a looooooooong time coming!

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I have never been so busy in my whole life. Angus would heartily concur. So, I reached out for help. This has been a looooooong time coming! Kerry Sinigaglia has been a Davenpeep and friend for ages and we have long plotted to do something together.

So now the lovely Kerry helps Angus and I caring for all our students and customers!


Kerry is also a highly creative artist and you can see one of her artistic and inspirational projects  on her blog here:

click here




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  • Jan Kierzkowski

    That’s great news! A fantastic team!

  • Kat Lakie

    Exciting and wonderful news, Yay!

  • Marysu

    So happy for Kerry (and a tiny bit jealous) but mostly overjoyed for all of you!! It is always wonderful to have a great team on board!!

  • Monyka

    How wonderful for you both, and congratulations!!

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