“Bird of a Different Color” Part 2 by Tonja Sell

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“Bird of a Different Color” Part 2 by Tonja Sell

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  • llheidi

    Hi Jane & Tonja! I’m loving all of this beautiful inspiration!! I was wondering if Tonja will be posting a video of how she colors/finishes the bird? The progression goes as far as using the Gess-oh on/around the bird’s face. I was curious to know if the piece was finished with Jane’s watercolors? Thank you! <3

  • Mikell

    How do I access all of these videos. Is there a place where I can find them all? Seems like only parts of them show up to play. When I click on the Layered Look is says I don’t have permission to view??? Thanks!

  • Palmira

    Wow. So fun and unique! Thanks!

  • Sue

    So glad I found these other parts to your chicken! It is a lovely one!

  • Diana Ramsey

    I wish I could do this kind of thing! Very interesting!

  • Annie Chermak

    So, so fun to watch this colorful explosion unfold!! It teeters between chaos and control so breathlessly! And your choice of music is totally appropo! Encore!!

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