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Christy Tomlinson and I have clocked up some seriously major miles to spend time with each other. Every single one of them is worth it! I just love being around her. I feel inspired, we laugh, we shop, we make art, we goof around!

Seriously ? How cute can an adult be?Christys housejanedavenport 292An added bonus of being with Christy is she really is part of a ‘package deal’ . She comes with her  family and friends! Look at Miss Allie, her daughter  – the apple didn’t fall far from the tree right? Such a beautiful person inside and out!

THIS is how Allie went to school – I looked forward to seeing what she was rocking each day, and I found her so inspiring. Seeing all the fun she was having, reminded me of how much I loved having fun with my style. And this was a big part of setting my  wheels in motion with my own personal style renaissance. Christys housejanedavenport 295

Ben Tomlinson  and Christy’s sister Tia ( LOVE HER!) both ran everything ‘behind the scenes’ as the retreat went on and Christy and I taught each day. And when i say run, I mean actually RUN – I only saw Tia resting when she was asleep. Ben cooks up the most amazing thigh-dimpling food. It’s dangerous!Christys housejanedavenport 315

Idaho spuds! Christy Approved! Yum!Christys housejanedavenport 314

Beard Chopsticks were NOT used in the harming of any sushi!

Christys housejanedavenport 291

And the incomparable Margie Romney-Aslett ( Just A Girl) was my bed neighbour and we nearly died laughing every day, and into the night. I miss this girl’s face and laugh so bad!Christys housejanedavenport 280 And the icing on the Awesome Cake is our She Matters retreat girls. What a fabulous group of women. We really had some fun both in the classroom and out!

Christys housejanedavenport 288

Christys housejanedavenport 313

Speaking of classrooms – I so LOVE Christy’s art studio. It’s my Idaho Home!Christys housejanedavenport 317

And have a closer look at some of the work created – there was ALOT!!! Because the girls stayed up until the wee hours in the studio having an arty party.Christys housejanedavenport 310 Christys housejanedavenport 309 Christys housejanedavenport 308 Christys housejanedavenport 306 Christys housejanedavenport 305  Christys housejanedavenport 300

Christys housejanedavenport 285

You can see what a fun time we had!

Christys housejanedavenport 297

Christys housejanedavenport 301 Christys housejanedavenport 312   Christys housejanedavenport 298

And each night, were the adorable treats on our beds…  Reminders of a magical week, with fantastic people. I felt full and cared for when I left.

Christys housejanedavenport 302

Thank you Christy for having me and here’s to many, many more fun catch-ups for ever after!

So cultivate your art friends. Even if they live on the other side of the planet, and you miss them very much!



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  • Jo Shively

    Hi Jane.. looks like a blast… would love to know if you are planning to come to USA and teach anytime in the foreseeable future… would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take a class from you. If not i may just have to pack up and come to YOU! you are a true delight!

    • Jane Davenport

      Probably in 2017 Jo. Next year I have plans for Italy and Japan.

  • DebbieM

    Looks like a blast! Jane, love your expression caught in the mirror of the chopsticks photo. Too funny.

  • Jenny

    The Christy and Jane dynamic duo. Wonder twins powers activate. okay……sorry I had a childhood flashback just then. Coming to a retreat with both of my arty super-heros would be a dream come true. I have it on my bucket list, my TO DO list, my grocery list. I have it everywhere. Seriously would love to spend time with both of these fab/fun girls together. When is the next art retreat you are doing together and how?? oh how, can i get myself there.

  • Louise Nakkan

    Goodness this looks like heaven – love the work of both you artsy ladies !! Wonderful, loved all the pics, very inspiring. I just noticed Jane that you have the lovely, rosy cheeks in person that your drawn ‘girls’ have on paper!! Sweet.

  • Coral

    So very yes. I have local art girls who encourage and support me. I have interstate art friends made while attending retreats. And I have art sHeroes who have travelled to me, or me to them (or both – met me half way) so I can learn from them. I’m a chatterbox, but actually an introvert – i will be forever grateful for having the courage to say yes to art retreats, and saying hello to the person sitting next to me. Transformative. Truly.

  • Carmen Whitehead

    What a fun time! Wish I was there! I’m loving your book, thanks so much for all the isnpiration.

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