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Hi Davenpeeps!

Here is a fun little color chart I created for your Jane Davenport Magic Wand colored pencils.



Please adjust scale to 100% before printing.  Regular printer paper is fine, as Magic Wand colored pencils glide smoothly onto any paper!


To fill in my color chart, I colored the outside edge of each box with firm pressure so I could see the color at its darkest:


Then I colored the inside of the rectangle using lighter pressure:


Magic Wand colored pencils are so buttery…the color just glides onto the paper.   I’m very heavy handed when I color so I’m pleased that the leads are strong and withstand firm pressure.   Who wouldn’t be in love with the beautiful case and the creative names?  They are a fabulous addition to any art tool box!


Happy Creating!


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  • helen


  • Chantelle

    Wow this is awesome thank you. I’m also making colour charts for my butterfly journal. This would work perfect. Much appreciated xxx

  • jenny

    Thanks Tiffany! I will be using this tomorrow! I’m making an insert for my Butterfly Journal that is only swatches of Jane’s supplies. It will be a permanent insert for that particular journal. Watercolors, Mermaid Markers, Magic Wands, Washi tapes, and even the collage papers. Your color chart will be perfect! I think it will be fun to look through, be inspiring to have all of it in one place, and a great reminder for me as to what I have in my stash. I like how you did the outsides darker and the insides light. I can’t wait to get started. Thanks again 🙂

  • Belinda

    Love this! Thank you Tiffany!

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