join me in a few hours for my secret!

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Did you follow along on the countdown for #janessecret?

If so, thank you for your lovely company!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 5.59.19 PM

The announcement happens at 10am AEST
( that’s Sydney Time if you are using a time converter) .
That is when i start broadcasting!

Facebook LIve:

A week until I can let you in on #janessecret ! Will you join me Sept 6th 6pm MST, 10 am AEST Join me on my Facebook page for a Live party? . You can also join my newsletter list for a reminder when we start #janessecret


I hope to see you there!
If you can make it you will be so glad you did, because…
yummy prizes and giveaways!



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  • Julie Bishop

    Oh Jane! I am so very over the moon happy for you! This is incredible because I shop at Michael’s weekly and can’t wait to see your products arrive on the shelves! Janeuary could not come soon enough! Must save some Christmas money for you!

  • Cathy Denning

    This is so exciting Jane … must npbe over the moon.!! Magnificent dreams come true and you deserve all this goodness. So happy for you.

  • Rosemarie Tunkel

    I’m so excited!!! I live in Michaels! Woohoooo! You deserve it Jane!

  • Cathe Ekas

    Congratulations Jane – so well deserved. I’m looking forward to seeing everything.

  • Jen Stevens

    Wow!! Congratulations Jane, how amazing!! It’s so wonderful to see that dreams still come true! I can’t wait to see what they’ll have!! You are awesome and an inspiration to all <3

  • Debra Worth

    Congratulations 🙂
    Fantastic news and I can’t wait to see the range xx

  • allison ratterree

    AMAZING NEWS!!! congratulations! can’t wait to get some, hugs and love

  • Frances Lediaev

    Every time you let us know you are giving us more of your creativity for us to be a part of, I feel very lucky to be one of your members and I am waiting with excitement for you to reveal all the goodies! Congratulations on your new endeavor!

  • Loren Boyd

    Oh Jane I am so so happy for you. Congratulations, and I cannot wait to see your range. x

  • Lora Mahaffey

    Congrats to you, Jane! I am looking forward to playing with your new line. I wish you every good thing in your endeavors.

  • Kimberly Head from Sunny California!!!

    Congratulations Jane! You shouldn’t be so surprised, your hard work, talent and kind spirit is infectious! I knew it was sooner or later that somebody would partner with you. Again, you deserve it!!!

  • Terry Honstead

    Jane, that is WONDERFUL news!!! I am so happy for you! What a huge secret that must have been to keep!! Congrats!!! You deserve every bit of it!! Enjoy!!

  • Cary scholes

    I’m here! I saw it! Awesome news!

  • Faith

    Three minutes!

  • Jean marmo

    Sounds interesting.

  • Susan

    Can’t wait to hear the news!

  • Sandy Derryberry

    I’m waiting to hear…so excited for you Jane! And us too!!! Forty five minutes to go 🙂

  • Angel

    So excited !! Ill be here!

  • Denise

    Ready and waiting.

  • Kathleen Knott

    Hi Jane.

    excited to see what your, spectacular secret is. It’s all fun.
    cant wait.

    Hugs too you
    Kathleen Knott
    Ontario Oregon U.S.A

  • Marianna Imboden Predikaka (Danslaterre)

    It’s Midnight here, and i’m still waiting and i’m painting on my Karge Alice. What is your big Secret Jane? A Workshop over the year, with all your secrets, or prehaps a Little …?

  • Vivien Cooper

    I am setting my alarm clock so I can join you Jane, it will be 2am in the UK. I can’t wait to hear about your big secret. Xxxxxxx

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