BIG Giveaway! A Journal worth Celebrating!

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In this post I am going to sing praises for the best journals ever 😍 and tell you about two Giveaways!
One is on this blog and you can enter today , and the other is on Instagram, so you can share your artwork created in my journals with me!
Prizes are whopping!
Details are below!

But first…. Did someone say “Journal”?  Ok it was me.

What makes my Journals worth celebrating?
It all comes down to the paper.
The paper is LUSH! I have no qualms in admitting I am an absolute paper snob.I believe life is just too short for crappy paper. So when it cam to creating my very own journals with American Crafts, a lot of time and research went in to finding just the right paper.


Not only that, the covers lay flat which makes it easier to create in, and easier to scan!

  • Hard bound
  • Lay- flat cover.
  • stitched binding.
  • Canvas Cover so you can customise with paint and collage.
  • decorated endpapers with nameplate.
  • 120 lb  / 200 gsm paper.
  • Hot Press watercolor paper – smooth on one side, and slight texture on the other.
  • Acid Free paper
  • 84 Pages including endpapers
  • two Sizes: 9x 6 inches and  9x 12 inches

There are two sizes in the plain canvas cover, and two printed designs in the small journals.
You can see them all here: click

And there are accessories! As an avid ‘Art Journaler’ I designed some ‘must have’ sidekicks to add to the journaling experience and make life easier. The Journal Girdle is a small pencil case that attaches to your Journal ( I also have one on my iPad!). The Journal Jackets are translucent covers that protect your artwork and also give you some handy pockets inside each cover.



screen-shot-2017-08-10-at-11-43-21-am screen-shot-2017-08-10-at-11-43-33-am


I can’t WAIT to see your lovely work on Instagram and read your comments about why you love creating in a journal below!




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  • Leana

    As a woman dealing with a rare form of cancer, I found working in mixed media to be very soothing during treatment. Going to Michaels, I was searching for watercolor paints and came across your watercolors. The packaging was so sweet I bought both sets. I then found you on youtube and your journaling and tools intrigue me and inspire me to try new things. At age 63 I thought I had left my creative side behind in college. I found that it never really left me and was just waiting for me to rediscover. I just bought two canvas journal covers and I’m itching to make them mine. Thank you for the inspiration to explore me once again!

    • Rose

      Documenting is my life, heartbeat, and way of self expression, I love my journals, it keeps everything together in one place, it shows my collective thoughts and progression. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    • cyranesse

      I have never seen such beautiful artwork displayed for an online contest. I am totally in awe of all the talent and creativity. I am so not an artist, so I am completely envious in the most positive of ways!!!I commend all of the beautiful entries you posted in the email. They are unbelievable. This writer here is completely wowed!!!Good luck to all.

  • ashimmeringmermaid

    I discovered you after seeing your mermaid butterfly journal at my sister’s house. As soon as I visited your website I was inspired and excited to dive into my creative side and throw out perfectionism. An art journal is a perfect way to creatively capture snippets of life and imagination! First project is in progress!!

  • Nicole

    I have your journals, wand, markers and love love love them. I have taken three of your workshops and I look forward to doing more. It is so fun working in your journals. I have not tried the butterfly book. I have to say I don’t understand how to put it all together but, the paper in the books are fantastic and all my different media work so well on them. Your amazing and your have inspired me to draw faces and mermaids when I was so scared, thought I was awful and you made it so easy to learn and then with the stencils it really helped me build my confidence in drawing and painting. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and tricks with us. I am enjoying it so much.

  • Skye

    Art journaling is such a great way to try new things. You can experiment without worrying about the outcome. Art journaling = playtime!

  • María

    I love the collection, it is really beautiful!

  • Emelie

    I love making art in journals because it’s so freeing. My inner critic isn’t as loud as if I would create on a canvas. I also love to be able to skip between pages and work on what I want to in the moment, jump betwwen projects.

    This year I’ve been creating a lot in journals, I always carry one with me wherever I go. It keeps my creative juices flowing and that is very important to me. 🙂 Art is such a huge part of my life!

  • trbalch

    I’m so excited, I just bought my first Jane Davenport products last week at a Michael’s store while on vacation!!! I bought the Beautiful Faces book, a Butterfly Effect Journal, pencil pouch, and other add-ins and the faces watercolor tin. I’ve already been practicing on faces. It’s so much fun!!!

  • Lynda

    I’ve thoroughly explored your website, many a time, and browsed your blog with amazing shapes, lines, colors, and use of materials. I long to create with all these things myself. The luscious colors, and textures, and those beautiful spaces full of surprises around, ALL the components! Wow. Having my own journal and supplies would make my heart sing!

