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The ‘Beautiful Faces’ Classroom opens in 12 days!

The book has been on a wild ride of success since it’s launch and it has held #1 spots in all its categories. It is in it’s third reprint and it was only officially published a month ago!It’s still sold out on Amazon, and the backorders have piled up so, as soon as the next edition of books arrive, it looks like it will be sold out again!

So I must have done something right!

Workshops---Headers-beautifulBut where I really excel is in online teaching.

Why would I be so brazen as to say that?
Because I get told over and over and over every single day.
My students make sure I feel loved and appreciated , ‘cos they are awesome!
It gives me enormous energy and refills the well that enables me to keep on sharing.

I feel that We are glowing and growing together.

So i am BEYOND HAPPY and EXCITED to get moving on the ‘Beautiful Faces’ workshop.

I am having a little difficulty in accepting that this is my first new class in over a year. 2014 flew by in a flurry of book writing, international retreats and Art Lessons for Cloth Paper Scissors. I also commited myself to refreshing and re-editing all my current workshops.  All these things take time. Express Yourself, Draw Happy, Frolicaholic and Supplies Me are all sparkling and juicier than ever (I Heart Drawing and JOYnal will both go ‘live’ again this year).

This year I set my intention to create three new workshops. Big ones.

The first is Beautiful Faces. As I created my book I filmed my pages coming together. There will be WAY more in the workshop as well, but the book will come to life. I can go into further detail, more depth.

So to help me get the ‘word out about ‘Beautiful Faces’, how about we have a little fun?

I have 2 Scholarships to give away.

To enter all you need do is :

1. Like my Facebook Art page.

Go here:

2. Mention the workshop

by Posting a Link to the workshop or my book  on Social Media ( Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc).
The Link:

Pop back here and let me know when the mission is accomplished!

If you have already enrolled in the workshop and you win, you will be refunded the class fee you have already paid.

Entries Close Wed 25th Feb 2015.

Good Luck!

To join the workshop now and see more about it:



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  • Bec Owen

    Liked and linked on Facebook! It would be AWESOME to win a scholarship but am happy to sing your praise as an art teacher/artist in any case!
    Have a wonderful day – bet your garden is looking lush after all this rain 🙂
    Thanks Jane!

  • Jac

    Hi Jane, I’ve shared the link on Facebook. I’ve asked my mum for your book for my birthday and I can’t wait! It would be amazing to do the online class alongside it! (Ps. You have the cutest dog!)

  • moongirl

    I already own your book and just love love love it! I liked your fb page and shared on twitter. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  • rachelle ward

    Thankyou Jane for this opportunity to win a scholarship. I have liked your facebook page and posted the beautiful faces link. Regards Rachelle

  • Laura Gabert

    I am absolutely in love with your work and your kind, encouraging, and zestful spirit! I was looking on amazon for a book when your Beautiful Faces book appeared in the suggested list. Well, that led me on a most inspirational and serendipitous path to this! I have been watching your videos and becoming more and more inspired and excited to get back to the art supplies and create! I truly appreciate the work you are doing as an artist, sharing your gift and vision with the world and in such a genuine and approachable manner. I hope that I am lucky enough to win the scholarship; I will be keeping fingers crossed and checking in on your work from now on! 🙂

    • Laura

      Oh, and I have ‘liked’ your FB page and shared the link to the workshop 😉

  • ILDY

    Liked you and your pace for years now, shared on facebook and on my blog too. Waiting for your book to arrive and would be very happy to be in your course. You are generous big hug

  • Mire

    I shared! You are super… love your work!

  • Kristen

    Thanks so much! I liked and shared.

  • Jane M

    Liked,shared and loved. Thank you Jane for contribution of you. You make a difference.

  • Sara Villicaña

    Done! I hope I can study with you. You are very creative.

  • Brandi

    I did both. Looking foward to the class!

  • Judy Witkin

    Completed both requirements. I am hoping to get a chance to take the on-line class. You know how much I love the book. Thanks Jane. xoxoxoxo

  • kitty

    I’m posting again because I don’t think my first try worked. I liked your FB page months ago 🙂 and have now also tweeted to shout out how much I would love, love, love to win one of the scholarships….

  • Rachel Evans-White

    awesomeness!!!! I have shared on Facebook! xxx

  • marbella scott

    I just started an art journal and I came across your videos on youtube. I fell in love with your drawings and ordered your book for my birthday. I still haven’t received it. I have completed the requirements of the scholarship. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Tonya

    Liked on facebook! The class looks so awesome:)

  • Gayle

    Done and posted! Hope to win, love your classes and book! Thanks

  • Laura Mascarin

    Done! Jane, you’re amazing! A BIG HUGH from Italy!

  • Petra

    Dear Jane, YEEEEHHH………..yesterday i’ve received your book from the internetbookstore in Holland. I’ve pre-ordered several months ago. The book is awesome! Love, love, love it!!!! Your such an amazing and inspiaring artist!
    Thank you for a chance to win a scholarship for the online class. I’ve liked and shared the link. I would be in heaven to win one!

  • Petra

    Dear Jane, YEEEEHHH………..yesterday i’ve received your book from the internetbookstore in Holland. I’ve pre-ordered several months ago. The book is awesome! Love, love, love it!!!! Your such an amazing and inspiaring artist!
    Thank you for a chance to win a scholarship for the online class. I’ve liked and shared the link. I would be in heaven to win one!

  • Diana

    I ordered my copy from Barnes & Noble since Amazon was sold out. My copy isn’t coming until March! You’re brilliant!
    (I tweeted your link)

  • Carol Loumeau

    I “Liked” and, I “Raved”. I also mentioned the two workshops that I have been involved in so far.
    Congrats on how well your book is doing.
    I would love to win a scholarship. And, just think, no postage to America.
    Hope you are safe from the storm. Carol

  • deanna

    Mission accomplished! Liked the page and shared the link on Facebook. I have the book already and I love it!!

  • Toni Kwaiser

    I have, and love your book! I plan on devouring it this weekend! I shared the link on Facebook!

  • Anita Wagner

    Liked it and shared it. I would so love to take this class. I would love to be. Able. To. Do some paintings honoring my friends I lost to cancer and my great friends I still have. Thanks for the opportunity. Maybe someday

  • Seahag

    Posted to my FB psge. Seahag Alvarado
    I ADORE your new book and am so HAPPY that I got my copy before it sold out. After I saw my sister’s copy, I knew I had to get one right away. Thanks for the opportunity to win a scholarship. I’m more motivated than ever!!

  • Barb Huntington

    a chance for a scholarship?? Awesome! Would soooo love this! Book is on back order! I cant wait to receive it! Blessings

  • Ann-Marie

    Liked you artist page 🙂 and posted about the class on my Facebook page ! What a wonderful opportunity! !

  • Jane

    Great offer!!:) all over everywhere 🙂 Would love to be able to do this class 🙂

  • Beth Lunsford

    Thanks for the chance to win!! the book is out of stock right now…. 🙁 so sad for me.

  • LeaVon Price

    Im so excited….I love your classes. I have shared a link on facebook. Thanks again for the opportunity

  • I linked on Facebook and Pinterest! Thanks for the chance to win!!
    I have the book and love it –

  • Jackie Smith

    I have the book which is so awesome, would love to win a spot! I have Facebook, haved tweeted it (@inkystamper) and put it on my Pinterest (inkystamper) under classes. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  • Yvonne

    done…mission accomplished! Wow…looks like an amazing class…now I am off to try and find your book! hehehe. Thanks to Linda Ledbetter I found your site!

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