Scholarship winners!

WOW – 600 + entries for the Scholarship – you all kept my eyeballs VERY busy! Here are our winners: Laura Quick “My favorite fairy tale heroine is Thumbelina.  Like most other [...]

JOYnal Give-away and Scholarship!

My next online class is called JOYnal and the excitement is building up in the Facebook group already. We have some great swaps going on and just arty fun in general. One of the things I enjoy [...]

Creating your own Studio Muse in JOYnal!

I bought my first Monster High Doll a few years back. It was Skelita, and I thought what a brilliant substitute for the classic wooden posing doll many artists have in their studios! And then the [...]

Daniel Smith Feature

I have a feature on the Daniel Smith Site that is all about Buff Titanium. I just visited the site and when I saw my name come up on the front page with a host of fabulous watercolourists, I did [...]

A new publication!

I have a lesson in the Special Issue Magazine called ‘Faces’ from Interweave! There are lessons from a wide range of artists and lots to enjoy and learn from. You can get the Faces [...]

New Art Video for the Documented Life Project

I am one of the invited guest artists for The Documented Life Project. The theme for the Project is this month is: Expressive Faces and the Journal Prompt this week is: I can see clearly now The [...]