Watercolor Mixing Chart for Jane Davenport Bright Palette

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Hello Davenpeeps!

Tiffany here with a fun watercolor mixing chart for you to experiment with.  Simply download and print the chart on card stock or watercolor paper using a laser printer or copy machine, and practice mixing colors from the Jane Davenport bright palette.

I plan to laminate my completed chart and keep it with my Jane Davenport bright palette for reference.  I can use it to see how the colors in the set mix together without wasting paint.

I have a short video for you describing the process I used to fill in my chart.  Basically, you will mix colors across and down, like a multiplication chart.  (However, I think painting is MUCH more fun than math!)






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  • Bonnie

    You could put your favorite dish washer safe clear coat over the plate and have a beautiful work of art! ❤

  • Krista

    Do you have one for the neutrals palette?

    • Jane

      I nominate you to create one! xoxox Jane

      • Tiffany Sum

        Hi Jane! I added a neutral palette mixing chart. xoxo Tiffany

    • Tiffany Sum

      Hi Krista! I have added a neutral palette mixing chart for you. xoxo Tiffany

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