answer was ‘you always draw/paint faces’ ….. not really a style but …… love them they make me happy.

  • Adele

    Drawing faces is a great way to de-stress. I think about the face and her story, and pouf! I am no longer thinking about all the things that were bugging me.

  • Tori Beveridge

    I love drawing faces and especially love the eyes. As I add little details to the eyes, the face comes to life and you can see into the soul of the character.

  • Jen Riley

    Getting better at drawing faces is one of my goals! That is why I have been taking Jane’s classes. I love them!! Jane, you are so good at making me feel comfortable with drawing something I felt was daunting! Thanks! I hope to continue classes to get better. It’s so much fun.

  • Denny

    I love to drae faces because I can create a range of expressions with nust a line or two or a dot or two. The eyes. The mouth. The eyebrows. My faces are pretty “rustic” so I always look for chances to imprive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Laura

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity! I’ve watched video classes and other media instructions from several of these wonderful artists. To have them all together in a unified class effort sounds fascinating, but guarantees a wide variety of style and inspiration. I would be so thrilled to win a space in this class!!!!

  • Janet Cole

    I’ve always been drawn to faces as an expression of art, though my interest has always been makeup application on the human face. This will be my first plunge into faces as an art form on paper. I’m so excited and I do so hope to win a spot! I love many of these artist already, I know it will be a wonderful time of getting to better know ourselves and our abilities. Good luck everyone!

  • Jenny Squawk

    I started drawing faces to help my little girls with their own drawings. They would watch me. We started to draw more detailed faces. I found Jane’s whimsical faces and we are now all addicted. I draw for myself now. My daughters love to look through all my journals over an over again.

  • Judy Skowron

    I have love faces forever. I have always drawn eyes., noses and lips but never put them together. Since taking Jane’ class Fabulous Faces and Supplies Me . I can’t quit painting faces. I feel so blessed to be able to finally put it all together and get back to my art and have so much fun . Your teaching is excellent and clear . It would be a dream fulfilled to be in the class. Thanks

  • Mel Connell

    I have loved drawing faces for a little while now. Mostly because I never thought I could do it well enough and that mine always looked very primitive. I am learning more, and just having fun creating the faces that are apearing on the page for me.

  • Anne Thompson

    I love drawing faces because I am intrigued to see who comes appears and what story they are telling me.

  • Teri Helmboldt

    I love TRYING to draw faces because I am an instant gratification kind of girl and I want to be an artist/blogger/writer immediately. Drawing faces are a challenge to me and makes me realize practice and dedication are the only way to succeed.

  • Lee McGrath

    drawing faces is so exciting, I love how a new girl appears before me and comes alive! They all have their own personalities and tell their own story… I have only been drawing faces for just over a year now and as I develop as an artist my faces are telling great stories!!!! LOL! sorry for babbling xox

  • Johnetta

    Hi Jane,
    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’ve learned so much from your methods. I’m continuously working towards drawing faces. I LOVE to DRAW faces with all my heart. FACES are the world as eyes are the window to the soul. FACES express life, love, passion and the pursuit of happiness. FACES are a contagious manifestation of your magnetic energy. When you look at a FACE that spreads joy you feel happy, bright and able to conquer the world. FACES are life!!! I long to be able to transfer life onto paper and other materials using a variety of mediums and styles. I’d love to more DRAW FACES that breathe. I love to DRAW FACES. I love to draw happy, I’d love to draw them in the most peculiar places and with lots of love in their spaces.

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