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Are you super-creative, love art supplies and feel ready to show the world your artwork?
Then I want you to read on and join the DavenParty!

I want to inspire people who enjoy all sorts of creative leanings and I need help to do that because I simply cannot create everything! We are looking for peeps who can create in a variety of media and genres such as papercrafting, fine art, mixed media, textile arts, cardmaking, sculpture, art journals, drawing, painting….   everything!

The projects you share can be very simple – from a beautiful stand-alone photo of a finished piece that was made using parts of my new range, to a short instructional video or pictorial walk-through of a technique, or a sped-up version of you working on something with my art supplies…. or more complex – you might want to create a series or a pdf – or…. or .. or  – well, that would be up to you! The sole idea is to help me  inspire people and create happiness in the world.

I want the DavenParty to help me show everyone that there are NO LIMITS to where, when and how creativity can take place.

You don’t need a huge social media following, but you do need a profile on Facebook and Instagram and a Blog. This is so you can share your work.

Thinking of inventive, fresh wonderful ways to use the supplies in my range will be your mission!

It will be fun, exciting and give your artwork and ideas wonderful exposure.

International Applications Welcome!



Email your Creative Portfolios
of 2 images of your top 3 projects and
social media handles/profiles
November 25, 2016.


You must direct all inquiries to:




Go on, be brave and apply!  I am enjoying wonderful opportunities now because I was brave and got my work ‘out there’.  As I have learned time and time again,  you just never know who is going to see your work and be touched by it. You won’t know how many hearts and lives you can touch unless you share your work.
Yes, I know it can be terrifying, but do it anyway. It does get easier!

All my life when I have asked my Dad for advice on whether I should do something or not, his answer was always
“Why not?”. I catch myself saying these simply two words many times every day. For some reason they normlize a decision and help me take pressure of myself.

If you apply for the Design Team, I can’t promise you will be selected, but I can promise you will be welcome! And he! You may or may not be successful – that doesn’t matter. There will be other opportunities in the future – and I will be proud of you!

Let me know on a comment here if you are going to apply!



I am using the samples and let me tell you about the range: adore. They get better and better as I work out new ways to use everything. I have a head, heart and journal full of ideas and inspiration for your own creativity. ‘Cos that’s why I do this stuff. I love seeing people get their creative spirit alive!

Making art makes us happy.
The world needs happiness.

The ONLY part of this journey I struggle with is having to keep things secret because I get so excited about it all! But as we get closer to the launch day on JANEuary 1st (hah!) I will have a few more sneak peeks for you. Instagram is where I share on a daily basis.

The only places you can get my range at the launch is from Michaels (USA and Canada) and from my online store


p.s. that info again:


Email your Creative Portfolios
of 2 images of your top 3 projects and
social media handles/profiles
November 25, 2016.

You must direct all inquiries to:

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  • Maggie Nemetz

    I am so intrigued, excited, scared (on and on) to do this, but your dad had it right: “Why not?” !! Nothing at all to lose and good things/lots of fun to gain! So as long as I can fight against Dithering and Procrastination, my 2 worst enemies, I will give it a try! LOL. Thank you, Jane, for the opportunity! <3 <3

  • Tracy Scott

    Why not !!! That is truly my motto for this year. What a wonderful opportunity to work with a truly inspiring art angel and what I know will be fabulous supplies, I will definitely be applying xxxx

  • Irma de Jager

    Thank you so much for the chance to work with you and your (I am conviced) gorgeous supplies. Funny you wrote that about your dad. Mine always says; You have a “no” already, it can always turn into a “yes”.
    So YES I will apply! – Irma

  • Simone Woolhouse

    OMG, what a dream come true!! You are an inspiration Jane! I do have one question, can the creative portfolio include canvases, mixed media sculptures and other mixed media projects?
    I’ve only just started journals but have a lot of other pieces.

    Thanks once again for being awesome!

  • lis

    i will! of course! just waited for that! 🙂
    looooove from switzerland! <3

  • Larissa West

    This is my year of diving in with BOTH FEET! Jane, you have led me on a great adventure already this year, so I’m going to GO FOR IT!! Thanks for an amazing opportunity to fulfill my dream! xoxoxo

  • I’m so excited for You.What a lovely surprise and blessing given to You.I will be keeping a close eye out for Your products.I go to Micheal’s every week usually more to let You in on My secret.Are You related to the red string artist . I get so confused,You look so much alike.I have been following You now for a long while now and enjoy not only Your art but Your cute personality too. Hugs and continued blessings-Denise

  • Paisey J

    Yikes! Count me in?!

