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This is my Marker Collection.  I *may* be besotted by markers. I *may* have treated myself to the whole set of MEPXY. I *may* have made a special trip just to get a stand for The Stand.And when I say ‘COLLECTION’, I choose that word carefully.

I am a natural-born collector. If something pinches my ‘Collector Nerve’, I can be absolutely obsessive about it. Markers have been pinching that nerve for … oh… my whole life. Maybe I’m exageratting! Maybe I didn’t use a texta until I was 2? I will have to check in with my Mum. So nearly my whole life then.

This isn’t even my whole marker collection. This is just the Alcohol Markers. At the moment I have them in brands and rainbow formation. MEPXY at the top. Then my Copics. Then my cheapie Finecolors  (I got those in Bali). Eventually I will probably mix the Copics and MEPXY together, but for now, I like them this way.

Rediscovering marker love today as I get ready to film For workshops... I LOVE pushing alcohol markers beyond their safety zone... MEPXY have a brush tip, the soft colours and they are holding up to my abuse - winners!I even had room for my Aquamarkers and I’ll keep adding to my Winsor & Newton Watercolour Markers too no doubt. I am loving those.

I’ve been playing with markers a lot lately. Partly because I am re-filming ‘Supplies Me’ and partly because, well, I am always playing with markers!

Angus and I have decided to stock the MEPXY in our store. Only art materials I am cannot-live-without-it crazy about make it into the shop.

Do I rate MEPXY over other brands? Yes. (That is why they are at the top of my Marker stand!). I love the  nibs and the colours. The MEPXY colourless blender is AMAZE-BALLS with sugar on top.

Do you need every colour? No.
I have ‘Rainbowitis’ and am an art supply junkie, so I need every colour and I willingly choose to spend my money on entire sets of art supplies, even when I know that I won’t use all the colours equally. That’s the Collector in me. I opened up an art supply store and created ‘Supplies Me’ to legitimise my habit. Because I have the store, I get access to stands, samples and wholesale prices, which further enables me!


I just stock the colours I actually use the most. A portrait set, and the pastels set. Perfect. A touch of colour. Gorgeous with coloured pencils. Amazing with watercolour.


But I am not a Hoarder! I use them up as much and as fast as I can. It’s a living collection! Art Supplies bring me such joy. Finding them, organising them, using them. All aspects.

Do you get excited by art supplies?

You can see the MEPXY markers in Australia here: click
From Blicks in the USA  here: click

They are addictive… you have been warned! lol!





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  • Kirsteen

    Have you tried the chameleon blending pens yet, Jane? I was thinking about getting some of those…

    • Jane Davenport

      I haven’t tried them out. I wouldn’t be patient enough for them to mix!

  • Charlie

    Oh wow! That is quite the collection! I would love to have some Mepxy markers but they are just a little outside my art supplies budget… Have you ever used the Kaiser Fusions? if so, were they any good? They are quite a bit cheaper 🙂

    • Jane Davenport

      I haven’t used those Charlie. Spectrum Noir are a good budget marker though.

  • Kerry Sinigaglia

    Oh boy Jane. THAT…is quite a collection. I think we have something in common. Once I LOVE something, I too become obsessed. (And here I was scare that it was just me)
    And I LOVE the Mexpy markers. I’ll be down soon to try out all the colours I don’t have. And there’s a LOT. 😉

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