This one made me LAUGH!

 In American Crafts, Davenparty, Jane Davenport Mixed Media

You are going to love James as much as I do!

What a fun video, right? davenparty-james

Go follow James on Instagram right now – you will love his feed!




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  • Cheryl

    Love that James “Who am I kidding? I never played with blocks! I played with Barbie dolls”!!!! His excitement is contagious


    I’ve never owned a girdle either, James, and now I have the swatch one. Looking forward to seeing what you create. Thanks for the fun, light-hearted walk-through of Jane’s line.

  • Elizabeth

    What a star, I giggled all the way through that he is so funny and cute! 🙂

  • Sandy Derryberry

    “I’ve never owned a girdle and now I have two.” Bwhahahahah!! James is so cute!! And he’s hilarious! What a great pick for your team Jane. It’s going to be fun watching him create this year. I hope the cat gets more cameos..she’s a star too 🙂

  • bonnieangel1797

    Loved watching him.. he’s a hoot!

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