Butterfly Effect Book- DIY INSERTS!

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G’day Friends!


So we’re all loving our Butterfly Effect Books, but if you’re anything like me you’ve probably been too timid to start drawing on that great quality planner insert!


Well, I have found a way to ease yourself into it… Create your own!


This step-by-step tutorial video will show you how to create a planner insert to perfectly compliment the gorgeous quality inserts that come with your Butterfly Book. I’ve got a few different options to show you and it’s a great way to use any of those loose sheets of paper floating around (or to custom create an insert with your favourite papers).


Be as crafty or precise as you want, but be careful, once you make one you’re going to want to make a hundred more!




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  • Palmira

    I loved your class James! Thank you for sharing all your creativity and great ideas for my planner! Really enjoyed all the good tips, to watch your video made me happy and inspired! I’ll start working on my butterfly book inserts right away!

  • Mary Jean

    so many great ideas! thank you, James!

  • Tina McCoy

    Great ideas! Thank You for sharing, James!

  • TracyLee

    Loved your idea James especially the embroidered felt book cover ( I embroider things when I have the time ) very inspiring Thank You

  • enchantedblueplanet@hotmail.com

    So cool James. I’ve been sewing up 3 hole pamphlet stitch books, denying myself the added expense of a long reach stapler. Your ideas and enthusiasm are contagious. Thank you!

  • Marcie

    Nice video James. I have made almost all of mine and love that I can personalize them to my taste. Plus the cost savings to use on other things.

    Good way to use up papers that I have – I have WAY to many from my scrapbooking days. But this is a great video to share with folks.

  • Linda Lamprecht

    This was an awesome tutorial. I didn’t think I could learn anything from it, but I did. Big time. No need to be so fussy with edges and such. The staples idea. AND I always get distracted by the tools and certain supplies people are using in video’s and I was so happy to find myself just wanting to start making inserts instead of shopping online! Well done, sir! Thanks so much. Oh, and the embroidery cover is genius!

  • Kay Pierce

    James… love your little book inserts!!! Would love to see what you create on the one with all the different papers!
    Thanks for sharing this idea… I have lots of spare papers … going to make tons of books!!!

  • Patty

    Such a great idea. I have pages of loose art that I’ve created over time, and now I know exactly what to do with them! Thanks so much James, you’re sweet and make great videos!

  • Darla

    I stumbled onto James recently on youtube and I’m in love! He’ so amazing, talented and FUNNY!!

  • kim

    This was great James! I thoroughly enjoyed watching and I love that you take shortcuts!! I take them whenever I can, lol!! All your books look great!

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