She leapt off the page…

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G’day Friends!


I’m so excited to finally share this project with you! It’s been a very intense labour of love!


I’ve been having a ton of fun creating with the JDMM range and one day I suddenly had a strange thought… Let’s bring one of these muses to LIFE!she-lept-off-the-page-crop


I had created this whimsical beauty in my Large JDMM journal with the watercolour palettes and said to my incredibly talented photographer husband, “Do you think we could bring her to life?”


He said, “Absolutely!”


So then began our journey to literally lift her from the page.


The video will take you through the entire creative process from creation to the completed photo collection (which I am OBSESSED with!).


Fun hidden JDMM products in the final piece:  hand painted petals cut from the paper pad & JDMM washi tape choker.


The best part of this project was grabbing our friends and working on it together – even Bianca got involved! There is something extra inspiring about working with others and feeding off of their creativity, so I encourage you all in your next projects to GRAB A MATE AND COLLABORATE! 🙂


I hope you enjoy the video and the collection.  I couldn’t be happier with the fruits of our collaborative effort, and a HUGE thank you again to Cassie, Stella, Steve, and of course… Bianca…




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  • Maria

    Sorry, James, I’m late to the party! This was incredible. What a wonderful idea to bring your vision to life. I LoVe behind the scenes and this one was divine. Kudos to you and your fabulously talented crew. You all knocked it out of the park.

  • Jennie

    Stunning…..I so enjoyed watching the process …such a treat…thank you.x

  • Jane

    love love love – merci merci ! x

    btw Bianca is ace! I love her attitude – or should that be cat=itude ;D

  • Jeanette

    “Fantastic”!!! but I doubt there’s a superlative that would cover the wonderful results of your actions… well done 🙂

  • Leanne

    Wow! I am blown away. You guys are amazing! I have always wanted to make something like this come together. You get all the thumbs up in the world!!! Love love love!

  • Brigitte



    Fantastic James and Steve. I really loved everything about the video. Your model, Cassie looked beautiful and you made a great job of the dress, I loved it. The flowers were such a romantic touch, I must try making the headdress, it was so helpful watching you choose the flowers and make the headdress.
    Your drawing and painting of the muse are a great inspiration, so pleased that Jane chose you James to sponsor her new Michaels products. I love your work. Hope we will get the Michaels products in the Uk soon. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mary

    Wow!!! Awesome job!

  • Pamela

    Absolutely stunning! What a fantastic idea. You and your husband make a formidable creative team. Just wow.


    Loved it! More, please!

  • Alexandra L

    Unprecedented loveliness and beauty. It all came together through such hard work, but vision and a little bit of heaven are what you achieved. Thank you so much, and Bravo!

  • Martha

    So lovely and fun! Loved it!

  • Melody Blore

    just so far beyond amazing James!! Anthropologie needs you! The headdress? Perfection! Everything is perfect! Jane’s ‘goosies’ have to be even more widespread than mine! Just WOW!!!!!

  • Angelique

    Absolutely loved it, so much fun to watch

  • Artsy Chick

    Wow just seems so inadequate

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