  • Amista

    I have signed up for many of your online classes with the best of intentions to do them all. But due to my career Teaching students at a low socio-economic school and volunteering for them as much as I can, my life was overwhelmingly busy. Until 2 months ago when I was diagnosed with a rare, high grade breast cancer. Before I could process much, I was undergoing surgery for a xxx node removal, lumpectomy and partial mastectomy. After the surgery I found out I would have to have dose dense chemotherapy for the rest of this year and then another surgery to remove the lymph nodes under my arm as the cancer had spread to there (but luckily no further because I caught it early). I was told that I would have to take leave from my school as I couldn’t be around possibly unvaccinated kids and catch something or it could kill me. I thought that leaving my position was going to kill me because those children are my life. At this point I decided to start back up with my art hobby. I pulled out my pencils and some paper and started to sketch. Then I remembered why I had signed up for your classes and I began watching the lessons and following along. I don’t have any art journals that can hold more than a pencil sketch. I want to use your journals to document my breast cancer journey using the techniques I am learning in your classes. I need to do this as a way to heal my soul and psyche, which has taken quite a beating each day as more and more hair falls out and I tire so easily. I would love to win the journal and epic pen and make them both a part of my journey and of my healing journal. Thank you Jane for you kindness and generosity in offering such lovely prizes to your admirers. You have a truly kind heart.

  • Jule

    Oh dear! First time watercolour journalling and oops, just bled through three pages of my journal !!! Perfect timing to read Jane’s blog and imagine how exciting it would be to sit down with my girl and create together using Jane’s amazing materials! This could be the start of something huge…

  • Marion

    I love working in my journal because the size is just right and I´m able to decide if I want to show the results or keep them private – just the right place to play!

  • sharon.gullikson

    I would like to start a journal (I bought some of your face stamps, washi tape, and more…) because I want to create more regularly. I get caught up in other things, and put off being creative…

  • brigittej

    I love using an art journal as it frees me up. When I “free up”, I then create from the heart to turn them into big paintings AND for the long term, I have a piece of the process and my life existence to keep forever.

  • aksusan

    things i love about art journaling:
    = getting color on the page!!!
    = i can let go of problems, even if that’s just temporary
    = i can let go of the day
    = it calms me
    = it frees me
    = i can write things out and leave them visible or i can cover them up
    = no rules!!!

  • Tiffany

    I have a Jane journal on the go of my own but I keep saving up the pages and supplies, as I don’t want to run out or waste it! I’d love to have another on hand to let that creativity have some freedom. Perhaps I’ll grab some water and inks after this!

  • mainsley

    After working all week I look forward to my time. My time for me is working in my journal and doing art. It may not be great but to me it is perfect because it gives me calmness and happiness. I would love to use your products more. Thank you for this opportunity to win something on my wish list.

  • Julia

    Art can do so many things for so many people, honestly the fear of the ugly sometimes had me deer in headlights mode, but as I let go of this self imposed perfection monster I found, that creating in a journal really helps me relax and sometimes is my personal therapist.

  • kathy_odom07

    I love your journals. I am fairly new to journals, I have two so far. I love the thought of passing my thoughts and art on to my children. I don’t work because I have MS. I used to paint some on canvas but I thought I would try a journal because I felt it would be more personal. I had always worked and done things that had to be perfect and that was very stressful. I wanted to make a journal that didn’t have to be perfect…I could just play. It has been a struggle to just let myself go and not worry about everything being exactly right. It’s getting easier and a lot more fun. I would love a hard back journal that lays flat!

  • Meg

    It would be so fun to play with all your awesome supplies! Thank you for the chance to win! ♥

  • Amanda

    I love your art supplies they are beautiful and work so great!

  • Marianna

    Hello Jane, I got to know you in October 2015 at RadiantFace, and yet as a newbie started with a nymph m panterly style. was for an experiment since that day, it doesn’t let go of painting, trying everyting out. I learned a lot from you, and always discover something new. Art and you Jane, the EpicPen and Perless Watercolors are my companions, for a year with my permanent rehabilitation stay. I’m learning to go right now and i Hope soon to draw into a Jane Journal is traveling to me by a dear girlfriend. Thank you so much for all the lovely, happiness time you spent me in the Last Time ❤️

  • Elizabeth

    A beautiful journal is an amazing way of recording your journey, by creating a book of treasures, thoughts and dreams that can spill out from between the covers when they are opened. I am a dreamer, always have been and always will be. xxx

  • lidiasalmeron

    Drawing in a journal is like creating a treasure. It is such a joy to open your journal and look at every page. I enjoy the colours, the drawings, the texture, and even the smell!! I like hearing the sound of turning the pages, and even more, the sound of the pen scratching the surface of the paper. It is true that there are always pages that you may not be very proud of. But do not despair, they are just a reminder that we can always do better. Love your journal.

