Mermaid Marker Color Chart!

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Hi Davenpeeps!

I created a color reference chart for my Mermaid Markers that fits inside my Butterfly Effect book.  It was fun and easy to create and I love having it in my journal.  Just looking at those juicy Mermaid Marker colors and fun names inspires me!  I hope you enjoy my video demonstration and use the link below to create your own Mermaid Marker color chart.


Here is the printable:



Happy Creating!



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  • Chantelle

    Yay thank you… My markers are arriving on Monday. Super excited 🙂

  • Belinda

    Such excellent instruction – and I love the color wheel i can print! Thank you!

  • Mary

    Tiffany…………fabulous idea. Love the gradiant colors from each Mermaid marker. Thanks for the tip on the transfer!!

  • Frieda

    Great idea!

  • Sonia

    Thanks Tiffany what a great idea i am starting mine today !!

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