“Bird of a Different Color” Part 1 by Tonja Sell

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“Bird of a Different Color” by Tonja Sell

Birds are a reoccurring theme in my work.  When considering how to use the fantastic Washi tape in Jane’s line a art materials, a Polish Chicken seemed like an obvious choice…don’t ask me why!  I am having fun experimenting with these fun products, bringing my own work to life, using the Jane davenport line of supplies.

Video 1

Video 2



This part of 4 part mini-demonstration series called “A Bird of  a Different Color,”  where I experiment with several of Jane’s great new products!  Included are Washi Tape, the Paper Pad, Paint over Pens,  Matte Medi-Yum! & Gess-oh! on a black canvas panel board.


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  • Sue

    I do love chickens and this one is gorgeous. Wish I could see the rest of him and see the finished production. 🙂 Really lovely tho’ Tonja!

  • Marysu

    Are we supposed to have different login info for Part 1? It says I don’t have permission to view it, but none of the other video ask for a login and they play just fine.

  • Sandra schmidt

    Will we be able to see the other 4 parts? This is wonderful! Amazing creatitivity!❤

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