Mermaid Circus opens on Sept 8th – Give-away!

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Mermaid Circus is the wildly inspiring online workshop I created with creativity Icon,
Teesha Moore. After many, many requests Teesha and I decided that
Mermaid Circus should roll back into town one last time!
 Over 8 weeks, Teesha and I will present you with a plethora of incredible art projects
and tutorials that celebrate our love of Mermaids and the Circus,  I mean, what a theme right?!
We started filming in Mexico when we were on holiday,
and then continued in Teesha’s studio near Seattle and
finished in my studio overlooking Byron Bay.
The workshop created a huge buzz in the online world because
the artwork this workshop inspired was UH-MAY-ZING.
Teesha and I made sure it was  rich in techniques and creativity.
You also have a Private Group to share your work and 1 year to re-watch
and wring out every last drop of joy from all of the Lessons!
Registration is open now.The workshop starts on September 8th


What you can expect in Mermaid Circus

  • In depth demonstration of how an Artist’s ‘Style’ develops.
  • How to continue developing your own artistic voice.
  • Be endlessly inspired to create your own masterpieces.
  •  Accelerate your way to free expression in your artwork.

Step by step tutorials on

  • Drawing and painting mermaids with Jane Davenport
  • collage and lettering secrets with Teesha Moore
  • composition & color tips
  • journal making
    and much, much more!

Click here to see a little of the beautiful artwork created by participants!

Teesha and I are looking forward to welcoming you to this unique online EVENT.

More info & Register here

8 week online workshop
12 months access

newsletter loopy border
If you attended Mermaid Circus in the first 2 Waves,
why not let everyone know what delight they are in for?!
Leave a comment below!


Would you like to win a spot in the Mermaid Circus?
All you need do is help me get the word out that
‘Mermaid Circus’ is starting on Sept 8th and you want to attend!
Your Blog or on Facebook are perfect places to mention the workshop.
Then you just need to  link to this page.
Leave me a comment with your blog link below, and you are in the running!
You can use the pics from this post for your entry if you like.
Thanks for your help in letting everyone know
and good luck!
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  • Donna Walsh

    Hi Jane shared your link on Facebook … Of course if was my pleasure as Mermaid Circus is just the very very best course

  • Mel Connell

    I posted on my facebook page to help spread the word. This course looks Divine!!/mel.connell

  • Jane Davenport

    Thank you Mel and Donna – I saw your posts!

  • naomi Cox

    OMG…… I LOVED LOVED LOVED The Mermaid circus the first time that I painted my entire desk with mermaids. So imagine what I will do the second time around…. sharing it right now!!!!! yepppeeeeee I wanna run away to the circus, who is coming with me?

    • naomi cox

      oops I forgot to say I have shared on instagram and Facebook pages.

  • Angelique Lane

    Jane, this course sounds so exciting. Would love to win a spot in this class. Have shared on my facebook page:
    And on my blog:
    Good luck to everyone who is entering. Someone will have a big smile on their face very soon.

  • Janis Lee

    I have heard so much about you and have shared your Mermaid Circus link on my facebook page. I have recently retired and now have the time to “explore my creative side”, so am very interested and excited about the course.

  • Jodie Gaul

    Hi Jane. I have left a link and comment on my Facebook page. Reading about others that have completed this course previously, it sounds wonderful and I would love to be a part of it.

  • Maaret

    Hi Jane! Have shared a link on both my personal & business fb pages! I so enjoyed Mermaid Circus, I enjoyed having awesome projects to complete, such indepth videos to learn from, being part of the Facebook group but above all forming friendships with beautiful souls all the world over…& to have meet ups with other ‘Mermaids’ in my city – so lovely!
    Mermaid Circus would rate high in my most loved experiences, as it most certainly was…an experience!!

  • Selena Stevens

    I have immensely enjoyed previous online workshops that you have presented and this one sounds awesome. I would love to participate in it so I have shared your link on my Facebook page

  • Jennifer Ropers

    Left a link and comment on my Facebook page! Keeping my fingers crossed because I would looovvveee to do this again! Especially after taking some of your other classes (Supplies Me and Express Yourself still in the process of) I think I would be better prepared this time around…and access for a whole year! Yippee!! I never figured out what the actual alumni discount is?? I got the code but what is the discount for alumni??

  • Nicole Honovi Maddox

    Just shared on my Facebook. Thanks for the chance!!!

  • joy matthews

    this sounds like so much fun…and to be able to develop your own style…wow thats appealing…

  • Angelique Lane

    Shared on my Facebook page. Thank you Jane for giving us the opportunity to win a spot in one of your fabulous courses. I loved the previous courses I have done with you: Draw Happy and Supplies me and Whimsical Face video. This class looks fantastic.

