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I have been wanting to explore a digital stylus with my ipad or a while. I love to make art… everywhere! But sometimes it’s too dark to see colours properly and not socially acceptable to haul out water and a tin of paints and take over every available surface. But working on an ipad would be perfect.

I tried the technology early on, and it wasn’t that great, so I forgot about it. UNTIL! I spent time with Ivy Newport when I was in Portland. And saw what she creates on her ipad –  lovely! She has teamed up with Robin Laws to create an online class about it, and I am using that to get me over the line and using the ipad as an art tool.

So in preparation I have ordered this Stylus ( seriously, how cute is it? The reviews are stellar too, so I’m looking forward to flourishing this!):

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.35.29 amI got the walnut colour!
Click here to see it:

Pencil by FiftyThree Digital Stylus for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 3/4 – Walnut

and this is the stylus Ivy and Robin recommended ( click on the image)

and i just ordered this book to warm up for the class:

And look forward to trying something new!

You can check out the ‘Paint and Pixels’ class here:  click


Spending time with artists is so fulfilling. You have to make it happen, and each time I do, I am so  happy I did! I get to meet wonderful people and learn new things.

How lovely is this welcome sign  Ivy created for Diana and I ? Made me fall in love with her even more! We spent the day in her  studio working  on a mini plaster and encaustic masterpiece. Fun!ivy pixels-janedavenport 325

Ivy Newport  was very proud of her extra fluffy Latte – and it was super delicious!

ivy pixels-janedavenport 320And here is the delightful Robin Laws!

ivy pixels-janedavenport 323But I was distracted by Ivy’s collection of antlers…. ivy pixels-janedavenport 322 And all her art! ivy pixels-janedavenport 324 And on to the main event! ivy pixels-janedavenport 326

Even the palettes were pretty!

ivy pixels-janedavenport 327

and a fine time was had at lunch by the lake!ivy pixels-janedavenport 328

I love my art friends! Thank you to Diana Rast, Ivy Newport and Robin Laws for a fabulous day!




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  • Adrienne Keith

    Hi Jane: I’m so excited to see that you are taking Ivy and Robin’s digital art class (my fellow Portlanders). I found them on Instagram and thought it would be a perfect class for experimenting with all the skills I am learning in your classes. See you in class in September! xoxo Adrienne

  • Trena in Naperville

    Jane! you will love digital art! :o) I’m taking a class now with Robin Mead. Ohhhh the backgounds you can create – fabulous. Your rainbow-itis gene will be satisfied as you can pick/create/blend endless colors, as well as you have an endless supply of supplies!! :o) AND, AND, you can pull in your own drawings and mingle them with your digit art. We are using Procreate. I have several other art apps on my iPad as this is my second digital art class. I’m going to check out the book you posted – I don’t have that yet.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  • Diana Rast

    The Margaritas were pretty awesome too! It was an amazing day.

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