Fun with Butterfly Effect Books!

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Hi Davenpeeps!

I am absolutely loving my JD Butterfly Effect books!  I am currently using three on a regular basis.  I have one set up as a planner, one set up as a faith journal, and one as an art inspiration notebook.  I created a little video for you showing you a few of my favorite ways to personalize my Butterfly Effect books.  The JD Butterfly Effect books are already so lovely, but you can make them uniquely yours by adding a few fun details.

Happy Creating!



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  • jennie

    Brilliant…thank you!

  • Martice

    I love the idea of the ribbon + charm page markers!! Awesome + fun ideas, Tiffany! I have a few teeny tiny fairy tale charms that would be perfect for my Butterfly Effect books 🙂

  • Belinda

    Wow! Very Inspirational! Thank you Tiffany!

  • TracyLee

    Absolutely love all your ideas you have inspired me to start looking around for charms and gorgeous things!! Thank You Tiffany.

  • Mary

    Oh, just love your ideas!!!!!!!!! The butterfly book is intriguing!!!!

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