Journal Covers – Using the JDMM Face Stencil!

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I KNOW there are a number of you gorgeous Creatives out there that have this face stencil!
Has she been calling to you? Has she been waiting to be put to good use?


jdmm-acrylic-sets-12Well, I created this Davenparty project to show you exactly how VERSATILE this stencil can be… and the best part is, I only scratched the surface – there are TONS more ways to use this stencil that you’re going to think up yourselves and I can’t wait to see!


So, I’ve gone ahead and created 8 different covers for the Jane Davenport Mixed Media Butterfly Effect books. I’m using the plain canvas covers and applying gess-oh before I start each one (this is VERY important, a lot of our products don’t like to play nice on canvas that hasn’t been gesso’d). Then I grabbed the stencil and let her come to life! A lot of what I’m saying may be obvious to you, but I’ve filmed the ENTIRE creation of each cover, so keep your eyes peeled because there might be a tip/trick you haven’t thought about already that you can share and inspire others with.


I made some fun discoveries whilst playing, like how to get lovely watercolor effects, and just how many different mediums you can use on the cover! It’s quite surprising what you can use once the gess-oh has been applied!


There are 3 videos total because I had a lot to talk about (when am I ever not talking haha) and I wanted to keep them manageable lengths for viewing 🙂


I cannot WAIT to see how this stencil comes to life for you!


– James















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  • Darcy

    Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas! Your style shows through and confirms that using a stencil as a starting point doesn’t have to constrain what you end up creating! Thanks for the continued inspiration and bubbly enthusiasm!

  • Treava

    My gosh James. I love your creativity, imagination and talent. I just love your videos, & keep talking!!!! I have learned so much from you and have been so inspired by your videos!
    I love the ‘3 Forest Muses’, the mermaid and Frida. I can never have just 1 favourite of anything.
    Thank you, James!

  • Penny

    Thanks, James. I have one completed large and one completed small Jane journal, plus I’m half-way through another large, and ready to start a second small…. none of my covers were done. I think I felt I needed to use the acrylics too. And I’m really new with them and don’t get to use them as much – because I need portable – so I use my watercolors the most with some pencil and pen work… Now I need to take away the shame that are pointless, boring, blank Jane covers… Thanks for the tips and the inspiration. As always… 😀

  • Hollie

    Wow James! All great ideas! And I must say you are super talented! You’ve given me so much inspiration to work with!

  • Jenny Traviss

    I am AWESTRUCK…. your creativeness and talent is phenomenal. I enjoyed these projects so much. Thank you James for sharing!! Love them all INKredibly 🙂

  • Anna

    Can you please tell me, are the POSCA markers you are using, which point size do you use here? It looks like medium, or it is fine?
    thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Just amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity. I love them all but I mostly love how joyful you sound about the creations! You have inspired me to push myself further. I have been so nervous to do a cover but I now feel I MUST cover this white canvas!!

  • Victory

    Oh, mercy! I can’t decide on a favorite! I love the star girl and the dryad girls. ❤️❤️❤️ Ha! The first and the last. Beautiful as always, I will need to watch these a few more times as I felt like there was more inspiration than I could take in at one go!

  • Sandra

    Excellent ideas. I’m going to pick a few blank covers and try this with my daughter.

  • Kitty

    Wow…. I’m not sure what else to say!! Gorgeous, every one! THANK YOU for all the great ideas, tricks, and inspiration!
    I think the tree sprites are my fave.

  • Jenni Edgar

    Just fantastic learnt so much from James in these videos ❤️ Can’t wait to try all of the different ways he used the same stencil so inspiring, loved the way he described drawing hair as a football or apple shape tilted on the side and really liked the water colour on the canvas that’s what I used when Jane released her range and I love my travel journal. Thank you Jane and James happy happy

  • Sharon

    Thank you James these are awesome!!!

  • Jennie

    James! You are wonderful! I, as others who watch your videos, have been charmed and inspired, and encouraged! You make me smile. I look forward to your videos! You are so genuine and so very generous to share yourself and your creative process with this community. Thank you James! And thank you Jane ! for bringing all this new talent with you as you rise to the stars! Davenpeeps have known you were destined for stardom all along. ❤️

  • Candace

    These are amazing James and you are a riot as always. Please keep sharing your incredible talent with us!

  • Sangita Neighbour

    You are AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much, can’t wait to try out your amazing ideas out in the morning

  • Laura

    Awesome job!! I LOVE them all!! I want to try and see what I can come up with using Jane’s face stencil!

  • Laraine England

    These are all so awesome and you are uber talented James – thank you for being such an inspiration

  • Shari Bryant

    James, I am continually BLOWN AWAY by your artistic talent! Your imagination and gift for doodling and using color is just amazing and awe-inspiring. I really struggle with the imagination part and that prevents me from feeling like an “artist”…i feel like a copyist or even a forger… Do you have any suggestions on how to tap into the inner creative and develop your imagination? Thanks for all you do, i have watched all your videos multiple times and always look forward to anything you offer. WOW, just WOW.

  • Catherine

    I really enjoyed these videos! Very inspiring and look so fun to try out. I think this might be a weekend project! Thank you for sharing your talent and ideas with us James. Have a wonderful time in Japan. Are you bringing the Japanese themed journal on your trip?

  • Palmira

    Wooooow I love it James. I always have such a wonderful time watching your beautiful process videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kerry

    Wowsers! So many fabulous faces. And I love them all. Some great ideas in there using Jane’s stencil James.
    And your Japanese style cover girl Niko could totally pass for Sia.
    Awesome covers. Love all the ways you used the stencil. Just brilliant.

  • Cindy

    You have done it again, James! What an amazing set of projects that really shows the limitless possibilities for the products we all have “acquired” lol. The ideas and techniques lend themselves to whatever individual style one possesses. My personal favorite is the green forest ladies. Oh, and talk all you want – love your accent, laugh and sense of humor. Your wonderful, prolific contributions make you a gem in the JDMM design team! Love to you guys down there in the OC.

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