A new( to me) pen discovery.

I’m having some arty girlfriend time this weekend – it’s  wonderful! Not only have we created and laughed, they are cooking in my kitchen right now… there is a marvelous [...]

Playing Favourites

I have a new article in my ‘Jane looks at ‘ series in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. This short video shows the page coming together and the art materials in action: You can get the [...]

and the winner is!

Well, that was a lot of entries! Thank you to everyone who entered for a Scholarship to ‘Miss Quoted’! I have really enjoyed reading all the quotes and can’t wait to include [...]

Getting ready… and Scholarship!

When Joanne Sharpe and I filmed here at the Nest earlier this year, we KNEW what we were creating together was M.A.G.I.C. And I don’t mean as in we thought the art was awesome (although it [...]