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Hi Davenpeeps!
01Summer is winding down here, and I don’t want to do anything in this weather except lounge and make art. My journal pages have been light and airy lately, and this technique is perfect for that mood.
Did you know Jane’s Paint Over Pen blends colored pencils? Here I’m using Magic Wands (mostly Feather), but this will also work with any other wax core pencil you may have, and it’s especially beautiful with Prismacolors. I’m working with Jane’s large journal and watercolor palette in Brights, as well.
First I lay down a sketch and darken my lines. I’m not going for a clean look–I want lots of pigment for the pen to pick up and move around.
Then I trace the sketch with the Paint Over Pen. It turns pencil lines into paint! My sketch becomes creamy and I can blend the lines out. I like to use the bold point pen on outer lines, and the medium point for fine details, especially face features.
I love adding splashes of delicious color with Jane’s Brights palette. The Paint Over Pen will resist watercolor just slightly and make for interesting effects underneath. Buzzy and Best Friend are my go-to for a sunset orange. I’ve also brought in some color to the face with Magic Wands in Buff, Makeup, and Contour.


A few more details: another round of lines in Feather to bring details out in the face, medium Paint Over Pen for some eye-light, and she’s daydreaming away.
Hannah Sheehan is an artist and educator in Springfield, Missouri. She posts her creations at Facebook.com/HannahSheehanArt and @HannahMadeIt on Instagram.

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xoxo Jane

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