WINNER announced!

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Tina Gartlan – are you sitting down?

YOU WON! Congratulations!

What a HAUL! (Puppy is Serving Suggestion only – not included)


Thank you to everyone who joined ‘Supplies Me!’. It is a hugely exciting time for me with the new book and SO MUCH BUZZ about my workshops. The classrooms are hopping.

I just LOVE my  students so much! I love teaching, and making the videos and the classroom and all the graphics. HUGELY.

Angus is calling me to come have dinner ( for the 10th time eep!),





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  • SAM sabatino

    TINA—too cool for your win–i was sooooooo sure i had won the incredible gift —i love pay it forward : i am so happy that you were the special person that pays it forward also — i am still waiting to hear if i won the bundle also !!! ENJOY—SAM

  • Jessie

    Yay Tina!! What an amazing prize 🙂 Have fun and can’t wait to see the work you make. 🙂

  • Tina Gartlan

    OMG – speechless…..mind blown, feeling so lucky and blessed right now!
    Please can I pay it forward? Can you and Angus select someone else to receive the workshop refund? I’m just so delighted to receive that booty of arty goodness.
    Thank you so much!!

    • Jennifer

      What a beautiful gesture TINA, you deserve this price for having such a generous heart! Enjoy it!!!

    • Faye

      Congratulations Tina. How fantastic & generous. Have fun with your fantastic stash of supplies!

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