  • Sandra

    After gifting my 11 year old a Jane Davenport journal and a bunch of gorgeous supplies, I’ve watched her become so absorbed in creating in her journal. It’s been so inspiring to see how her creativity has been unlocked. I know all the benefits of journaling through the written word, and I feel so inspired to try art journaling and playing with these gorgeous mixed media products.

  • Kat

    Hi Jane…I’ve been journaling for a couple of years now, but very intermittently !!

    I’m usually busy with ‘other’ art forms but I still love to get stuff down in the various ‘art journals’ I have going….they are mostly re-purposed books and after 6 years I’ve only now reached the last page of the first one I started…

    I love your new Journals and I intend to get one and start a whole new thing …..

  • denverkatgirl276

    I haven’t actually created in the actual journal yet. I have just revamped my art room after a move. I’m nearly finished and I am raring to give it a go. It’s just art. Art is never perfect and I think that I’ve learned this from watching some of your videos. It’s your art and you can share it or not share it, so I am looking forward to giving it a go. Move forward and onward with expressing what I have inside of me!!

  • Chrissy

    I don’t know why but I’m still intimidated to do art in a journal! If it’s on a pad of paper and it doesn’t look good I can just throw it away but if it’s in my journal it’s permanent. I love your supplies and can’t wait to figure out how to use them in a PERMANENT way 🙂

  • Kate

    I was an avid scrap booker for many years because I loved telling the stories of my family. I stopped when the trend was for one photo, lots of embellishments and no storytelling. I only started journaling again last year and then discovered art journaling in December. Whoa! I can do art, include photos and tell stories all in the one place? What is this strange magic? Turns out it needs this thing called a journal to keep all the paint, pencils, collage items, photos and writing in the one happy place. And oh, the difference the different sizes and different paper makes! I have never been more in control of my story than right now – because I have a journal that I can fill with my and my family’s stories.


    I’ ve always been a creative person and the kind of person who likes drawing, painting and materialising her feelings in paper. So, what a wonderful idea to have an art journal for that. Besides, now I will be starting one of the most important art journals in my life. Several months ago I started preparing an artistic journal with pages fulls of colours (done with acrylics, napkins, markers), and pictures of Alice in wonderland. The purpose of that journal is to be the place where I’ll describe my feelings while being pregnant, where I’ ll stick pictures of my belly, scans and later on the first pictures of my baby….I’ll show you pictures when I’ d advance writing in it…. but right now is so, so precious!!!So, apart from having journals for all jane’ s courses I’m doing, I’ ll have this one for the most intimate feelings of my life!

  • madebyejp

    I love having a place to ‘play’ and practice with different mediums and get better at what you are doing. Having it all in one pretty journal is a bonus – makes its fun to flip back on and looks pretty on a shelf too!

  • cheryldfoley

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. I’ve been so busy for the past 16 years…taking care of loved ones who weren’t well. I do not regret it at all, and I would do it again if only I could…
    But I really miss the days when I could be creative and find the time for me. I am still taking care of loved ones who aren’t well. It isn’t in the budget to buy your wonderful products. If I could win them, I would find the time to enjoy them…find my magic again.

  • Linda

    Love JD journals! I like to create in a journal because you can take it with you wherever you go. They are also less intimidating to me because they are smaller and I can just turn the page if I’m not liking whats happeningand go back later. Alos they are an easily stored time capsule of what you’ve been creating.

  • Theresa

    I used to have an art journal when I was a teenager. Then I got separated from it somehow. It wasn’t until I discovered your products and blog that I rediscovered my need for an art journal. It also coincided with me seeking professional therapy. For a lot of people it’s a way to experience joy, for me it’s a way to feel some release from my past traumas. It’s a safe space where I can forgive myself and learn to love the ugly parts of myself along with the lovely. I journal every morning while my dreams are fresh and my coffee is hot. I journal because it’s helping my heal. <3


    Journals are such a wonderful way of bringing back memories and sharing them with others if you wish. They can be a travel journal, a daily journal, an art journal–whatever you want it to be. A journal is uniquely yours–that’s what I think is so special about them. I have always taken something to jot in when I travel–this fall it will be Jane’s journal; and I look forward to using it immensely!

  • tinajoebobb

    Creating art makes me feel better than anything else I do. It’s intimate and completely distinctive to me alone. It’s part of my heart, and I can keep it to myself or share it with people I love, because when is in a journal it’s all up to me. I will always love creating.

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