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So, I was sitting on the couch feeling very thankful for the way this year has been developing (mostly in part to my growth within this fabulous Creative community we all share in)…




It all happened so quickly and at a time where my focus was scattered, and life was changing scarily and rapidly, and I am in complete disbelief that I never celebrated!


So, what better way to celebrate than to host a DAVENP-ART-Y! (see what I did there? haha)


I invited over 3 creative girlfriends and shared a magical unicorn art party with them, filled with lots of Jane Davenport Mixed Media goodies and messy, arty fun!


It’s not all donuts and mermaid markers though, I have a few fun ideas to share and hopefully inspire you to host a p-ART-y of your own!


I’m going to show you how I created the:

Art Journal placemats (that were later turned into journal/scrapbook pages)


Journal girl inspired Photo Booth props


JDMM Unicorn Party horns


DavenpARTy bunting banner AND


Journal girl Balloon string art (literally couldn’t find a better way to describe it! haha)


The video has it all and I had an absolute BLAST!

ALSO – at the end of the video I journal the WHOLE PARTY! Literally, I scrapbook all the elements that were created for and at the party into 3 very colorful journal spreads! The only thing I didn’t stick in the book were the girls themselves!

Once the girls had finished I scanned their placemats into photoshop and created sticker sheets with all their personalized elements. I got some markers and Moleskine notebooks then assembled little personalized party favors, which are super special because technically the girls created them!

A big THANK YOU to Kaitlin, Haylie and Jaclyn for sharing in the fun, Steve for capturing it all, and obviously, a big THANK YOU to Jane herself! You have given me such a cause for celebration this year and I am not going to miss any opportunity to create, inspire and be thankful!


I hope you throw a DavenpARTy of your own (or just make a Photo Booth for some lazy Saturday night fun with friends)!


Creativity means loving whatsoever you do – enjoying, celebrating it, as a gift of God! – Osho


Enjoy the video 🙂



James 🙂






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Showing 26 comments
  • Penny

    I’m not much of a party person… but this looks faboo and super fun! 😀

  • Jenny Traviss

    You are inkredible James – everything you do leaves me speechless. Jane is so lucky to have you 🙂 You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your joy with us!

  • Marysu

    The Davenparty is so BLESSED to have you, James!! You inspire me daily with your joy and enthusiasm and especially your art!!!

  • Palmira

    OMG your creativity has no boundaries.!! LOVE IT

  • Zandra

    So, cool! I hope you sell the placements ;o)

  • Nancy Pyter

    You are crazy awesome James! What a great idea! Why don’t you do an online Davenparty for all of us!

  • Michelle

    Love it , so awesome. The placemat was beautiful and the scrapbooking done with it was amazing. Would love a copy of the placemat. Would be a fantastic idea to do with the kids in the holidays coming up.


    OH MY GOSH! this is so amazing. I love all the inspiration you gave us. What an amazing party you had. I have a 13 year old daughter who would absolutely love this for her birthday. James, you out did yourself. I already know how great Jane’s art supplies are but you took them to a REAL level. like for real life. I think sometimes art and art journaling is like a fantasy world and this showed me how I can incorperate these wonderful supplies into something I can do for and with my girls. Thank you so much. Loved the party!

  • Aly

    What a fabulous party! I am so inspired <3 I would love to do this for my 30th birthday the fall!

  • Susanna Easdale

    What a fantastic idea James, l just love your enthusiasm and creativity.
    I will give this a go with my arty friends….

  • Jenny

    wow James that was amazing! It feels like we are privileged to be watching a star being born, when we see you create. You are so talented and i love that you share the fun with your friends and let us get a sneak peak too. Steve did and awesome job with videos and photography as well, you guys did an awesome job!

  • Marianne

    What a fun party! Wish I could have been there. Love your creativity James!

  • Angelique

    Absolutely awesome

  • Pepi Mercado

    A lovely party, full of color and creativity, I love it So much!!!! ❤️

  • Brigitte

    Balloon Tassel if you’re looking for a word for those things hanging off the balloons!

  • Martice

    Super incredible, James + friends! I know Jane is having a twirling fit at how awesome + involved your projects are!! I love how you care about the details, too. Very cool!

  • Linda Hoffer

    What a wonderful party. You are so creative. Loved

  • Margo

    I can’t WAIT to have a Davenparty like this one!! Thank you, James, for this and ALL your incredible inspiration! I absolutely love your vids!

  • Brigitte

    Oh my goodness, what a fantastic idea James! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Victory

    Are you going to be selling the placemats as a PDF?

  • Kerry

    Wow James.
    Outstanding. So many awesome ideas and what fun. I am gobsmacked. Brilliant!

  • Alison

    I’m in awe of everything you all did! ❤️

  • Carisa

    oh my goodness. would you not be the best friend ever?!

  • Kristin

    So fun! Love your enthusiasm and all the great props you made!!!! When you are making stickers, are you using a standard office supply product? Thanks for your info – and your joy in making! It is contagious!

  • Rae Lynn

    Excellent job as usual! I love your enthusiasm and creativity!

  • Kari

    So cute great stuff!

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