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Hello Davenpeeps!!
This is a quick and fun little tutorial on creating a pocket sketchbook to fit into your butterfly books or just about anywhere! I love tiny things, and sketchbooks are one of my absolute fave things to buy, to own and to make, so combine my love of tiny with my love of sketchbooks and we have a an adorable tiny sketchbook!


This is a simple and fun way to make a sketchbook that you can get filled in no time giving you that sense of completion! This little project took me no time at all to create! I hope you create one too!


List of Supplies as always!

Laminating Pouches
Thread to Bind your book
A Needle ( if children are wanting to do this, you will need to help with the binding stage)
Bone Folder (or just use the handle of your scissors)

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I hope you ENJOY!
x Courtney davenparty-courtney

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  • Roseanne

    great tute thanks courtney

  • Natasha Daly

    Thanks Courtney. Awesome as always.

  • digijewels

    I love this idea,! I absolutely adore “little teeny weeny sketch books” as just like you I love to have them stashed everywhere…..you never know when the creative urge is going to surprise you.

  • Diana Ramsey

    Hi Courtney
    What is the approximate size of the little books- in inches, please? I think it is a nice idea, and I would like to make them. I don’t have a laminator, but I have something else I can use.

    • Courtney Diaz

      Hi Diana,
      The Measurements are
      Cover 11cm by 8.5 cm (4.3 inch by 3.34inch)
      and the inside pages are
      10.2cm by 7.8cm (4inches by 3 inches)

      Hope that helps lovely
      X Courtney

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