  • Shelia French

    Beyond excited , all I have ever wanted was to take this class

  • Shelia French

    Sharing on everything I can this is all I’ve ever wanted

  • Ali Gitt

    Shared on FB. Hope to join the circus.

  • Jane Carlisle

    Hi Jane. Shared on Facebook and I tagged you but I don’t know how to leave a link about it I’m sorry. Fingers crossed xxx I love a years access. Mmmmmmmm.

  • Suellen

    If you register, do you have to start on 8 Sept? I’ll be away, so can I do it later?

  • Maddy

    I don’t mind so much about the contest, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that you. Your workshops are oh so helpful and inspiring and though I cannot journal as often as I like your inspiring lessons still stick in my mind. Thank you.

  • ursula wollenberg

    Would love to win. I have always admired your work and this class looks like so much fun!

  • kristin

    I shared on FB, tweeted, and pinned to help spread the word of your class. 🙂 This looks amazing!

  • Stephanie

    I shared on facebook. I want to be a mermaid and join the circus so I think this class is for me!!

  • Lura Brown

    i saw this class the first time around and so wanted to take it. i love the looks of it and you two are both so talented. what a dream come true this would be to take the class. thank you so much for the chance to win it. i have shared it with facebook. xox

  • betty wisse

    I love both of your styles of art and would love a place in this class. I’ve shared this with my FB page

  • Tanya Seebach

    I shared this on Facebook. .on my wall and in a private art group. I would love to take this class and learn more skills and have more fun creating!!

  • Amy O'Toole

    How exciting! This course looks so fun! I would love to learn from you and Teesha. Sharing!

  • Priscilla Gibbs

    I would love to win this class! Shared on Facebook and getting ready to pin it too!!!

  • Michelle Lekar

    I was so excited to hear that this class was available again! Winning a spot would be awesome to say the least. Two of my favorite artists in one spot…divine! I shared on Facebook! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Marianne Goodell

    I soooooo want to win a spot in this class. I took the emotions class from Jane and absolutely adored it. This class looks like a blast. Thank you for this generous offer. I’ll be posting a link in my blog and on my Facebook page.. Thank you.

  • joanne

    would love to win thanks for the chance absolutely love jane and teesha am sharing on facebook don’t have a blog thanks

  • Shishi

    Love!!! I have studied with both of these teachers and they are awesome!!!
    This class looks like a beauty!
    Shared on Facebook.

  • Lisa Noneman

    I would love to win this workshop been feeling uninspired to create art lately; it’s just what I need! Shared on Facebook.

  • Molly S.

    I shared this on Facebook and tagged you. Hopefully this works!

    I remember once as a child, my friend told me if I went and stood with my feet together in the creek near our house, I would eventually turn into a mermaid. I stood in that cold water for what seemed like hours (although it was probably 15 minutes), wishing, hoping, and praying to become a mermaid!

    Well, I never became one, but I would love to learn how to put my dreams on paper.

  • Heather Goldsmith

    Would be so much fun to do this course. I shared this on my Facebook. 😉

  • Bonnie Smith

    this was an incredably FUN class and wishes for everyone who wants to attend…it was AWESOME! A Delight in every way!!! shared on FB.
    Jane, if i win i’d like to give it to Shelia French to enjoy this mermaid fun as sweet gift of laughter and fun:))

  • LeaVon Price

    Listed it on Facebook and would love to swim again. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Marysu (who loves you hugely!!)

    I would so love to swim with the mermies again!! This sparked huge growth for me and my art and filled me up with such love and joy!! Sharing on FB to let other potential mermaids know where to swim!!

  • Tera

    I shared on Twitter ( @Kattera22 ) and on Facebook And I woulf LOVE to run away with the mermaid circus!!!!

  • Tera

    I shared on Twitter ( @Kattera22 ) and on Facebook And I would LOVE to run away with the mermaid circus!!!!

  • Jenny Squawk

    Loved mermaid circus! I know I wouldn’t be where I’d be without doing it last year. Posted the link to facebook. I still haven’t posted some of my mermaid circus work to my blog, but I’ll post it there, too.

  • Katrina Hoare

    Woo Hoo love Mermaids getting to know them sounds bliss have shared on facebook ,thankyou for the chance !

  • Susie Donovan

    I would love love love to win a spot in this class. .I havent done any online courses yet due to financial reasons and I’ve always wanted to do a Jane Davenport course so much. . Posting link to Facebook. Goodluck to everyone! !

  • Suzanne

    Too much fun and creativity! Would love to do this course and have shared link. :))

  • Karen Hawkins

    Left a comment on Facebook.
    Would live to win a spot in this amazing workshop. Good luck to all xxxx

  • Jane Davenport

    Thank you to everyone spreading the word! I look forward to picking a winner!

  • Anita Tillman

    OOOOHHH – the circus!!! I would love to do this workshop – so many people have raved about it – sounds wonderful!!!
    am going to go and share on FB now 🙂

  • Anne Thompson

    Squee! I just shared this class on facebook. Still trying to lure my friends into Jane World!

