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Hello everyone!

Have a trip coming up? One of my favorite pastimes while traveling is to create in my journal. Whether you are traveling abroad, to the office or just creating at home I wanted to share the process of prepping pages in my art journal before a trip with Face Stamps. 

To prep your journal pages you will need:

• JDMM Face Stamps
• ink pad, I used Memento fade-resistant dye ink in ‘Angel Pink’
• acrylic block to mount Stamps
• art journal


For this process I used Memento fade-resistant dye ink in ‘Angel Pink’.  I mounted my JDMM Face Stamps on to my acrylic block and just opened my 6 x 9 inch art journal and started stamping and randomly flipping open pages as I went along. Most pages had a single stamp, but I did stamp one image as a group of three on one page to create visual interest but, for this featured project the spread has just one stamp.

The ink is super light which is great for the purpose of creating on top of the image. 


And, here is the final result in my journal of the Face Stamp worked over with the following supplies:

• JDMM Watercolors 
• Magic Wands
• Epic pen  


I hope you feel inspired to prep pages with Face Stamps in your journal whether you plan to travel
, create during your lunch break at work or have an arty adventure in your home creative space. If you do, I would love to see what you create, tag me on Instagram!! 

Happy stamping and creating ~ 
xoxo Gigi


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  • Jennifer

    I love this technique Gigi, though I often will stamp the faces in Distress ink so I can use a water brush and blend them into the face I end up creating. I will have to try the light pink permanent ink for sure. Love those Jane faces! And it’s also a great way to get out of ‘blank journal anxiety’.
    I also agree with Marysu, my ability to draw faces has greatly improved over time using the stamps as a base. <3

  • Zandra

    Looks fabulous, Gigi!

  • Marysu

    I love the face stamps because you can customize every one to be so different! I think my own sketched faces have actually improved because I am more relaxed by having had more practice with the stamped ones! I hope that makes sense to you because it has been a real gift of discovery for me!

  • Penny

    This is a great idea, Gigi! I have the stamps, but I’ve only ever used them once. I think I feel guilty about it because I always feel like I should be practicing faces and it seems like cheating. But, that’s the point – cheating the sometimes frustrating, time-consuming, worrisome part. Getting so tied up in a form of perfectionitis – what if I cock up my face or what if I ruin it because I screwed up the hair, outfit or something else. I think this could be creatively freeing – free to get on with creating and not just be hung up on the faces. It frees up the time and panic associated with starting from scratch! I need to anti-stamp-snob myself. 😀

    PS – She is gorgeous and you’d never guess – stamp for a started – she is wholly your creation.

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