I love Gesso!

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You have heard me say it many times…. and now I’m saying it a lot more!

Because after a loooong wait for just the right little poppet, I have a pomeranian puppy!
And her name is Gesso.

We had all sorts of fun on my Facebook page and Amy Polk suggested the name – and I really loved it!
We can shorten it to Jess, and it sounds different from Moo and Tinsel, my other doglettes.

She is 13 weeks old. Hungry, healthy and full of pep… here she comes!

Gesso-1-JAne-Davenport Gesso-2-JAne-Davenport

My tiny Tinsel is a Pom too. Look at her – such a sweetie! She’s 5 now and weighs 1.5kgs. Very small! She is rather put out about the new baby in the house – not happy at all, but I trust that she will be besties with Gesso soon.Tinsel-janedavenport

This is Tinsel as a 1 year old pup… look at the smile! Poms are so FREEEEEKIN cute.Tinsel-smileAnd this was Tinsel as a tiny wee pup. She was much smaller than Gesso – so tiny!  I carried her around in my little ladybird bag. This was her at the hairdresser. She would just curl up and sleep in the bag… pop her head out for a cuddle every so often.tinsel-in-my-bagThis is a fave selection of pics that I travel with… I’ll have to add Gesso! Tinsel showcase  And this is Moo. The Beautiful girl. She is the protector of the house. Moochie is a Lhasa Moodle ( Lhasa Apso dad and Maltese/Poodle mum). I was riding my bike along and as I passed the pet store  I saw a sign that said ‘Lhasa Moodle pups’. I had to go see what that was! And there was my girl, the smallest, the shyest, the quietest. It was love at first sight on both sides. I went home and begged Angus to agree to getting her (A dog needs to be a joint decision , right?!). He was very unimpressed with all the pooping and weeing at first, but that was 7 years of happiness ago and  he and Moo are best friends.  Moo-janedavenport I adore this little being!

moo-in-the-grassThis was in her hippie days… and you can see her terribly undershot teeth. It adds to her odd charm.Moo

I feel so lucky to have these furrians running amok in our home. They each have their own personality. They are all affectionate and I love them endlessly.

I hope you have some pets to shower affection on!




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  • Carol Mc

    Such adorable pics.
    I had a Lhaso for 19 years. She was such a great dog it was hard
    for me to pick out a new one.

    4 weeks ago I brought home a Yorkie who is adorable, and now I can’t picture
    my life without him.

    After seeing your post I might get another.

  • Maryanne mott

    Oh I am in love with them. I just love when I see your videos with the doggies in them. It makes me feel like we are connected. Must be in this community that arty people love their babies. thanks for sharing.

  • Jane Sloan

    Oh Gesso is just so cuuuuute! My nan had a pom – she was really ginger in colour. I have a standard schnauzer, Otto, who is our big clown, we love watching him pirouette around our food garden chasing cabbage moths. Hmmm maybe he would like a little pom friend – I wonder if one just happened to pop out of my handbag a la Tinsel then hubby would agree…? Love your pics of your fur-mily, especially adore watching Tinsel hop around in the long grass in one of your videos – it always brings a huge smile to my face. I can’t wait to meet them at the Nest next year!!

  • Sandra

    They are so cute, beautiful. I have 8 rag dolls and they are so loving just like your doggies.
    I can’t understand people who don’t like animals. My cats are always helping me especially with my art, walking in paint, chewing brushes, drinking the paint water, such fun.

  • Patti sandham

    i loved seeing your doglettes and hearing their stories. I am a big dog lover myself and can’t imagine a home withou one. We have two standard poodles from the same litter and they play so wonderfully together. Please share yours anytime

  • Patti sandham

    i loved seeing your doglettes and hearing their stories. I am a big dog lover myself and can’t imagine a home withou one. We have two standard poodles from the same litter and they play so wonderfully together. Please share yours anytime

  • Diann Verrette

    What a great name!! Loved seeing all of your furbabies!

  • Amy Polk

    Awwww Jane…. You are so full of happiness talkIng about tinsel, moo and gesso…the furry lil loves of your life!! Glad I could take part in the fun of helping with names and hope some day to make it to your nest for a retreat and meet your four legged Angels in person!

  • Joy Lowell

    Your doglettes are so wonderful. I call my canine a doglette also. Great minds….. But I never thought of “furian.” I’m going to use that word as well.
    My cat Tig is more into my art than my dog is. https://preview.tinyurl.com/qdlufl8

    Thanks for the feast of photos. I’m so happy for you to have those sweet creatures.

  • Sue

    This are the cutest little fur babies. Makes me want to run out and get one LOL Have a beautiful day.


  • Laurie Hunt

    Congratulations! She is adorable! I hope she and Tinsel become beasties very soon!

  • Maaret

    Jane, you have such a beautiful little fur-maly!!!

    • Maaret


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