The mermaids meet a sea STAR!

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Cindy Lane is an absolutely amazing artist…. her specialty is sea creatures….
prepare to be mer-mesmerised as she swishes the Mermaid Markers!

Cindy is preparing a lesson for the Free Jane Davenport Mixed Media Workshop too!
You can join the fun here: click to join free workshop!

And follow Cindy as well on her Instagram feed – She has over 250,000 followers – What a seastar!
Instagram here




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  • Kait

    Mer-mesmerizing indeed! 😀 I love how she has captured the movement and interactions of the paint and water in macro.

  • Jodi Kinciad

    Wow! Fantastic work. I love all things sea.

  • kidrocksavedmysoul

    unbelievable!!! So So pretty, so much talent.

  • Kat Lakie

    Now that is just delicious.

  • Rae Lynn

    Gorgeous use of the markers!

  • Michelle

    That is just so beautiful!

  • Lia Hall

    OMG!!! I could sit & watch this forever. The effect is amazing.

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