  • Kim

    My head is in the clouds with possibilities . Could this mean there is a place for all the projects I cook up? Terrified but why not ?…….

  • Trena Brannon

    I’m going to apply! I’ve learned so much from you the last couple of years! AND, yes, I have rainbow-itis too. 🙂 So excited for you Jane and I’d love to be part of your design team!!

  • Barbara Fisher

    Oh, I know exactly which paintings I’ll send photos of! I’m so excited!

  • Tanya Cole

    Woo! Was so excited when I saw this this morning!. Yes…I will be applying! I would love love love every aspect of it! Well done you…such another exciting adventure for you! x

  • Geri Mcleod

    Yes I can’t think of anything I would love more. I’m still learning but I think it’s good to give things a go. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us all this wonderful opportunity to apply.

  • naomi cox

    Omg… dream job or what with the lady who gave me the couragw to draw again… definitely giving it a whirl because it is in line with my word for next year ‘Adventure’ so excited!!!!

  • Jane Davenport

    yes – do it!

  • Lesley Fitzpatrick

    Wow, what a wonderful opportunity. This would be the best next step in my creative life dream. Thank you, Jane, I will definitely be applying.

  • Ok!!! Going to do it!! I was Made for this !!! Hello Mrs.Fun!!! Let’s DAnce!!! Art supplies and designing every day!! That’s what I do!!! Wowzers and neeto burrito!!!! -Kiki is jumping in the pool!!! Xoxoxox let’s have a gigglefest!!

  • Linda Edkins Wyatt

    Yes yes yes, I would sooo love to be part of your team! Super exciting opportunity.

  • Sandy Derryberry

    Courage is taking that first leap of faith…I’m thrilled for the opportunity! Now to search through my projects for the three that best represent me…I’ve got my party boots on.

  • Wendy Walsh

    This is something I would love to take on 🙂
    I love challenges and deadlines and work better under pressure.
    I love creating and encouraging others to do so.
    This could be the launching pad that my artwork needs to to show the world that hey….I have talent and guess what? let’s play!
    Thanks Jane, for this opportunity to possibly shine a little brighter.
    Congrats again on your ongoing success, it’s contagious.
    Cheers, Wendy Walsh

  • Carisa

    Is it too much to say I’ve been “stalking” you for this VERY announcement since your big secret was revealed last month!? LOL I can’t WAIT to apply!!! <3 Thank you so much for opening up this opportunity to anyone and everyone who shares your love of all things art! You've shared so much of your talent, it would be an honor to be able to give back just a teensy bit by being a part of your team and I can't WAIT to see the entire new line.

  • Angela Amias

    This sounds like so much fun! I’d love to be part of this project- definitely applying!

  • Tanyalee Kahler

    Oh why the heck not, you only live once right 🙂

  • Tiffany Cass

    Most definitely!! Opportunity OF A LIFETIME!!!!!!

  • Quick clarification: for the portfolio, two mages each of the top three projects? Do you want these attached to the email? Thanks! xxxooo

  • Helen Platania

    Oooh I’d love to be involved in your new adventure Jane!! Love a challenge & a deadline…..& lets not mention boxes of your art supply goodies to play with!

  • Theresa

    I’m going to apply just because, why not! I’ve got lots of experience in being creative but my social media skills are at best, underdeveloped. The experience of just applying will be an achievement in itself. Everytime I read one of your posts about your new adventure I get giddy for you.

  • Annie Chermak

    Stretching, stretching!!!!! I’m going to give it a go!!!

  • Mandy Herring

    How exciting! a Davenparty………… a bit Alice I say, and why not

  • Heather

    How fun!! I am definitely applying! xoxo

  • Milagros C Rivera

    Oh yes! Like you say I’m taking a leap of faith encouraged and brave!!!

  • Lianna Vigil

    Me me me! Pick me haha! Can’t wait to apply when I get back home.

  • Jen Stevens

    So so excited!!! Nervous, scared…and a bit overwhelmed, but I AM going to apply!! Jane, you are such an inspiration, what an honor it would be to be on you team!

  • Karen Campbell


  • Cindy Hogan

    Oh yes! Thank you Jane. I’m going to apply. I have a fabbo new camera with video function that I’ve been a bit scared of trying, so I’m going to put on my big girl panties and learn that today!

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