All the ways to Butterfly a BUTTERFLY BOOK! – with James

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G’day Friends!


So, I’ve been struggling to become a ‘planner’… No surprises there! But I still LOVE using the Butterfly Effect books, so I’ve been using it more as another art journal to play in. There’s something about starting a different sized journal that sparks new creative thinking, even though what I’m showing today is the most OBVIOUS thing to put in a butterfly book…





I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about butterflies (or bugs in general), but they’re a wonderfully easy way to add whimsy to your work! So I ran with that idea and came up with some fun and simple ways to use these winged beauties.


I’ve got a bunch of different butterfly-related ideas to spark your creative thinking

  • Abstract watercolour ‘Monica the Monarch Butterfly’
  • Swatch-er-flies and fun ways to incorporate them for planners and those who like to write
  • Bianca the VERY VERY VERY hungry CAT-erpillar and lettering practice
  • The Abstract Butterfly Museum, with wing tabs
  • Geometric Thread Butterfly
  • Decorating with wings
  • Butterflies resting in the binding (my favourite and most simple trick!)


Enjoy the video and make sure to share what you liked, were inspired by and create yourself so I can enjoy your gorgeous work!




–  James


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  • corabellescreate

    Wow! You are amazing artist. Very unique. Loved it

  • TracyLee

    Hi James, I absolutely loved your idea of the butterfly heads using Janes Washi tape

    you come up with such great ideas really enjoyed the video

  • Palmira

    So much fun! Thank you I love all your videos

  • Jenny

    Amazing, loved every one of the butterfly pages you created! Love Love Love!

  • Joan

    You are the best James!

  • Laraine

    Another fantastic video, thanks James x

  • Rebecca

    I enjoy all of your videos, James. Thank you for the butterfly inspiration.

  • Linda

    You have the best ideas and so much fun to watch. Thanks.

  • Marion

    I just love everything you create James. What a natural talent you are! So inspiring!

  • Angelica

    So fun! Thanks James and Bianca! ☺️

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