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Hello Davenpeeps!
Welcome to today’s creative inspiration video using Jane’s DIY Journal Tapes! These are such an underrated item in Jane’s line but I feel have the most to gain! These are little blank canvases waiting to be made into beautiful tape for your projects and journals!


Within the video I show you a few different ways in which I love to play with making these blank tapes really shine!


Jane Davenport Journal Tapes
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Jane Davenport Bright Watercolour Palette
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Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers
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Clear Embossing Ink Pad
Mermaid Scale Stencil – come with paint set
Jane Davenport Inkcredible Pen
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I hope you pick up a set of these tapes and have a blast making your own custom washii tape for your journals!





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  • jenny

    Oh I love this! I agree about this set of tapes being underrated. You can customize them for anything, any occasion. For holidays, writing a quote or sentiment on, and just splashing color on. Thank you so much for doing this video Courtney, I am beyond inspired to get mine out and decorate! I love that they have the backing and will stay sticky until I use them. How cool these would be to share in a swap or happy mail! To share with someone your own designs and decorated washi tapes!! I think I better get some more just in case…. Very excited to see part 2 of how you use them for tip ins, etc. thanks again 🙂

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