  • Bianca

    ooh! i would absolutely love the chance to win a spot in this class 🙂 keeping all my crossables tightly crossed..!

  • Gina Bottom

    I just shared on facebook and I would love to have a chance to win a spot!

  • Carmen Lucero

    I shared on FB, and sent you a friend request. Thanks for the chance!!

  • Suzanne Rowe

    I shared on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Annabelle

    I have shared on Facebook , thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  • Deborah Wainwright

    Hi Jane I have shared on face book and will link on my blog x

  • bethany Friend
  • Andrea Hiltbrunner

    I LOVE it and will share it on FB right away! Love from Switzerland, Andrea

  • Fiona

    great news! i shared it on facebook 🙂

  • Maggie Henderson

    Totally inspired, what will my creative soul reveal? Can’t wait to find out…

  • Prerna

    This is where I shared. Yay. I love your classes. All the best to every one

  • Marysu (who loves you hugely)

    I pinned it too!!

  • Betty Stoumbos

    Jane how exciting! I’ve been wanting this class since I first heard about it…I posted on my facebook page…now let’s see if I can figure out how to send the link, lol!

  • lauren mullin

    I spread the love! I cant WAIT for this…i have been hoping and wishing yall would offer this class again!

  • Hobby

    So excited! I left some Mermaid Circus Love on my board, my feed, and my Facebook page @CreativeSoulJuice. I’ll be posting on my blog also. Yay!

  • Lee McGrath

    What a wonderfully scrumptious workshop to dive into!!! I would love to join your Mermaid Circus….. I wanted to join the real circus when I was a child!!! xoxo I have posted a link to your delicious workshop here:

  • Nancy Taber

    Would love to win a spot on your Mermaid Circus. I shared on facebook. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’m retired and Mermaids are my favorite.!

  • Michelle Howard

    Would love to win! Unable to afford the class and it has been on my wish list ! Thank you for the giveaway and opportunity! Shared your blog!!!

  • Judi Parker

    I talk about you like we have known one a long time, always showing something you make or said. I have shared on face Bookgeneral,and my time
    Line.. I,would just lob,e too,elated and hornored to be able to take this workshop..
    I talk about you like I know you, sharingnampic or a comment

  • Altered.ellie

    Yay! I shared on Facebook….would absolutely LOVE this class!

  • mary jacopetti

    Shouted to everyone on facebook (name above)! And also told a little bird who went”tweet tweet tweet”! LOL So the bird and I would love to win this class! I am a big fan of BOTH of you so I imagine this class is like a dream come true!

  • Martice Smith II

    Wow! Now this is a dynamic collabo! I’d love, love, love to take this class. Looks as though there’s so much fun to be had, with a never-ending supply of inspiration and whimsical jubilation!!
    Here are the many places I’ve shared:
    Google + page:

    Facebook art page:
    Facebook personal page:
    (Also in several private Facebook Groups)

    Pinned to Pinterest:

    I’m so glad to share this class. THANK YOU, Jane and Teesha, very much for this opportunity to win a spot!

  • Chantel McCabe

    I’ve just blogged about the new season and will share my blog post on Facebook too:

  • Luci

    I can’t wait to see your new book!! Please keep us posted. Brava, Jane!

  • Bonnie Smith

    Jane, i shared again on fb…i really want to win so that i can gift it to Miss Shelia French to enjoy from the bottom of her toes up to her precious crown:)

  • Katherine Endres

    I would love to take this class again. Thoroughly enjoyed it the first time and was hoping that new material was added from all the gorgeous examples I’ve been seeing.

  • Tanya Seebach

    I shared the link on fb..just curious: when will the winner be picked/announced?

  • Gema

    So glad this workshop is back! I missed it the last 2 times. Now I am looking forward to it. 🙂

  • Patricia

    I shared on FB and my blog…. and I commented but it didn’t appear, so I’m commeting again lol Good luck everyone! :))

  • Jessica Lane

    Shared on fb, tw, and pin. Sharing on my blog too 🙂

  • Patricia Esparza

    Shared on Facebook, thanks for the opportunity

  • Cristiana

    i Shared on my Facebook page and I would love to win this spot!!!

  • Jeanie Rock

    I would be thrilled to take part in your Mermaid Circus Jane. I have dreamed of this opportunity. Thank you kindly. I shared on facebook

  • Kate Henderson

    Congratulations on your new book, Jane, it looks lovely. So pleased you’re running the Mermaid Circus again as I missed out last year. I have promoted the workshop on my blog and would love the chance to win a place. As you will see, I’m already a huge mermaid fan too! 🙂

  • Urban Mermaid

    Have also pinned your ad to Pinterest! Thanks again for this Fin-tastic opportunity to jump in at the deep end!!

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